Labs and Facilities

The Computer Science Department is housed in the new 70,000 square foot Computer Science and Technology Building that has various technology-rich classrooms and labs since Fall 2017. 


New Building

Several labs are equipped with software supporting advanced, upper-level course work. Several labs are also equipped with a Symposium system which controls a projector and all student stations. The student stations are low profile computers which can be operated independently by the students or can be taken over by the instructor's Symposium. General purpose classrooms/labs are available to all relevant classes of our department. Fayard Hall: 


SLU Fayard Hall


This state-of-the art computer assisted classroom, Computer Enhanced Classroom (CEC), has been enthusiastically endorsed by the students and faculty members who have used and who are excited about the possibilities it presents. 


Computer Science Senior Lab



A robotics lab is also housed in Fayard Hall. The lab will Dr. Patrick McDowell and Studentssupport underwater data collection projects, limbed robotics, learning among individuals and groups of robots. The underwater robotics research project in the Computer Science Department at Southeastern is designed to serve as a platform for basic and applied research in intelligent robotics, as a hands-on learning environment for undergraduate and graduate students in CS and IT programs, as well as for community outreach involving local schools. The Computer Science Studentsproject personnel include Dr. Ho-Hoon Lee,  Dr. Mike Asoodeh, and Dr. Pat McDowell. Some of the robotics research problems under study include design and development of a low-cost prototype autonomous underwater vehicle-manipulator system and its intelligent and energy efficient path planning and control using non-model based techniques. Anticipated applications for the project include environmental monitoring of local aquatic environments, use for monitoring levees and flood control projects, and so on.