New Media + Animation

Melissa Robertson Still from the animation "Signal"
Melissa Robertson Still from the animation "Signal"


NEW MEDIA + ANIMATION focuses on fine arts and experimental approaches to studio practices. Students work with a variety of methods within a framework that includes the history and theory of New Media in connection with contemporary and traditional art practices. Coursework introduces digital imaging, 2D animation, and internet technology.

State of the Art Facilities

Advanced studies include an exploration of 3D computer graphics, 2D and 3D interactive multimedia, 3D printing, digital video, sound design, physical computing and emerging computer art technologies. In all levels of coursework, students are encouraged to explore media and materials outside of their focus and discover ways to integrate digital technologies into those disciplines.  

New Media + Animation Courses

Art 190. New Media and Animation I.
Art 290. New Media and Animation II.
Art 390. New Media and Animation III.
Art 393. Three Dimensional Digital Media and Animation.
Art 394. Time-Based Digital Media I.
Art 396. Advanced Web Arts.
Art 397. The Digital Print.
Art 490. Senior Project: New Media + Animation.
Art 493. 3D Digital Modeling and Animation II.
Art 494. Time-Based Media II.
Art 497. Internship: New Media and Animation.


The New Media + Animation lab provides students with professional software packages and access to networked workstations, 3D print systems, large-format color printers, and numerous computer peripherals.