Vanishing Black Bars, Celestials, + Louisiana Trail Riders

October 18 - November 15, 2021 

The SLU Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to present its latest exhibition Vanishing Black Bars, Celestials, + Louisiana Trail Riders, a photography exhibition featuring the works of Baton Rouge based artist Jeremiah Ariaz, Atlanta based artist Jill Frank, and New Orleans based artist L. Kasimu Harris. Works featured in the exhibition demonstrate the artists’ shared interest in documenting Southern communities that may often go unseen or undocumented. On view are series by L. Kasimu Harris who has created an index of once prevalent but now disappearing Black bars and lounges in New Orleans and the patrons who commune and celebrate in these spaces; Jeremiah Ariaz shares monochromatic images of the Black trail riding clubs in Southwest Louisiana, a subculture that is rich in its history and activity but one that remains largely unknown; and Jill Frank exhibits large scale images and video of youth culture with all of its adolescent growing pains.