Jazz at Southeastern

Jazz Studies

The Jazz Studies Program at Southeastern has a long and distinguished history. Currently there is one large jazz band, two jazz combos, two jazz improv classes, and applied jazz lessons.


The Jazz Program hosts the Bill Evans Jazz Festival every year in the spring semester.


  • Paul Frechou, Instructor. Co-Director of the Southeastern Jazz Ensemble.
  • Clarence Johnson III, Lecturer. Co-Director of the Southeastern Jazz Ensemble, Director of Jazz Combos, Applied jazz lessons, improvisation class.
  • Henry Jones, Associate Professor. Applied jazz piano.



  • Applied Jazz Lessons
  • Basic Jazz Piano
  • Fundamentals of Jazz Improvisation
  • History & Appreciation of Jazz
  • Jazz Combos
  • Jazz Improvisation II
  • Jazz Rehearsal Techniques
  • Jazz Vocal Ensemble
  • Southeastern Jazz Ensemble