Guest Enrollment

Policy for Southeastern's Counseling Program

Enrollment in all counseling courses (i.e., COUN, MCFC, or SAC courses) is limited to those formally admitted to the Counseling Program with the following exceptions:

  • Graduates of Southeastern's Counseling Program
    May take any counseling course 

  • Graduates of other CACREP Counseling Program
    May take any non-clinical course

  • Graduates of Non-CACREP Counseling Programs who are Certified School Counselors, LPCs, LMFTs, or LPC/LMFT Interns
    May take selected non-clinical courses 

Proof of license, school counseling certification or internship status must be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator at

  • Counseling Students Currently Enrolled at Other Universities
    May be allowed to take selected non-clinical courses

    Must submit all of the following to Counseling Graduate Coordinator:

    Documentation of a combined GRE score of at least 279 AND a 2.8 G.P.A.(Undergraduate cumulative or last 60 hours. Graduate coursework not included)

    Transcripts documenting that completed counseling coursework has (1) no grade below a "C", and (2) no more than two grades of "C"


This information must be submitted each semester admission is requested.


Southern University students should also see cross-enrollment policy and procedures below.


*Course approval is granted on a semester-by-semester basis. If classes are full, Guest Students cannot be admitted. The Departmental Office or Graduate Coordinator will inform students of class availability.

The Southeastern Counseling Program does not have a provisional admission policy. All requirements must be met in order to be eligible to take courses as a Guest Student.

Application Procedures

  1. Complete the Application and Permission to Enroll Form, along with any required documentation outlined above, and submit to:

    Department of Health and Human Sciences
    Counseling Graduate Coordinator
    Address: SLU Box 10863
    Hammond 70402
    Fax: 985-549-3758                                             

  2. Complete the application process for Southeastern's Graduate School as a new graduate student and select Extended Studies as your major. GRE scores are not required for Extanded Studies applicants, but transcripts are. The link to the application page is below:

  3. Meet all deadlines and fee requirements of the Graduate School.

  4. Once admitted to the Graduate School, contact the Graduate Coordinator ( with your W# to be authorized for requested courses, provided space is available.


Southeastern and Southern University's Cross-Enrollment Policy

Southern University Students may be eligible to take up to two, non-clinical courses at Southeastern during a semester, provided the classes are not full, and Southern is not offering the same classes. Students must also meet the admission guidelines outlined above for Counseling Students Attending Other Universities. Students enrolling as part of a cross-enrollment agreement must follow both institutions' guidelines for cross-enrollment. If a requested course is available, please see the cross enrollment procedures for Southern University students:  


For additional assistance, please contact:

Department of Health and Human Sciences
Phone:  985-549-2309