Southeaster Louisiana University

Farmers Market Manager Internship


Starting in the Spring 2012 semester, the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice developed a Farmers Market Manager Internship. This internship is an exciting opportunity for a talented Sociology major to manage a real farmers market! The internship evolved out of the great success of our university's first farmers market on Oct. 24, 2011, National Food Day. It was hosted by 'Reconnect', our environmental sustainability student organization, with assistance from several graduate students in the Applied Environmental Sociology course.

As the market manager intern the student applies their sociological skills in coordinating and helping to host, along with Reconnect, the two farmers markets that occur each semester. The student intern works with multiple stakeholders in producing a successful market and gains invaluable experience. Some of the required duties of the intern include:


• Maintaining continuous contact and coordination with the farmer vendors and with school officials to set up the market and make sure that all required University policies are met.


• Work with the students in Reconnect to fulfill their needs and produce a successful market.


• Work closely with our independent market consultant, Darlene Wolnik.


• Marketing and promotion of the market.


• Maintain and enhance plans for the market day events.


• Planning and implementation of market research or evaluation.


• Work with all market participants to build the educational component of the market which aims to help create a local, fair and sustainable food economy through educating our campus and the larger community about the social, economic and ecological benefits of such a system to all.


• Act as the "public face" of the market representing yourself, the department, Reconnect, the university and the values of the farmers market and a sustainable regional food system in a positive manner.



This is a wonderful opportunity for any Sociology major looking for experience in applied environmental sociology and food systems. The internship is a three hour credit course (SOC 400) for a full semester's work of 90 hours in the Spring or Fall and requires sophomore standing or higher and at least a 3.0 GPA. Any qualified student who is interested in this internship opportunity can contact Dr. David Burley for more information on the internship.



Amy Edwards
Spring 2012 Market Manager Intern

amy edwards

"This whole experience has been really rewarding for me. I realize that the point of college is to broaden my horizons and to challenge myself to take on bigger and better things."

"A market needs cooperation and publicity. I could see myself working for or with a co-op (market cooperative) and providing a vital need to a community. This is the first time that I have clearly seen a career float out of the midst of my college courses. I cannot see my life without activism."

"Everybody eats and as far as day jobs go, I can't imagine a better one for me then feeding people."








Cecelia Palermo

Fall 2012 Market Manager Intern  

Cecelia Palermo

"Having this much responsibility scared me at first. However, as the semester went on, I learned and grew with the internship. As the manager, I was exposed to a lot of different experiences and people that someone may not be exposed to on a normal basis. This provided me with an elevating learning experience and opportunity to learn more about my community and environment."











Chelsea Alexander

Spring 2013 Market Manager Intern


Chelsea Alexander

"When I first started it's safe to say that I wasn't sure what I was doing. By the end of the second market, the farmers told me to come visit them anytime. It felt good to hear from people who at the beginning of the semester did not know anything about me and vice versa. This ties back into building community. I connected back to my culture and changed my life in a positive way. Between the farmers and the Reconnect members, I have built a bond that will never be broken."














Mallory Gannon

Fall 2013 Market Manager Intern


mallory gannon"For me this internship is all about creating and maintaining relationships between our community and the student populace. It was wonderful to show our school that there are people in our community who are dedicated to a sustainable way of eating and growing food. It was great to teach people what they can do on a small scale that will ultimately make a huge impact on our ecosystem. I learned so much about marketing and organization through first-hand experience. I could not have learned these valuable lessons without taking this internship head on."