Graduate Program

Graduate Studies in English

Collage of authors studied by Southeastern English faculty



Mission Statement for the M.A. in English


The Department of English at Southeastern Louisiana University prepares students for lives of public citizenship by fostering a cultivated sensibility and critical awareness of the discourses that shape our professional, civic, and cultural worlds. The Master of Arts in English, therefore, provides advanced study in critical and scholarly approaches to literature and writing, offering intensive study in Literary Studies, Creative Writing, Language and Literacy, and Professional Writing. The MA program prepares students: 1) to write within and about their professional discipline; 2) to demonstrate knowledge of literary history and criticism; 3) to analyze and interpret complex literary works; 4) to understand the research and theoretical methods within the discipline; 5) and to apply disciplinary knowledge outside the classroom. Students successfully completing the M.A. pursue careers in teaching, writing and publishing, and often go on to advanced graduate study in English, Law, or other related fields.


Above, clockwise from top left: Kazuo Ishiguro, studied by Dr. Rashidian; Andrew Marvell, studied by Dr. Faust; Toni Morrison, studied by Dr. Whitton; Eudora Welty, studied by Dr. Bouton; Margery Kempe, studied by Dr. Fredell; J.R.R. Tolkein, studied by Dr. Wiemelt; Slavoj Zizek, studied by Dr. Landrum; Ben Jonson, studied by Dr. Gold; D.H. Lawrence, studied by Dr. Kearney; William Faulkner, studied by Dr. Louth; John Ruskin, studied by Dr. Hanson.