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tori rodriguez

Tori Rodriguez

MSAS Graduate Student



What sparked your interest in applied sociology?

My interest in applied sociology grew out of curiosity. I realized there were so many questions I have about the world I live in and many do not have answers. Through applied sociology I am gaining the resources and knowledge I need to conduct research that helps me answer my own questions.

What is your area of research?

 My area of research interests includes sex work, human trafficking, and sexual behavior.

Describe your ultimate dream or goal for the future.

My ultimate goal for the future is to continue my education after earning my masters and attaining a PhD. In a perfect world I would work in a university, teach niche sociology classes that inspire students to think differently, and continue researching. Once I've lived this dream, I'd like to retire and become a park ranger in a national park.

When not in class I can be found.....…

When I’m not in class or doing homework I can be found camping, hiking, or lounging around the house with my dog, Casper.

If you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of advice for your first semester what would it be?

If I could go back and give myself advice for my first semester I would say: Pace yourself and give yourself time. To be successful, you truly need time to read, comprehend, absorb, and then perform the work that is asked of you. While there realistically is time to get it all done, it can seem overwhelming when you've waited until the last minute even though you had weeks to prepare. While a planner isn't for everyone, creating thorough daily to-do lists can help keep you on top of all of your assignments by making you aware of needs to be prioritized and when there are days you can kick back and relax.