English as a Second Language Program


Mission Statement:

The mission of the ESL (English as a Second Language) Program is to empower English learners, and provide them with the language skills and cultural understanding necessary to meet their educational and professional goals. Through comprehensive English classes targeting social and academic language, as well as experiential learning opportunities, students are prepared for academic study in the US and matriculation at Southeastern Louisiana University. We foster an encouraging learning environment, respecting the richness of each student’s native culture.


Program Overview:

Students at any level of proficiency, from beginning to advanced English skills, are encouraged to participate in our program. We offer part-time and full-time courses of study. Both part-time and full-time students meet for three hours twice per week for a comprehensive course that includes grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening components. Full-time students will also attend our Multimedia English Engagement class, which takes place in the ESL computer lab. This course includes one-on-one conversation practice with native English speakers, movie screenings with class discussions, computer-based English programs, reading and writing activities, and occasional guest speakers. Students may also choose to participate in additional independent-study projects related to their specific academic interests or language-learning needs with individual guidance from the instructor.

Because tuition is the same for part-time or full-time study, part-time students are welcome to attend as many hours of the Multimedia English Engagement class as they would like, but they will not be required to do so. For this reason, part-time study may be a good option for anyone with job or family obligations that would make it difficult to be on campus for more than 6 hours per week.

Full-time students who have an F1 student visa, however, will be required to attend both the regular class and the Multimedia class in order to obtain 20 hours of on-campus study time each week to fulfill visa requirements.

A student working with a conversation partner


Program Features

All ESL students at Southeastern will be able to participate in special activities, in addition to regular classroom instruction. Such activities help build cultural knowledge, promote social connections in the school community, and give students more authentic opportunities to use English outside of the classroom. Our program has included:

  • Partnering with native English speakers for daily conversation practice
  • Attending on-campus festivals, such as the annual Strawberry Jubilee, Strawberry Jam, and International Night
  • Partnering with other Southeastern classes for cultural and conversational exchanges
  • Taking guided tours of the university library, the Contemporary Art Gallery, and KSLU radio station
  • Visiting the Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum
  • Attending a faculty poetry reading on campus
  • Visiting the Hammond Recreation Center in downtown Hammond for a conversational exchange with community members

 ESL students enjoying Strawberry Jubilee

ESL students also have access to online resources, including:

  • Mango Languages, a language-learning program with over 70 languages
  • Learning Express Library, with practice tests and resources to help students study independently for the TOEFL, ACT, SAT, GRE, and other college entrance exams

 ESL students

Beyond the classroom, we have:

  • The English as a Second Language Computer Lab, with 18 computer stations reserved for ESL students.Conversational practice sessions with a native English speaker are held in this space as well.
  • The Foreign Language Resource Center, where students can receive free one-on-one assistance with grammar or pronunciation from a native English speaker.


Meet our Instructors

               Danielle Perez de Corcho, ESL Program Director and Instructor

Danielle Perez de Corcho has been teaching English as a Second Language at Southeastern since January 2015.  In August of 2018, she became the ESL Program Director. She holds a Master of Arts degree from Tulane University in Latin American Studies and a bachelor’s degree in English, Spanish, and International Studies from Illinois College.  She is originally from Illinois, but has lived and studied abroad in Argentina, Paraguay, and Egypt before settling in Louisiana.  She completed her TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate in Alexandria, Egypt, in 2010, where she also taught English classes for adults.  Before coming to Southeastern, she taught ESL in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.  In her teaching career, Ms. Danielle has enjoyed getting to know students from over 30 different countries. Seeing students achieve their goals, both in the classroom and beyond, is the best part of her job.  Besides teaching, she loves learning new languages, too! She speaks Spanish as a second language and has also studied Portuguese, Arabic, and Guarani.  She lives in Metairie with her family.

You may contact her with questions regarding course content:


photo of instructor Danielle Perez De Corcho


                                     Laura Myers, ESL Instructor

Laura Myers received her Bachelor’s degree in English and her Master’s degree in English as a Second Language from the University of Alabama.  Before moving to Louisiana, she taught academic writing classes for English Language Learners at the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Laura moved to the New Orleans area in 2014 and worked with the Catholic Charities ESL program for a few years before joining the staff of Southeastern’s Panamá Bilingüe program to teach vocabulary, grammar, and speaking/listening. She is excited to be returning to campus to work with the ESL program. She loves meeting new people and learning about their cultures, and she is looking forward to getting to know her new students!

Contact: Laura.myers@southeastern.edu 

ESL Instructor Laura Myers


                        Hannah Shelton, ESL Graduate Teaching Assistant

Hannah Shelton is a graduate student at Southeastern, pursuing a Master’s degree in Communication Science and Disorders (CSD) to be a speech-language pathologist. She graduated from Southeastern with a Bachelor of Science, and she has worked in the University’s speech clinic with a variety of clients. She enjoys working with others and gaining knowledge and experience for her practice. Hannah is excited to get to know and work with the students. Besides speech-language pathology, she enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with her friends.

Hannah provides supplemental activities and facilitates conversational practice for students in the English as a Second Language Computer Lab.

