• Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies

    Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies

    Southeastern’s Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies Center preserves and promotes the history and cultures of Louisiana's Florida Parishes through scholarly research, lectures and publishing. Our students and graduate assistants regularly contribute to exhibits such as this recent one that explored how strawberries revolutionized the economy and cultural identity of our local area.

  • Workforce Ready

    Workforce Ready

    Our students learn to read intelligently, think analytically, accurately assess past trends, rationally predict future developments and understand the real world. We offer small class sizes with internationally-known instructors and our program produces graduates who are successful in a broad variety of careers.

  • Opportunities Abound

    Opportunities Abound

    Our program provides numerous opportunities for student enrichment outside of the classroom, including student organizations, special programming and study abroad experiences to add an invaluable dimension to our student's academic, cultural and professional development.

History and Political Science

Welcome to the Department of History and Political Science. We invite you to take a closer look at our outstanding faculty, broad selection of courses and the many opportunities we offer for learning outside the traditional classroom setting.

We have a lot to offer, whether you plan to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in History, Political Science, or Social Studies Education, or any of our available graduate and minor programs. Many of our faculty members have national reputations for their scholarship. Our classes are relatively small in size but are dynamic in character.

Our many extracurricular and outreach programs are both educational and entertaining. And most importantly, our graduates are successful in a broad variety of occupations working as lawyers, public officials, university professors, schoolteachers, business people, and in many other fields.


  • Study Abroad programs include Austria, Britain, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Italy and Spain

  • Our faculty members have international reputations for scholarship

  • Special events throughout the year include the 'Then and Now' Fanfare History and Politics Lecture Series

  • Available undergraduate internships in Political Science and graduate internships in Public History, as well as Graduate Assistantships for M.A. candidates




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