Curriculum Sheets Archive


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students should use the curriculum sheet for the year they entered Southeastern. Please note that the files listed below contain the curriculum sheets for ALL concentrations that the department offers. Students should be careful to look only at the curriculum sheet for their concentration.



2017-2018 Curriculum Sheets  (including biology education)
2016-2017 Curriculum Sheets  (including biology education)
2015-2016 Curriculum Sheets  (including biology education)

2014-2015 Curriculum Sheets (including Biology education)


2013-2014 Curriculum Sheets (including biology education)


2012-2013 Curriculum Sheets (including biology education)


2011-2012 Curriculum Sheets (including biology education)


2010-2011 Curriculum Sheets


2009-2010 Curriculum Sheets


2008-2009 Curriculum Sheets


2007-2008 Curriculum Sheets


2006-2007 Curriculum Sheets


2005-2006 Curriculum Sheets


2004-2005 Curriculum Sheets


Science Education Curriculum Sheets

(leading to the degree Bachelor of Science)




Minor: Chemistry    Minor: Mathematics    Minor: Physics


Minor: Chemistry      Minor: Mathematics    Minor: Physics

Minor: Chemistry    Minor: Mathematics    Minor: Physics


Minor: Chemistry    Minor: Mathematics    Minor: Physics

Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry

Major: Biology; Minor: Physics

Major: Biology; Minor: Mathematics