Service Learning

Foreign Language (FLAN) 404: Experimental Learning, Development, and Application

In support of the University's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) and Real-World Ready initiative, the Department of World Languages and Cultures requires that all majors complete FLAN 404. This course offers students the opportunity to complete an internship, service learning project, undergraduate research, civic engagement, study abroad/away, field experience, creative activities, practice, hands-on learning, mentoring, leadership training, student teaching, or an apprenticeship to take place beyond the University classroom.

FLAN 404 is based on experiential learning theory. Experimental Learning is a style of learning that provides students the opportunity to practice their skills in a setting that is authentic to advancing their intended careers. These learning opportunities are current, pertinent, performance-based, practical applications of knowledge and skills experienced within the curriculum. For World Language majors, such an experience allows them to utilize their language skills to help to solve a local, real-world problem. Students are encouraged to take an interdisciplinary approach which combines their main language with a secondary field of study.



Listed below are examples of projects that were completed by previous students. All current and future students are encouraged to think of a unique project.

  • Hammond Police Department (Translation and/or Interpretation)- Spanish
  • Podcast Recordings at KSLU (Student Health, Blue Anole Lizard of Columbia)- Spanish
  • Research- "The Bilingual Brain", "Psychological Effects of Bilingualism"- Spanish
  • Touchstone Center (Applied Behavioral Analysis Clinic)- Spanish      
  • Student Teaching (K-12) (Southeastern Montessori School, St. Amant High, Southeastern Lab School, Mandeville High School, University Head Start, Walker Middle School)- Spanish, French
  • Tutoring (Foreign Language Resource Center and/or English as a Second Language Lab)- Spanish, English, French, Italian
  • Weekly Radio Shows (Radio Italia), KSLU- Italian, Spanish
  • Theater Performance (How-To Videos for Law Enforcement Professionals)- Spanish


         Ecuador             Ecuador


While all majors are required to take FLAN 404, all World Language minors are also encouraged to take the course. For more information please contact Dr. Jerry Parker (


Below are Internship possibilities:


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