Contact: esl@southeastern.edu

 Contact Information/Para Español/Campus Map

Contact Information

English as a Second Language

Cate Teacher Education Center, Room 2013

1200 N General Pershing St.

Hammond, LA 70401

Tel: 985-549-2270

Email: esl@southeastern.edu

Facebook Page


If the ESL office is closed, please visit:

World Languages and Cultures

Cate Teacher Education Center, Room 2020

1200 N General Pershing St.

Hammond, LA 70401

Tel: 985-549-2105


Para español, por favor comuníquese con Danielle Perez de Corcho:  Danielle.perezdecorcho@southeastern.edu  o (985) 549-5924


Link to a campus map:



Classes are typically in Cate Teacher Education Center or in the Student Union.

ESL Computer Lab: Cate Teacher Education Center, Room 2013

The Foreign Language Resource Center: Cate Teacher Education Center, Room 2015


Required Fees and Tuition


Summer Term
Total cost: $973.45


This includes the cost of tuition ($943.45), lab fee ($21), and ID card summer activation ($9).


All Other Terms

Total cost per term: $982.45 

Fall, Term 1

Fall, Term 2 ($964.45 if participated in the previous term)

Spring, Term 1  

Spring, Term 2 ($964.45 if participated in the previous term)


This includes the cost of tuition ($943.45), lab fee ($21), and ID card activation ($18 per semester, spring or fall). Students returning for term 2, after completing term 1 that semester, will not have to pay the activation fee again until the next semester.


Students should also be prepared to purchase required materials for the course (workbooks, etc.). 


Parking (Optional)

On-campus parking is available to ESL students. You may purchase and obtain parking tags directly from Transportation Services. The cost is $21 per semester. 


How to Apply

1. Complete this form to apply for the ESL Program: Registration Portal

2. If you are an international student who has the F1 student visa or plans to
apply for the F1 student visa, contact the International Services Office to
address visa status requirements.

For example:

  • Students on an F1 visa are required to document a minimum of 20 hours per
    week in class (six hours per week), the ESL Computer Lab, and practicing
    written/oral English while on Southeastern’s campus.
  • Health insurance may be required for F1 and J1 status students.
  • F1 students need to submit all required documents to the International
    Services Office.

International Services Office
North Campus Main Building, Room 113
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hammond, LA 70402
Tel: (985) 549-2360
Fax: (985) 549-5882
Toll Free: (800) 222-7358
Email: international@southeastern.edu

3. Contact the ESL Program Director, Danielle Perez de Corcho, to schedule
an English placement test on campus. If possible, this test should be
completed 1 to 2 weeks before the first day of class. The test is given after the
student has arrived in the United States. Please email
Danielle.perezdecorcho@selu.edu or ESL@selu.edu to schedule the test or for
questions about the classes.

4. Payment must be completed on campus on or before the first day of class.
The ESL director will show students where to make the payment on campus with
debit card, credit card, or cash (payment may be done on the same day as the
English placement test on campus or on the first day of class)

5. Obtain a student ID:

All students on Southeastern’s campus are required to carry a student ID
(Identification). After you pay the ESL tuition, please obtain your ID at Campus
Card Operations.

Campus Card Operations
North Campus Financial Aid Bldg. Rm 133
Tel: 985-549-3990

6. Parking (Optional)
On-campus parking is available to ESL students. You may purchase and obtain
parking tags directly from Transportation Services.

The cost is $21 per semester. You must bring a photo ID as well as the required
vehicle registration information.

Transportation Services
Pride Hall Rm 139

Parking Contact
Tel: 985-549-5695

If you need assistance to complete your application or have any questions, please
contact the ESL program:

Email: ESL@Southeastern.edu
English as a Second Language Program
Cate Teacher Education Center, Room 2013
1200 N General Pershing St.
Hammond, LA 70401
Telephone: 985-549-5924

If the ESL Lab is closed, please visit:
The Department of World Languages and Cultures
Cate Teacher Education Center, Room 2020
1200 N General Pershing St.
Hammond, LA 70402
Tel: 985-549-2105

 English for International Students (EGIS) Curriculum 

Curriculum for ESL Credit Hours:

Obtaining credit hours through an EGIS course (English for International Students) is available only for Southeastern students currently enrolled in an academic program at the university. If you are a current undergraduate or graduate Southeastern student or a student studying abroad at Southeastern in an academic department, please contact the instructor, Danielle Perez de Corcho, at Danielle.Perezdecorcho@southeastern.edu for information on how to enroll in an EGIS course for 3 credit hours. 

EGIS courses are pass/fail, so they will not affect your GPA. EGIS courses may be offered during any term, including summer.   

Classes are very small, so the instructor will assist the student as much as possible with the areas of English in which the student would like the most instruction and practice. This includes pronunciation, speaking/listening, advanced grammar, reading comprehension, writing skills and advanced vocabulary. 

  • EGIS 97 

  • EGIS 98

  • EGIS 107

  • EGIS 108



ESL terms and class dates correlate with Southeastern's academic calendar.

Link to academic calendar: https://www.southeastern.edu/admin/registrar/calendar/



Meeting Dates

Last Day to Register


Spring Term 1, 2023

Jan 17 - March 13 Jan 10

Feb 20-21

Spring Term 2, 2023

March 14 - May 10 

March 8

April 10-13

Summer Term, 2023

May 31 - July 25

May 24

July 4

Fall Term 1, 2023

Aug 16 - Oct 10 

Aug 9

Sept 4; Oct 5  

Fall Term 2, 2023

Oct 11 - Dec 5

Oct 4

Nov 22-23