Safety Policies and Procedures

Art + Design

Safety Policies Download:

Visual Arts Safety Manual.pdf

Safety Mission Statement

The mission of the Art + Design Safety Manual is to provide a resource of safety procedures for the faculty, staff, and students who do research and work in our studio areas.

Responsibility Statement

It is the responsibility of each person in the Art + Design Program to read and understand the safety procedures for their particular area and other areas in which they perform research or work.

It is the responsibility of the faculty to:
- Maintain individual studio safety materials and to post them along with the Department's Safety Manual and MSDS sheets in a location readily accessible to those people who work in those areas.
- Provide training and set rules for studio processes or on equipment used in the studios to ensure safe use of the studio areas.
- Ensure that safety rules are followed by students and visitors.
- Assure that proper safety equipment, such as eye protection, gloves, guards, and fire extinguishers are readily available, operable, and known to all people in the studio.
- Maintain ventilation for hazardous fumes or dusts as much as possible.
- Ensure that appropriate warning signage is placed within the studio areas.
- Provide training on safety procedures, rules and recommended good practices.
- Assure MSDS sheets for hazardous chemicals are available for materials used in the studio.
- Prohibit drinking and eating in the studios.

It is the responsibility of the students, student workers, and staff to:
- Follow safety rules at all times.
- Report hazardous or unsafe conditions.
- Report accidents.