World Languages and Cultures Scholarships

The Erna Deiglmayr Endowed Scholarship for the Study of French

$890 Annually ($445.00 Fall and Spring)


  • Overall 3.0 college GPA

  • Must be a French minor

  • Must have taken a minimum of 4 semesters of French

  • Students must be of good moral character

  • Retention: 6 semesters if all criteria are met and 3.0 GPA is maintained

Contact: College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Scholarship Committee


French Community of Belgium scholarship

An all-expenses-paid scholarship to attend a four-week summer immersion program at the Universite de Mons in Mons, Belgium during the summer. This scholarship is awarded to the high school student that wins the Extemporaneous Speaking IV competition category during the annual Foreign Language Festival. Undergraduates concentrating in French or French Education also have an opportunity to apply for a separate scholarship to study in Belgium.

Contact: The Department of World Languages and Cultures


Study Abroad Scholarships

The World Languages and Cultures department has resources to aid foreign language students during their study abroad program. A scholarship is given for each of the department's study abroad programs. Students already signed up for a study abroad program may apply for this scholarship during the spring semester.

Contact: The Department of World Languages and Cultures


Student Government Association Study Abroad Program Scholarships

  • Recipients will be selected by the SGA on the basis of the criteria outlined

Contact: Study Abroad and Global Engagement

The Margaret Waldrep Alford Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Foreign Languages

$780 Annually ($390.00 Fall and Spring)


  • Minimum high school or college GPA of 3.0.

  • Must major in Foreign Languages.

  • Must be of good moral character.

  • Must be a full-time student (12 hours).

  • Retention: 8 semesters if criteria are met and 2.75 GPA is maintained

contact: University Scholarship Committee


John D. Calandra Italian American Institute Scholarship

The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute (New York, New York) offers multiple scholarships to Italian American students and students of Italian descent. The institute offers State scholarships which are based on residency or college location, as well as Italian descent and other scholarships to students of Italian studies which are awarded to
students studying various disciplines of Italian. For more information click the here

Contact: The Department of World Languages and Cultures


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