Nutrition Education and Promotion


Looking for a career working in the area of food and nutrition?
Then the FCS Nutrition concentration may be for You!


Nutrition is a field encompassing careers in direct sales, food and nutrition research, communications, community nutrition, nutrition education, nutrition and fitness, the food industry, and food service.


FCS majors who choose the Nutrition concentration can choose from many exciting careers, including:

  • Direct SalesFood and Nutrition

    Food Companies

    Nutrition Pharmaceuticals

    Food Production Equipment

  • Food and Nutrition Research

    Direct Market Surveys (create and evaluate)

    Trend identification

    Research Technician

    Food Science Technician

    Test Kitchen (Research Labs, Food Company Test Kitchens

  • Communications

    Food Editor/Critic

    Food Author (cookbooks, brochures)

    TV/Radio Personality

    Professional Presenter

  • Community Nutrition/Nutrition Education

    Public Health Nutrition Educator

    FCS Educator in Junior High and High Schools

    Adult/Elderly Community Educator

    Cooperative Extension Agent

  • Nutrition and Fitness

    Weight Loss Consultant (not Registered Dietitian)

    Diet Center Director

    Wellness Center Manager

  • Food Industry

    Product Creation, Testing and Development

    Equipment Development and Sales

    Menu Development and Recipe Analysis

    Caterer (entrepreneurial)

    Food Safety Inspector


Degree Content

In addition to the general courses taken by all FCS majors, students who choose the FCS Nutrition concentration will take courses in:

  • Introduction to Food Preparation

  • Child Nutrition

  • Diet Therapy

  • Principles of Weight Management

  • Advanced Nutrition

  • Nutrition Internship

Students will individualize their degree plan by choosing 15 hours from the following areas:

  • Health Studies

  • Communications

  • Sociology

  • Psychology

  • English

  • Computer Science



Upon nearing the completion of their degree, students will have the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they've learned in various internship settings, such as:

  • Cooperative Extension

  • Public Health

  • Research

  • Food Service Restaurants, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools and Bakeries

  • Catering

  • Community Education


Curriculum Sheet

 2018-2019, 2019-2020


Academic Advising

The academic advisor will advise students before registering for classes.  Academic advisors in the Food and Nutrition area are:

Heather Dykes, MS
Location: WH 103
Phone: 985/549-5398

Christina Martin, MS
Location: WH 110A
Phone: 985-549-2526

Ms. Brandy Williams, MBA, MS
Location: WH 213E
Phone: 985/549-3619