Visual Art

Sculpture I critique
The Department of Visual Art + Design offers a Bachelor of Arts in Art (BA) degree program. This program is designed for students who seek a bachelors degree and desire a career in Art, as well as for the students who wish to add aesthetic study to their preparation for careers.

A student's first year is typically devoted to the Foundations curriculum. These courses incorporate a broad overview of the art historical canon; a thorough study of two-dimensional design including principles of visual organization and color theory; a study of three-dimensional design that examines the relationships between form and space; and a firm grounding in drawing from observation and from the figure. Through the foundation series of courses, students acquire the common body of knowledge and skills that will allow for their further growth as artists and prepare them for more advanced studies in Studio Art, Art History or Art Education. 

Students have the option of selecting a specific concentration area with which to become deeply engaged or to choose up to three areas to explore artistically. Both options are further enhanced with art history courses and additional studio electives, while students also take a full compliment of liberal art courses throughout the university. Students complete their experience by preparing a senior project and developing a coherent body of personal work under the supervision of a faculty mentor. 

Within their chosen area, students develop a sustained relationship with a faculty mentor who will guide them through the program. While students are expected to show growth and focus within their artistic medium, they are not limited exclusively to it. Many students benefit from the cross-disciplinary perspectives, and faculty provide encouragement toward interaction and open dialogue among areas.