Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships & Awards

Every Spring semester, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences hosts an Honors Convocation. At this event, the Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies:


  • honors an outstanding graduate of each academic program
  • recognizes a significant community partner
  • names an outstanding alumnus

Below is a list of past winners.

Harvey A. Theriot, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Eligible students are full time juniors or seniors pursuing the BS in Health and Physical Education (K-12) degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Rosalind Flowers (Spring 2000)
Beverly Galatas (Fall 2000)
Tiffany Rauschkolb (Fall 2001)
Billy Gueldner (Fall 2004)
Amy Faust Willie (Fall 2005)
Ross Currier (Fall 2006)
Rebecca delaGarza (Fall 2008)
Brad Didier (Fall 2009)
Candace Johnson (Spring 2010)
Grace Stiegler (Fall 2012)

Arthur and Esther deVries Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduates must be full-time, junior standing, and have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA. Graduate students must be full time and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Applicants must demonstrate interest and experience in special needs of the aging and aged.

Ollie Markens (Fall 1994)
Lisa Johnson (Fall 1996)
Andrea Albert (Spring 1997)
Robin Wright (Fall 1997)
Crag Callihan (Spring 1998)
Andrea Toups (Fall 1998)
Robin Wright (Fall 1998)
Stacy Meyn (Spring 1999)
Sherri Adler (Spring 1999)
Sheila Hughes (Fall 1999)
Beverly Galatas (Fall 1999)
Denis Dominique (Spring 2000)
Janie Hatcher (Fall 2000)
Wendy McCrimon (Fall 2000)
Denise Dominique (Spring 2001)
Robert Kelly (Spring 2001)
Janie Hatcher (Fall 2001)
Wendy McCrimon (Fall 2001)
Sarah White (Fall 2002)
Melanie Bartmess (Spring 2003)
Elizabeth Smiley (Fall 2004)
Dawn Bassett (Fall 2005)
Craig Thomas (Fall 2006)
Jim Hall (Fall 2008)
Chelsie Russell (Spring 2009)
Brielle Kluka (Spring 2010)
Hernilda Davis (Fall 2011)
Leslie Guillory (Fall 2012)

Walter L. Russell Scholarship
Eligible students are full-time undergraduate junior or senior students pursuing a major in the Kinesiology and Health Studies Department with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Kristi Bergeron (Fall 1993-Spring 1994)
Joseph Didier (Fall 1993-Spring 1994)
Pamela Bettis (Fall 1994-Spring 1995)
Richard Warner (Fall 1994-Spring 1995)
Mark Cochran (Fall 1996)
Letitia Tooraen (Spring 1997)
Donna Hardy (Fall 1997)
Helena Polokava (Spring 1998)
Lisa Billingsley (Spring 1998)
Stacy Meyn (Spring 1998)
Alicia Zabala (Fall 1998)
Brian Bizette (Spring 1999)
Jacob Thompson (Spring 1999)
Eric Richard (Fall 1999-Spring 2000)
Robert Kelly (Fall 2000)
Brian Hirstius (Spring 2001)
Robert Kelly (Fall 2001)
Jeannie Dufrene (Spring 2002)
Sean Stanton (Fall 2002)
Emilie Kelley (Spring 2003)
Justine Vosloo (Fall 2004-Spring 2005)
Jennifer Culotta (Fall 2005)
Arden Ballard (Fall 2006)
Jasmine Ealy (Fall 2008)
Shawn Bedo (Spring 2009)
Miguel Larrea (Fall 2010)
Kyle Macintosh (Fall 2011)
Tabitha McReynolds (Fall 2012)


John Philip Templet Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship is given in memory of a former undergraduate student, John Templet. John graduated from East Ascension High School in 2005, where he was a very good student and football player. He attended Southeastern for 2 years pursuing a BS in Kinesiology, commuting daily from his hometown of Gonzales. He died in a car accident early one morning in 2008 on his way to Southeastern to exercise at the student health center then attend classes. The scholarship is sqarded to a junior or senior level undergraduate student pursuing a major in the KHS Department, who has a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Past recipients include:

Chelsea Barr (Fall 2011)
Abbey Smith (Fall 2012)

