Special Programs and Partnerships

The LEAD Southeastern Louisiana Partnership

The LEAD Southeastern Louisiana Partnership believes that the building principal is the key to continuous school improvement and is committed to the goal of recruiting the best school leaders, supporting existing school leaders and sharing researched-based leadership strategies. The Southeastern Louisiana Partnership models and exemplifies the practices that reveal beliefs about how its individual and collective efforts will improve student achievement.


Specifically, Livingston, St. Helena , St. Tammany, Tangipahoa , Washington Parishes and Bogalusa City Schools are:

  • committed to recruiting the best school leaders, supporting existing school leaders and sharing researched-based leadership strategies;

  • working with Southeastern Louisiana University, local business leaders, and community-based organizations to influence the recruitment, selection and training of aspiring school leaders;

  • working with Southeastern Louisiana University to implement a new curriculum, assessment process and field-based leadership experience based on research and the emerging knowledge base for school leadership;

  • providing a network for discovering, exploring, and creating a new knowledge base for veteran school leaders through activities such as mentoring, shadowing, sharing expertise and providing professional development;

  • providing a national network with exemplary school leaders to share knowledge; analyzing performance data and assessing best practices that improve the quality of classroom instruction and leadership practice;

  • allocating and aligning human, financial and intellectual resources in line with leadership and learning goals;

Southeastern Wallace Partnership

The Southeastern Wallace Partnership was awarded a grant by the Wallace Foundation, with assistance from the State of Louisiana to help the partnership districts build greater capacity to define and realize specific leadership goals, evaluate progress, and create new resources and tools to improve professional practice of principals, and others in leadership positions. School leadership is exercised and shared by the entire learning community, school district and university staff, so that all members may achieve at the highest levels of national standards in a supportive learning environment. The Southeastern Louisiana Partnership is a dynamic organization that will last beyond the scope of the Wallace Foundation Grant.