Graphic Design

Student Work

Old Content. The Graphic Design program offers a Bachelor of Arts Concentration Degree in Graphic Design that has an enrollment of over two hundred students. This course of study is built on a professional graphic design practice level emphasizing creative problem solving and industry standard digital procedures to prepare the student for this industry.

Students take courses that investigate the study of Typography, Logo Design and Publication Design, Package and Label Design, Internet Design, the History of Graphic Design, and Senior Projects where the assembly of their portfolio (both traditional and electronic) and the self-identity branding is developed for the entry into the field. Our Graphic Design Internship Program has been in existence for over sixteen years and has placed hundreds of students in the Graphic Design industry where they earn college credit. This required course also serves to network the student for future employment in the industry after graduation.


Additional courses within the curriculum are offered in Motion and Interactive and Environmental Design to broaden the scope of capabilities for our Graphic Design students. Innovative and creative research through a multitude of problem-solving methods is practiced in this Graphic Design program. Our lab facility provides technology for all students with the latest in industry standard professional software, twenty-two networked Macintosh workstations with a projection demonstration workstation, digital cameras, Wacom drawing tablets, and five printers that include full-color laser tabloid and large format printers.


There are open lab hours with a scheduled technical lab monitor throughout the week and weekend that allows for students to have access to the equipment outside of class. Graphic Design Alumni at Southeastern are actively working in this industry in printing companies, web design firms, and advertising agencies throughout the United States in cities including Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Florida, Washington DC, New York City, New Orleans, and Europe.