Bovorn Sirikul

Associate Professor

Bovorn Sirikul

Office: KHS 103 
Phone: 985-549-3124

Southeastern faculty since 2006


Courses Taught

KIN 392: Physiology of Exercise
KIN 424: Fitness Testing & Prescription



Ph.D, 2002, The University of Alabama 
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2002-2003, Medical College of Georgia
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2003-2006, University of Alabama at Birmingham

M.S., 1996, Louisiana Tech University

B.S., 1994, Louisiana Tech University



American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Instructor (ACSM HFI #20846)


Sample Publications and Presentations

Sirikul B, Bishop PA, Nevett ME.  Thermoregulatory responses to layered personal protective clothing: practical implications for the oil spill clean-up and remediation.  Journal of Public Health Management & Practice. 17: 288-290 (2011).

Lawrence JK, Newcomer BR, Buchthal SD, Sirikul B, Oster RA, Hunter GR, Goran MI, Gower BA.  Relationship of intramyocellular triglyceride to insulin sensitivity may differ with ethnicity in healthy premenopausal women.  Obesity.19: 43-48 (2011).



Hunter GR, Byrne NM, Sirikul B, Fern√°ndez JR, Zuckerman PA, Darnell BE, Gower BA.  Resistance Training Conserves Fat-free Mass and Resting Energy Expenditure Following Weight Loss.  Obesity (Silver Spring). 16: 1045-1051 (2008).


Sirikul B
, Hunter GR, Larson-Meyer DE, Desmond R,  Newcomer BR.   Relationship between metabolic function and skeletal muscle fatigue during a 90-second maximal isometric contraction.  Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism.  32: 394-399 (2007).

Blaudeau TE, Hunter GR, Sirikul B.  Intra-abdominal adipose tissue  deposition and parityInternational Journal of Obesity (London). 30:1119-1124 (2006).

Newcomer BR, Sirikul B, Hunter GR, Larson-Meyer DE, Bamman MM. Exercise over-stress andmaximal muscle oxidative metabolism: A 31P MRS case report. British Journal of Sports Medicine39:302-306 (2005).

Sirikul B, Hunter GR, Newcomer BR, Larson-Meyer DE, Gower BA. Relationship between insulinsensitivity and in vivo mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle. American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism. EPub May 16, 2006.

Walsh MC, Hunter GR, Sirikul B, Gower BA. Effect of weight loss on self-reported perception of physical activity in Black and White women. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 79: 1013-1019(2004).