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Last updated: 10/10/12

Calendar of Events for Fall 2012- Spring 2013



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FANFARE! Foreign Language Movies
All movies will be in the Student Union Theater at 5:30pm. All Movies are free and subtitled. For more information contact: Aileen Mootoo (
Oct. 9, 2012- Talk To Her- Spanish Movie (Rated R for brief nudity and sexual content) 
Oct. 16, 2012- My Best Friend- French Movie (Rated PG-13) 
Oct. 23, 2012- Life Is Beautiful - Italian Movie ( Rated PG-13)
Oct. 30, 2012- Rosentrasse- German Movie (Rated PG-13)
Nov. 12, 2012- 5 p.m.- International Night
A night in which students display various talents related to the cultures of their Language classes. From singing to dancing and we also offer abundance of international cuisine. For more information contact: Aileen Mootoo (



April 18, 2013 -Foreign Language Festival
A high school competition in various foreign languages. For more information contact: Luz Escbar ( or click here.


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