Corporate Sponsors Program

The Corporate Sponsors Program is offered through the Professional Sales Program. It is designed to enhance the practice of selling and sales management and advance professionalism in the field of sales. The program provides corporate partners the opportunity to invest in the future of Southeastern professional selling students and the future of the profession. Corporate sponsors have the opportunity to develop strong, lasting relationships with top sales students through this program.

Fewer than 3% of U.S. Colleges and Universities offer recognized sales programs. 

Sales Program Graduates vs. Traditional Program Graduates:

  • Ramp up 50% faster with standard company training

  • Turn over an average of 30% less

  • Save companies approximately $200K per hire within the first 18 months of employment

*Statistics compiled by the Sales Education Foundation

Benefits of the Sales Sponsor Program

  • Professional, selective program

  • Focused on strengthening students’ selling and professional skills through experience

  • Internationally Accredited College of Business through AACSB

  • Current and relevant curriculum guided by our partnerships with top sales organizations, leading sales research, and education best practices

  • Active learning program that pushes students to step out of their comfort zone to learn and builds their sales acumen

  • Students develop through regular professional interactions, practice, and candid feedback

Program Content

  • Sales Process

  • Identifying Customer Needs

  • Spin Sales Technique

  • Sales Metrics

  • Role playing

  • Handling Objections

  • Challenger Sale

  • CRM

  • Sales Competitions - Local and Regional


  • Company Spotlight Days

  • Guest Speaking in Classes

  • Offer Internships

  • Participate in our Sales Competitions

  • Career Fair & Biz-Connect (Specialized Career Fair)

Now Open... The Southeastern Professional Sales Lab

featuring the Northwestern Mutual Sales Training Room, the Smitty's Executive Conference Room, and three role-play rooms, including the United Rentals Role-Play Room.

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Current Program Sponsors

Gold Level


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Silver Level

     Sherwin Williams Logo  RNDC logo

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Dicky Lyons Teaching

“I thoroughly enjoy working with the students to prepare them for competitions. Southeastern sales students continue to impress me and have the potential to be top sales leaders, no matter the company they choose to join.” –Dicky Lyons, Competition Coach & Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative 

For more information on the sponsor program, contact April Kemp ( or Tim Butler (