Outstanding Graduates

Outstanding Graduate in Athletic Training
Vanessa Taromina (2004-2005)
Scott Giardina (2005-2006)
Chad Dufrene (2006-2007)
Nicole Finch (2007-2008)
Melaina Pirie (2008-2009)
Phillip White (2009-2010)
Amanda Palazola (2010-2011)
Nicole Phegley (2011-2012) 

Outstanding Graduate in Health Education & Promotion
Yulanda Dyson (2004-2005)
Kimberly Hauer (2005-2006)
Fabian Austin (2006-2007)
Chelsea Clouatre (2007-2008)
Sarah Bennett (2008-2009)
Harper Wray (2009-2010)
Katie Lemoine (2010-2011)
Henry Rop (2011-2012) 

Outstanding Graduate in Health and Physical Education Teacher Education
Emile Flanagan (1992)
Joseph Didier (1994)
Richard Warner (1995)
Shane Smith (1996)
Cary Berthelot (1997)
Kim Thompson (1998)
Jason Aucoin (2000)
Brandon Paille (2003)
Seth Foster (2003)
Evan Balfantz (2004)
Leon Hebert (2004-2005)
Kimberly Jones Stern (2005-2006)
Ross Currier (2006-2007)
Sandra Richardson (2007-2008)
Lindsey Russell (2008-2009)
Samantha Wilkinson (2009-2010)
Scott Gaines (2010-2011)
Joey Roberts (2011-2012) 

Outstanding Graduate in Exercise Science
Justine Vosloo (2004-2005)
Courtney Hope (2005-2006)
Dana Castjohn (2006-2007)
Alex Richerand (2007-2008)
Emily McMillan (2008-2009)
Abby Meehan (2009-2010)
Christy Hutchison (2010-2011)
Ryan Bermudez (2011-2012)

Outstanding Graduate in Sport Management
Janelle Grovey (2004-2005)
Lauren Fitzmorris (2005-2006)
Shara Cain (2006-2007)
Jeremy Barrios (2007-2008)
Jasmine Ealy (2008-2009)
Samone Cammon (2009-2010)
Claressa Farrow (2010-2011)
Chase Lawson (2011-2012)

Outstanding Graduate in Fitness and Human Performance
Brenna Faulk (2004-2005)
Kacie Thompson (2005-2006)
Tim Mars (2006-2007)
Wendy Lester (2007-2008)
James Whitener (2008-2009)
Jill Leblanc (2009-2010)
Jason Schexnayder (2010-2011)
Claire Ford (2011-2012) 

Outstanding Graduate Student
Sheri Reynolds (2003)
Jason Aucoin (2004)
Tiffany Rauschkolb (2004)
Elliott Pauli (2004-2005)
Vanessa West (2004-2005)
Ashlee Loboguerrero (2005-2006)
Gregory Reeves (2005-2006)
Ashley Dupre (2006-2007)
Anne Zaloudek (2006-2007)
Louvenia Askew (2007-2008)
Angelique Ortego (2007-2008)
Kirin Sehgal (2008-2009)
Katie Keen (2009-2010)
Brian Williams (2009-2010)
Brielle Kluka (2010-2011)
Jenny Ricks (2010-2011)
Nancy Dardis (2011-2012)

Partnership Award

Strawberry Fields, Inc. (2002)
Tangipahoa Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council (2003)
Covington Orthopedics (2004)
Denham Springs High School (2005)
North Oaks Community Education (2006)
Covington High School (2007)
Baton Rouge Area Sports Foundation (2008)
St. Tammany Parish Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation (2009)
Jeff Schnitt, North Oaks Sports Medicine (2010)
Andrew Bechac, Southeastern Louisiana University Athletics (2011)
Gayle Hatch, Spectrum Fitness (2012)

Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies Alumnus of the Year

Leroy Fanning (2002)
Michael Berry (2003)
Tammy Louk Swindle (2005)
Al Link (2006)
Dee Jacobsen (2007)
Lisa Johnson (2008)
Mary Martin Nordness (2009)
Reggie Stone (2010)
Ken Jenkins (2011)
Valerie Altazin (2012)