Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Graduate Advising

All graduate students must be advised before each registration period. We assign every graduate student to an advisor and recommend that each student meet with and establish a relationship with her/his assigned advisor. The Graduate Coordinator is also available to answer advising/scheduling questions.


Advising is generally offered during the week before early registration and is conducted by appointment. The student may come to the office, Room 102, in the lobby of Campbell Hall or call 985-549-2214 to get the name of her/his assigned advisor. She/he should then sign up for an advising appointment on the Advising Sign-up Sheet posed outside her/his advisor’s office door.


Each graduate student’s folder contains an advising worksheet. This document is used to tailor an individual sequence of study for each student.


Students should review their Graduate Handbooks prior to their appointment and have ready a tentative list of courses. Immediately prior to their scheduled advising appointment, students should retrieve their folder from Room 102 and bring this to their advising meeting.


Graduate students that have been formally admitted to the Master of Science Program will be issued a portfolio containing ASHA’s KASA document and the student’s personal KASA summary form. Students should bring their portfolios to every advising appointment in order that the advisor may monitor the KASA documents.