Jeff Mickey


Professor of Sculpture


East Stadium 216
(985) 549-5110


Jeff was a child during the sixties. He grew up with chemistry sets, microscopes and science books that were provided by his parents, who encouraged him to find out more about the world around him.

“The nature of objects built more with our hands than with industrial processes interest me. There is a certain look to things built one at a time to solve logistical problems that existed before mass production changed our relationship to the world in which we live. The craftspeople who made their own tools or the farmer that made or repaired the equipment needed to produce a crop and make a living, provide examples of the practical application of function to define form. 

Mill Town
Mill Town
Mill Town (Detail)
Mill Town (Detail)

I find these handmade forms interesting and they speak about a psychological place where people could be more proactive about solving the problems that existed in their environment. I am not longing for the past. I used my computer to write this artist statement. However, in our integration of technologies that allow us to do things better, faster or of greater complexity, we may be at the same time losing a portion of ourselves. 

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I want to use the practical forms and ideas from the rural vernacular to investigate our perception of the world around us and our relationship to it. I want to cause the viewer to pause and contemplate their own connection with the contemporary world.”

Jeff has lived in Japan, California, Delaware, Tennessee and Arkansas, He is now living and working in Hammond, Louisiana.

Updated 10/16/17