Resources scholarships banner wants to help empower students who have physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and other impairments by providing some financial relief toward a college degree. To do that, we're offering several Student Scholarships for students with different types of disabilities pursuing degrees. Our scholarships award $1,000 to help cover some of the costs of college. These scholarships all have an application deadline of May 1st. These scholarships include:



Rethinking College is a 25-minute film produced by Think College that explores the growing movement to include students with intellectual disability in higher education.


Printable Resources


Video Resources

  • UL LIFE this program was the first post-secondary education program for students with disabilities on a 4- year campus. In this video you will meet the director of the UL LIFE program and some of the students and mentors who share their experiences with the program.
  • Want to Know More About Bridge to Independence? Meet 4 of the students to hear how Bridge to Independence has impacted their lives. This video also includes the mom of a student who shares how Bridge to Independence has helped her son grow immensely.


Paying for College

Federal Financial Aid

Students who are enrolled in a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) are eligible for federal financial aid. for more information Click Here.