Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Department Head


Jacqueline Guendouzi, Ph.D


Location: WH 108A

Phone: 985/549-2309

Email: jguendouzi@selu.edu

Communication Sciences and Disorders




Aimee Adams MA, L-SLP, CCC-SLP

Instructor/Clinic Director

Location:  CWCH 204

Phone:  985/549-3424

Email: aadams@selu.edu







 Amy Adams picture

Pamela Bankston, M.S., CCC-SLP

Title: Instructor

Location: CWCH 213

Phone: 985/549-3428

Email: Pamela.Bankston@selu.edu



Rebecca Davis, Au.D, CCC-A

Title:  Associate Professor

Location:  CWCH 105

Phone:  985/549-3210

Email:  Rebecca.Davis-2@selu.edu




Nina Simmons-Mackie, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS

Title: Scholar In Residence

Location: CWCH 114

Phone: 985/549-2214

Email: nmackie@selu.edu


Ashley Bourque-Meaux, Ph.D

Title: Instructor

Location: CWCH 112

Phone: 985/549-3397

Email: Ashley.Meaux@selu.edu


Meghan Savage, Ph.D

Title: Assistant Professor

Location: CWCH 118

Phone: 985/549-2346



Holly Smith, M.S., CCC-SLP

Title:  Instructor

Location:  CWCH 202

Phone:  985/549-3432

Email:  Holly.Smith-8@selu.edu







Lillian Stiegler, Ph.D.

Title:  Professor

Location:  CWCH 117

Phone:  985/549-3427

Email:  lstiegler@selu.edu









Roxanne Stoehr, M.C.D.

Title:  Instructor

Location:  CWCH 214

Phone:  985/549-3423

Email:  rstoehr@selu.edu










Donna Thomas, Ph.D

Title: Assistant Professor

Location: CWCH 115

Phone: 985/549-3090


 Donna Thomas




Hunter Alessi, Ph.D


Location: WH 110C

Phone: 985/549-5205

Email: halessi@selu.edu

Hunter Alessi, PhD

Mary Ballard, Ph.D


Location: WH 223A

Phone: 985/549-3262

Email: Mary.Ballard@selu.edu



Mary Ballard, PhD




Peter Emerson, Ed.D

Associate Professor

Location: WH 122

Phone: 985/549-2053

Email: pemerson@selu.edu





 Peter Emerson, EdD


Laura Fazio-Griffith, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Location: WH 110B

Phone: 985/549-2155





Reshelle Marino, Ph.D, LPC

Assistant Professor

Location: WH 220C

Phone: 985/549-5928

Email: Reshelle.Marino@selu.edu



June Williams, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Location: WH 220B

Phone: 985/549-3266

Email: jwilliams@selu.edu


June Williams, PhD


Family and Consumer Sciences





Heather Dykes, MS


Location: WH 103

Phone: 985/549-5398

Email: Heather.Dykes@selu.edu

Heather Compton, MS


Debora Johnson, Ph.D


Location: WH 223C

Phone: 985/549-3262

Email: djohnson@selu.edu

Debora Johnson, PhD


Holly Kihm, PhD, CCLS, CFLE

Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator, Program Assessment Coordinator, Internship Coordinator

Location: WH 110D

Phone: 985/549-5693



Laura Markezich, M.S.


Location: WH 213

Phone: 985/549-2411




Peggy Rolling, Ph.D


Location: WH 104

Phone: 985/549-3696

Email: prolling@selu.edu

Peggy Rolling, PhD

 Brandy Williams, MS


Location: WH 126

Phone: 985/549-3619

Email: Brandy.Williams-3@selu.edu

 Social Work

Bonnie Ahn, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Location:WH 213D

Phone: 985/549-2065

Email: bahn@selu.edu

Dr. Ahn

Jamie Baker-Magee, LCSW-BACS


Location: WH 114A

Phone: 985/549-5627

Email: Jamie.Baker-3@selu.edu



Lolita Boykin, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Location:WH 114C

Phone: 985/549-2060

Email: Lolita.Boykin@selu.edu



Dr. Boykin

Linda Deamer, MSW

Assistant Director, Title IV-E Child Welfare Program/ Instructor

Location: WH 114B

Phone: 985/549-2063

Email: ldeamer@selu.edu



 Mrs. Deamer

Corie Hebert, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Director, Title IV-E Child Welfare Program

Location: WH 114A

Phone: 985/549-2187

Email: Corie.Hebert@selu.edu



Corie Hebert, PhD

Heidi Kulkin, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Location:WH 114D

Phone: 985/549-2054

Email: hkulkin@selu.edu



Heidi Kulkin, PhD

Melanie Brecheen

Administrative Assistant 3

Location: WH 108B

Phone: 985/549-2467





Brenda Perret

Administrative Assistant 1

Location: WH 108

Phone: 985/549-5202

Email: brenda.perret@selu.edu