From Idea to Practice

Clock Project


"Connection" Art Work 

Artist Alexander Tylevich
Studio Tylevich
Space: Three CSTB floors
Medium: Bent Dichroic Glass

As a visible and kinetic element, the first-floor ceiling fan may not be the first architectural detail we mention in the interior, but it is the first one we see. The new suspended art composition, Connection, evolves from this surprising focal point and spirals upward. Here, artwork and viewer form an immediate relationship. The eye then travels across six glass arcs composed of bent dichroic glass, which interact with the building's architecture and engage all three levels. 

These suspended glass elements symbolically welcome visitors at the first-floor entrance, extending upward toward the second floor. At the third floor, three suspended glass arcs further interact with the interiors. The artwork guides viewers toward a unique and comprehensive experience within the built space, fostering a sense of interrelation with one's surroundings.

This artwork was placed in the 2021 CODAawards Top 100

Installation was completed on March 11, 2021



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"From Idea to Practice"

Artists Amy Baur & Brian Boldon
InPlainSight Art
Dimension: 23 ft W x 12 ft H x variable D
Medium: Frit-Glaze prints fused to tile, 3D ceramics, found objects

This artwork is a playful, energetic combination of 3D printed form and image that embody the spark of ideation & discovery. Relief sculpture hovers over image fused to tile; demonstrating the moment of action, where ideas are distilled, designs refined and hands on learning begins.
The images start with the physical representation of CST building. Integrated in the left half of the composition are blended views of a student lounge, a lathe, an image of the reflected view of the tree outside the building, the environment where ideas become physical. The two-dimensional artwork transitions toward more conceptual, the drawings which frame the imagery are now designed objects themselves. What is a lighting element in the stairwell has become a cylinder moving through space. The 3D printed elements and glazed objects use the industrial materials and fabrication processes reflected in program. Acting as light projection devises,”from Idea to Practice” integrates light, color, imagery casting overlapping shadows on the 2D artwork . This work of art is a celebration of the creative process from imagination to realization.

Installation was completed on April 15, 2021


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Clock Project

The journey of the basketball scoreboard, established in 1948, and becoming a clock for the new CST building in 2021, has been a prime example of the University’s commitment to its students. As noted, the basketball scoreboard was donated to the University by the graduating class of 1948.  For the next 30 years, it was housed and used in the men’s gymnasium on Southeastern’s campus.  When it was removed from the men’s gym, the date is uncertain, it went into the Universities campus surplus.  It remained in storage in the University’s surplus for the next 25-30 years. In 2015 the basketball score board was discovered by Mr. Anthony Blakeney in surplus. Because the scoreboard had providence, a plan for its restoration needed to be put in place.  The new building for IET/CS was under construction during this period and accommodations were made for the location in the building and power supply. Over the next 5 years the restoration was carried out by faculty, students, and Department Heads. A list of the students and faculty who contributed to the restoration is posted in this article.

The most challenging part of the scoreboard’s restoration and conversion into a clock for the new building was the electronics involved.  The clock keeps time in a digital, analogue, and binary format. This was all made possible through the efforts of Dr. Mohammad Saadeh. The overall planning for the project and physical restoration was directed by Dr. Roy Bonnette. Students, faculty and the Department Head alike should be proud of their accomplishments as the results make an outstanding contribution to the ascetics of the new CST building lobby. Special thanks to the Physical Plants team for their help in the installation process.

Installation was completed on May 6, 2021.


Final Project
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