Graduate Advising

Graduate students are advised by the graduate coordinator. During the first semester, the graduate coordinator will help each student design a degree plan. The degree plan lists the courses that the student will take during their course of study; however, modifications to this degree plan can be made. After the completion of 12 hours the student needs to apply for admission to Masters Degree Candidacy. See the catalogue for the date to file for graduation in a particular year. A typical pattern would be to file for a spring graduation early in the preceding fall semester. Application for graduation can now be accomplished by computer and instructions can be obtained in the Dean's Office or the Records Office. NOTE: IT IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO FILE FOR GRADUATION

The graduate coordinator can approve most of the graduate offerings; however, additional approval is necessary for certain courses. Practica must be approved by the instructor of record. Similarly, Independent Readings (Psyc 668), Independent Research (Psyc 549), and Thesis (Psyc 770) must be approved by the faculty member supervising the course. Course approval forms are available in the Psychology Office. 

Typically, only students who have been accepted into the program with regular or conditional status may take 600 level courses. With instructor permission, non-degree students and students from other graduate programs at Southeastern may be allowed to take a 600-level course if the course is not filled after all regular and conditional psychology graduate students have registered. A Course Approval form will be required for this situation and they can obtained in the departmental office.