Zhengrong Li

Zhengrong LiAssistant Professor

Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Inorganic Chemistry

Office:Pursley Hall 219


My research programs reflect my interests in chemical synthesis in the fields of organometallic chemistry, organic-base and inorganic-base materials chemistry using unconventional synthetic approaches. At present, the majority of my research efforts is centered on the synthesis of novel materials with unique and tunable properties under high-intensity ultrasonic radiation. As the result of ultrasonic irradiation in liquid medium, depending upon the choice of solvent, the acoustic cavitation generated can produce high temperature (> 5000 K) and high pressure (>100 atm) during the adiabatic collapse of gas bubbles in solution, which only lasts few nanoseconds. These physical extremes have been used in the syntheses of ultrafine metal powder with high surface area, and the acceleration of metal-mediated organic reactions, etc.

My current research interest is to synthesize a series of thiophene-based room temperature ionic liquids, and we test such ionic liquids as a medium for organic syntheses. Room temperature ionic liquids are considered as environmental benign solvents that can replace ordinary organic solvents because they have zero vapor pressure, less toxicity. Tetrahydrothiophene and thiophene are among the major byproducts from petrochemical industry with limited applications, and the success of this study will provide an excellent perspective in disposing thiophene and tetrahydrothiophene.

Another research interest is to search and to develop a facile, simple preparation route for carbon nanomaterials with distinguished electronic and magnetic properties using ultrasound.

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