Darian Tarver

PHOTOGRAPHY examines the techniques, aesthetics, history and contemporary concepts surrounding the ever-changing medium. Introductory assignments are designed to help each student develop their own style, understand their work in a cultural and fine art context, and become visually literate makers and consumers of images.


Keleigh Pickett Maddie Scivicque
Keleigh Pickett Maddie Scivicque

Coursework gives students a comprehensive skill set, from digital capture and large-format inkjet printing to traditional black and white practices, studio lighting, bookmaking, and advanced post-production. Our program focuses on the generation of conceptual ideas in synthesis with technology, guiding seniors to create self-generated capstone projects under the guidance of faculty mentorship.

Photography Courses

Art 122. Basic Digital Photography
Art 124. Basic Darkroom Photography
Art 220. Intermediate Photography
Art 321. Advanced Photography
Art 421. Senior Project Photography Art 426. Internship: Photography


Students graduate with real world skills, prepared for a future in fine art, editorial, and commercial photography. Our facility includes spacious darkrooms, a shooting studio, and a computer lab equipped with industry-standard software. Equipment includes digital, small, medium, and large-format cameras, professional lighting, and large-format inkjet printers.