Requirements for Clinical Practicum (PSYC 683)

1) Pre-requisites:

  1. Practicum students must have successfully completed Experimental Design and Analysis (PSYC 635) and Nonexperimental Design and Analysis (PSYC 636) with at least a B.
  2. For a counseling practicum placement, students must have successfully completed Psychotherapy Techniques (PSYC 679) with at least a B.
  3. For an assessment practicum placement, students must have successfully completed Psychological Assessment (PSYC 615) or an equivalent special topics course (PSYC 660) with at least a B.


2) Students must have approval of the faculty practicum coordinator, currently Dr.Paula Varnado-Sullivan.


3)All practicum placement sites and onsite supervising professionals must be approvedby the faculty coordinator.

  1. Currently, our resources for practica placements are limited. We do not guarantee that all interested students will be able to avail themselves of these types of experiences.


4) Students must purchase student liability insurance. The policy must be in effect before any form client contact is allowed.


5) Practicum requirements:

  1. Duties cannot exceed 16 hours per week including all required supervision.
  2. On-site supervision by an appropriate licensed professional, preferably a licensed clinical psychologist, is required for student placement.
  3. In addition, practicum students will be supervised by appropriate Southeastern faculty. For each hour or credit pursued, at least 1/2 hour will be devoted to appropriate training or supervision and at least 3 hours to supervised practice.
  4. Students will meet weekly with both the onsite and faculty supervisors.
  5. For counseling practica, the student should spend no more than 20% of the time in assessment activities.
  6. For assessment practica, the primary activity will be in assessment related activities. Test scoring and report writing should be included within the maximum 16 hours.
  7. Training activities such as reading appropriate training materials suggested by the supervisor can also be incorporated as part of the practicum hours, but should not be the student's primary activity.
  8. The practicum student will not be allowed to perform any activities that are not commensurate with their level of training or without appropriate supervision by onsite personnel.

6) Students will provide to the Southeastern supervising faculty a record of duties performed and a weekly log that details time spent in activities in order to insure appropriate supervision by the faculty.


7) Students are expected to follow all agency guidelines at the placement site, as well as the requirements of the supervising faculty.


8) Students will follow recommendations and instructions of supervising faculty. Failure to do so will result in removal from the practicum placement and no further client contact will be allowed.

  1. Any conflict between onsite and faculty supervisors should be addressed by those parties. Students should inform both parties of such a conflict.


9) Students may not be paid by the practicum agency for hours worked for which they also receive course credit.


10) Each placement setting will recommend in writing a specific grade to the SLU Psychology instructor who is technically in charge of the course. Normally, this recommended grade will be the course grade.


11) Students who also hold a research assistantship are expected to complete the requirements of that assistantship. Students will accommodate practicum times with their other student obligations, such that practicum does not interfere with other course work or with assistantship duties.

  1. Students should insure that their practicum requirements do not interfere with expected duties including statistics labs and proctoring make up exams.

  2. Students should coordinate with the lab supervisor before committing to practicum times.

  3. Failure to adequately carry out assistantship duties can lead to the loss of the assistantship. Faculty who are supervising research assistants will provide a work schedule for the semester in which the practicum is to occur far enough in advance such that the agency can schedule the student's practicum hours without conflict.

If conflicts cannot be resolved, the following options are available: i) students can postpone practicum ii) students can voluntarily relinquish their assistantship iii) at the discretion of the Psychology Department, students can be reassigned to another faculty assistantship advisor whose work schedule allows room for practicum.


12) Students are also expected to make adequate progress on their thesis while participating in practicum.


Requirements for Industrial/ Organizational Practicum

1) Completion of Psyc 575 or approval of the coordinator
2) Successful completion of PSYC 635 and 636 with at least a B
3) Approval of the Psychology Graduate Coordinator