Job Information

English graduates are sought out by employers because of the versatility of the degree and often become involved in publications, media and public relations, student radio and theater, or volunteer work during their college career. With a diverse CV, work experience, and extracurricular activities, English graduates find generous prospects as they conclude the program. Placement in administration, education, finance, journalism, law, management, marketing, ministry, politics, publishing, social work, and tourism are typical as students are encouraged to direct their program to their career goals.

An English degree provides students with the opportunity to diversify their professional and creative portfolios to further help them stand out as job candidates. For example, celebrities like actress Emma Watson, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, director Martin Scorsese, CEO of Avon Andrea Jung, presidential candidate Mitt Romney, astronaut Sally Ride, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas each studied English and went on to do other things.

The core of the program provides real world readiness through instruction in transferable skills like writing, research, critical thinking, communication, organization, originality, attention to detail, creativity, flexibility, independence, technology, editing & proofreading, empathy, and understanding. Each of these help the graduates of Southeastern’s Department of English leaders and innovators in their respective fields of employment.