Student Research Opportunities


Faculty offering research projects

Faculty Research Area Contact
David Norwood Chemical Physics / Polymer Characterization
Pursley Hall 117
Research Page
Thomas Sommerfeld Computational Chemistry
Pursley 112
Research Page
William Parkinson Computational Chemistry
Pursley Hall 123
Hye-Young Kim Computational Physics
Pursley Hall 119
Rhett Allain Physics Education Research, Educational Outreach
Pursley Hall 115
Research Page
Sanichiro Yoshida LIGO
Pursley Hall 110
Phillip Voegel Environmental Analysis. Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Metal Phthalocyanine and related Catalysts. Development of Phosphate Ion-Selective Electrodes.
Pursley Hall 213
Gerard Blanchard Geophysics and Space Physics
Pursley Hall 210
Jean Fotie Organic Medicinal Chemistry
Pursley Hall 217