Student Organizations

Student organizations in Kinesiology and Health Studies are an integral part of professional education. These groups provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills which they can use after graduation, and a means of gaining knowledge beyond the classroom through meetings and conferences.


Student Athletic Trainers Association (SATA)

The Purpose Statement of SATA is to expand the overall scope of our educational experience by means of promoting educational activities, that we might establish closer contact with those who are involved in our future profession.  We strive to be very active in the community as well as within our profession. We participate in many community and philanthropic activities.  SATA is open to those who are or may be interested in applying to the Athletic Training Program.  (Joining SATA does not ensure acceptance into the ATP). Incoming students will have a membership fee of $25 in the Fall (covers both fall and spring) or if they join in Spring, the fee would be $20 (only Spring).  Meetings will typically be held once a month on Tuesday or Thursday at 7:30 am

For any questions please feel free to reach out to our Executive Board:


Kinesiology Student Association (KSA)

The Kinesiology Student Association was founded in Fall of 2021 and serves as an inclusive organization for all majors within the Department of Kinesiology & Health Studies. This includes Sports Management, Health Science, Athletic Training, Health and P.E., and Kinesiology.  The purpose of KSA is to support and promote at Southeastern Louisiana University: education, networking and collegiality, and practical application of health, fitness, physical performance, sport management and wellness theory. We also encourage the professional development of our members through opportunities such as networking, community service, campus involvement, and more. See flyer Here

Dues are a one-time fee of $20.00 which covers the member for the duration of his/her time at the University. This fee will include a club t-shirt and a graduation cord if requirements are met at time of graduation: at least a 3.0 GPA, payment of club dues, and being considered an active member. Active members will be: any full or part-time student in good academic standing whose major is within the Department of Kinesiology & Health Studies at Southeastern Louisiana University and attends at least 2 KSA events per semester. 

For any questions please feel free to reach out to our Executive Board:


For more information about a student organization within the department of Kinesiology and Health Studies, or to find out how to get involved contact the faculty advisor for each of the organizations.