What can I do with my ENGLISH degree?

Employers of English Majors

  • Newspapers, Magazines, Broadcast Media

  • Script Writing

  • Trade, Professional or Consumer Publications

  • Promotional, Advertising Agencies

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Organizations or Publications with Technical Focus

  • Schools (with certification to teach)

  • Business, Industry, Retailing, Banking

  • Nonprofit Agencies

  • Public Relations Firms

  • Trade Associations

  • Government

  • Public Service Agencies


Related Occupations for English Majors

Some of these occupations may require additional education at Graduate or Professional schools. For information on qualifications and career specifics consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook or other career resources. Also, take advantage of career counseling offered by the Center for Student Excellence.

Administrative Assistant

Mass Media Assistant


Media Planner

Circulation Assistant




Comedy Writer




Creative Writer


Critic, Book/Art

Public Speaker

Crossword Puzzle Designer

Publicity Assistant

Desktop Publisher


Documentation Specialist

Publishing Assistant



Editorial Assistant


Education & Training Specialist

Scientific Writer

Freelance Writer/Consultant

Script Reader


Speech Writer

Literary Agent

Talent Agent

Magazine Writer

Teacher Training Specialist

Manuscript Reader

Technical Writer

Marketing Writer

Video Scriptwriter


Preparing for a Job in English

  1. Select a wide variety of electives.

  2. Write for on-campus publications.

  3. Write and edit reports.

  4. Find part-time or volunteer work in campus or local library.

  5. Business courses may be helpful.

  6. Acquire computer skills, especially word processing and typing skills.

  7. Participate in school activities: debate team, literary club, student publications, government, alumni and admissions.

  8. Work at copy shop or campus print shop or bookstore.



Links for English Majors

  • American Copy Editors Society

  • Glossary of Writing Careers

  • Society for Technical Communication

  • Artist Resource

  • The National Council of Teachers of English

  • Editors and Writers from the Occupational Outlook Handbook

  • College and University Faculty from the Occupational Outlook Handbook

More Info from Career Services

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