Southeastern Honors Program

Welcome From Honors!

The Southeastern Honors Program provides an opportunity for qualified students to take some of their classes in small sections to enhance their academic experience and earn an Honors Diploma at graduation. The benefits of joining Honors are substantial!

With great teachers and classes of 18 students on average, Honors courses offer optimum learning environments for lots of discussion and personal assistance from instructors. These small classes and Honors activities also offer opportunities to make some great friends.


Admission Requirements

Incoming Freshmen

  • Student must have at least a 3.0 cumulative high school grade point average AND
  • Student must have a minimum 24 composite score on the ACT


What to Expect Your First Semester

Students in Honors generally take one to two honors classes each semester. We recommend first-semester students in the Honors Program take SE 101-H. This course is taught by a seasoned CSE First-Year advisor and the course is designed with your needs in mind.

In addition to SE 101-H, you will take at least one additional course to be selected from any of the following areas: English, General Biology, History, Fine Arts, Spanish, French, Chemistry, or Math (depending on your major). You will find a link to the list of available Fall course options further down this page.

If you have already joined the Southeastern Honors Program or plan to join, be sure to let your advisor know when you schedule your advising appointment. They will discuss your options with you and will help to plan a balanced schedule for your first semester.


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