David Hanson

Childhood Portrait of John Ruskin (1822) by James Northcote, R.A. (1746-1831)


My research centers on the “long nineteenth century” (1780-1914) with a focus on the writing and critical ideas of John Ruskin (1819-1900), the most influential art critic of the century in Britain and America, and one of the century's most impressive nonfictional prose stylists.

In addition, I am currently engaged with “digital humanities”--that is, the applications of computing to humanistic inquiry--and the relation of literature to the visual arts. In my methods, I have always been drawn to a form of textual scholarship known as genetic criticism--the study of the creative process and how texts evolve from composition through stages of publication.

As an editor, I am coeditor of Nineteenth Century Studies, the interdisciplinary journal of the Nineteenth Century Studies Association; and I am editor of The Early Ruskin Manuscripts, 1826-1842, a digital edition of the early writings of John Ruskin.


Childhood Portrait of John Ruskin (1822) by James Northcote, R.A. (1746-1831)
The Brantwood Trust, Coniston, Cumbria



MA, PhD, University of Chicago. BA, Earlham College.


Selected Publications

“Ruskin, Dante, and the Dark Waters of Praeterita.” Special Issue: “Ruskin,” ed. Sharon Weltman. Nineteenth Century Prose 35.1 (2008): 58-93.

“Precocity and Sibling Relations: Goethe and Macaulay Family Life Writing.” Special Issue: Macaulay, ed. Thomas Gillcrist. Nineteenth Century Prose 33.2 (Fall 2006): 18-48.

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“Ruskin's Praeterita and Landscape in Evangelical Children's Education.” Nineteenth-Century Literature 44.1 (June 1989): 45-66.


Selected Other Professional Activities and Achievements

President's Award, Nineteenth Century Studies Association, 2009.


President's Award for Excellence in Artistic Activity, Southeastern Louisiana University, 1998.


Leola Purcell Endowed Professorship in English, Southeastern Louisiana University, 20012003.


Dean of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award, Southeastern Louisiana University, 1996.


Gamma Beta Phi Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, Southeastern Louisiana University, 1995.

Vice-President and President, Council of Editors of Learned Journals, 20022005.


Board Member, Nineteenth Century Studies Association, 1999-present.


Visiting Fellow, Huntington Library, 20052006.


Visiting Fellow, Beinecke Library, 1998.


Louisiana Board of Regents “Atlas” Grant Recipient, 20052006.


Other grants and fellowships:

American Philosophical Society, 1991; Arts Council of Baton Rouge, 19961999; Bibliographical Society of America, 1998; Louisiana Division of the Arts, 19931999; National Endowment for the Humanities, 1991 and 1998; NINES Summer Workshop, 2005.