Internship Information

Internships in Kinesiology and Health

Chelsea Clouatre and Dr. Synovitz in DC   Pictured here is Chelsea Clouatre, a Health Education and Promotion graduate who interned at the Department of Health and Human Services' Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives in Washington DC, along with Dr. Linda Synovitz, her internship university supervisor.


HS/KIN 410 is the internship course.


An internship is designed to be the culminating course for your degree.

Prerequisites for all students include:
- senior standing
- a cumulative or degree GPA of 2.0 or higher
- earning a grade of C or higher in all indicated courses, and
- completion of all required core courses in the degree program

An internship requires a minimum of 160 - 320 work hours (depending on the course) at a site approved by the department and university.

How Do I?

- Find internship forms or documents
- Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The department coordinator for all internships is Brian Williams

Deadlines and Tasks

Deadline Steps in the Internship Process
Early Sept or Feb

Attend mandatory informational meeting with Brian Williams 
- pickup materials
- begin discussion about internship site options
- review requirements for internship

By Sept 28 or Feb 28 Email Dr. Eddie Hebert and inform him that you plan to intern the next semester (either fall or spring)
On or about Sept 15 or Feb 15 Apply for graduation
Dec 1 or May 1 Have met with faculty supervisor to consider sites. Meet with internship site, speak with the director and staff, and decide which site you will attend.




Contact these individuals for information about internship sites specific to your degree or concentration:

Degree/Concentration Contact Person
Exercise Science Brian Williams
Fitness & Human Performance Brian Williams
Health Education & Promotion Dr. Linda Synovitz
Sport Management Dr. Ashley Bowers