Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Teaching life skills ........ influencing others.

A degree in FCS Education is a four-year degree which prepares you to take the Praxis exam and provides a certification for teaching FCS at the junior and high school levels. Courses are chosen to give you a broad knowledge of all aspects of managing home and family life. This degree will prepare you for your certification as a secondary teacher. FCS Education


You might choose to teach FCS if you

  • Are interested in people and how they learn
  • Want to affect lives to improve families
  • Are concerned with people and their environment
  • Love learning and want to help others learn
  • Recognize that knowledge is key to success
  • See family as the basic unit in all societies
  • Seek a career that brings you joy!


Content areas taught in high school FCS Education programs include:

Money Management Nutrition Food Preparation
Wise Shopping Wellness Personal Development
Clothing Selection Child Development Housing & Interiors
Sewing Skills Family Relations Household Management


Curriculum Sheet

Click on the year in which you declared FCS Education as your major - that will be the sheet that applies to you.


Student Advising

Students in FCS Education will be advised by Dr. Gail McMillon before registering for classes.