Voices from the Storm

Voices from the Storm: Addressing Natural Disaster with School Age Children

Project Description:


The purpose of the summer service The purpose of the summer service program is educate the community on the impact of a natural disaster and to engage school-age young people in responding to community needs as a result of natural disaster through problem solving and service learning. Educators and students will engage in activities that will promote academic achievement and improve community relationships as well as add to the body of research knowledge related to natural disasters.



  • To support academic achievement and problem solving through integrated units of instruction on natural disasters.
  • To develop an awareness of community service in elementary children to meet genuine community needs.
  • To increase community awareness of hurricane dangers and disaster relief.
  • To provide resources promoting community needs awareness and disaster relief for educators.

Population Benefiting from the Project:

  • Students displaced from the hurricane or other natural disasters
  • Teachers in the elementary classroom
  • Students in elementary classrooms
  • College students preparing to teach
  • Communities that experienced disaster
  • University faculty coping with displaced students in their service region

This project was funded through a grant from the Institute for Global Education and Service Learning.



Hurricane Unit Plans


Contact Information:
Dr. Shirley Jacob, Associate Professor

Department of Teaching and Learning

Southeastern Louisiana University

SLU 10749

Hammond, LA 70402