Assistantships and Fellowships

Graduate Assistantships in English

The Department of English offers Graduate Assistantships in areas of teaching, research, professional services, publishing, and administration to qualified graduate students. All assistantships include tuition and a stipend. In exchange, students are required to work twenty hours per week. Assistantships are awarded at the discretion of the individual department heads [of the department], and assignments are made according to the needs of the University.


Students wishing to apply for an English Graduate Assistantship must contact the English Graduate Coordinator Dr. Ziba Rashidian (


Students enrolled in the Master of Arts in English may also seek assistantships in other departments. For information on available positions, visit


Teaching Fellowships

Each semester two graduate students in English are appointed to the Mentor-Apprentice program. Each student spends the first semester as a teaching assistant in Freshman Composition with a faculty member appointed as that student's mentor. Upon successful completion of the teaching assistantship, in the following semester, the student is appointed as a teaching fellow, and teaches at least one section of Freshman Composition as the instructor of record, under the supervision of the mentor.

Students who wish to apply for this program must meet the following criteria:

1) the student must be enrolled in ENGL 567 or ENGL 646 concurrent with the first semester of the apprenticeship, or have taken one of these courses prior to the first semester of the apprenticeship;

2) the student must have completed 18 hours of graduate course work before the beginning of the second semester of the apprenticeship.

Applications should take the form of a letter to the Graduate Advisory Committee, c/o the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in English, requesting an apprenticeship and stating why one should be awarded. More details concerning the program are available from the office of the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in English.