Academic Exploration

Academic ExplorationPhilosophy

Past results do not define who you are, and past grades are not necessarily a sign of a lack of intelligence or ability. College achievement involves much more than content knowledge. Time management, learning strategies (ie: Active Recall, Interleaving, Pomodoro Method, etc.), testing techniques, critical thinking, and other vital components all play important roles; and students must first learn how to use the tools they need before they can be expected to use them. Academic exploration provides the training ground for the development of these skills with a strong emphasis on growth mindset. 

As with any support service, improvement becomes evident when students carry out the plans discussed during the exploration sessions. Simply attending these sessions and talking about helpful changes won't be enough. Academic exploration seeks not to solve problems for students, but to provide support and guidance for students to develop the problem solving, resource gathering, and critical thinking skills they need to reach their goals.



The key to academic success can be described as puzzle pieces. Even if lacking just one of these key components, students will miss out on the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. Our ACE coaches can offer you the tools to complete your puzzle!