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English graduates are sought out by employers because of the versatility of the degree and often become involved in publications, media and public relations, student radio and theater, or volunteer work during their college career. With a diverse CV, work experience, and extracurricular activities, English graduates find generous prospects as they conclude the program. Placement in administration, education, finance, journalism, law, management, marketing, ministry, politics, publishing, social work, and tourism are typical as students are encouraged to direct their program to their career goals.

An English degree provides students with the opportunity to diversify their professional and creative portfolios to further help them stand out as job candidates. For example, celebrities like actress Emma Watson, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, director Martin Scorsese, CEO of Avon Andrea Jung, presidential candidate Mitt Romney, astronaut Sally Ride, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas each studied English and went on to do other things.

The core of the program provides real world readiness through instruction in transferable skills like writing, research, critical thinking, communication, organization, originality, attention to detail, creativity, flexibility, independence, technology, editing & proofreading, empathy, and understanding. Each of these help the graduates of Southeastern’s Department of English leaders and innovators in their respective fields of employment.



"My education at Southeastern provided me with a solid foundation in creative work, research-driven inquiry, and the teaching of literature. My work in book design with Louisiana Literature led me to start a small press with my wife. My involvement with Sigma Tau Delta helped me to write and read more and introduced me to a community of teachers and writers. The English Department is full of great writers who are constantly creating and publishing new work. That dedication to the craft is necessary for teachers of writing."

Marley Stuart, M.A. in English


Attending Southeastern "helped me feel confident for the future. Students will learn so much and have great professors who are always eager to go above and beyond for their students."

- Sadey Pfister, B.A. in English Education

"Southeastern is the perfect balance of a smaller college with large school opportunities. I was in Sigma Tau Delta and Gamma Beta Phi and traveled to conventions with both organizations, which created networking and valuable connections throughout the nation. It also provided much needed scholarships to help fund my education. and provided the outstanding educational opportunities that I was looking for. Southeastern was the perfect university for me because it enriched my education and prepared me for the future."

- Abbie Chiasson Manuel, B.A. in English Literature and Education

"I'm starting law school in the Fall and my English degree has prepared me for the large amount of reading that I will have to do. The professors in the English Department really care, as cliche as that may sound. I never had a professor I didn't like and never met an English professor at SLU that wasn't ready and willing to help students. They are all caring and genuine people. Many students at larger schools aren't so lucky. If you enjoy reading and writing, it makes sense to learn from people who love it just as much as you do. You will find those people in the English Department at Southeastern"

- Fabian Edwards, B.A. in English

"The most impressive thing about Southeastern's English Department is the diversity of thought found within the department. The faculty and staff come from a variety of different backgrounds and have diverse interests. The experience I gained while attending Southeastern, in conjunction with the help of the many wonderful people I have met at the university, helped me gain admission to multiple law schools in the country. I will be attending the University of Las Vegas Nevada in the Fall with a full scholarship, and I credit the quality of education I received at Southeastern as a major reason such an opportunity is available to me. For English students in particular, Southeastern is a place that will help broaden your horizons and help you become a more well-rounded person."

- Isaiah Thomas, B.A. in English


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