What can I do with my MANAGEMENT degree?

What can I do with my MANAGEMENT degree?

Employers of Management Majors

  • Manufacturing Firms
  • Small and Mid-Size Businesses
  • Hospital & Health Care Industry
  • Service Firms
  • Financial Institutions and Banks
  • Hospitality Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Retailing & Distribution
  • Wholesalers
  • Non Profit Institutions
  • Sales Firms

Related Occupations for Management Majors

Some of these occupations may require additional education at Graduate or Professional schools. For information on qualifications and career specifics consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook or other career resources. Also, take advantage of career counseling offered by the Center for Student Excellence.

Bank Manager Occupational Analyst
Benefits Manager Operations Manager
Branch Manager Personnel Manager
Compensation Manager Personnel Recruiter
Consultant Credit & Collections Manager Promotions Manager
Entrepreneur Property Agent
Financial Analyst Public Utilities Manager
Government Services Administrator Purchasing Agent
Health Care Administrator Real Estate Agent/Broker
Human Resource Manager Recreation Manager
Industrial Relations Manager Restaurant Manager
Insurance Agent Retail Sales Manager
Job Analyst Service Organization Manager
Loan Officer Stock Broker
Management Analyst Traffic Manager
Market Research Analyst Training Manager
Media Planner Wholesale Sales Representative
Mortgage Loan Officer  


Preparing for a Job in Management

  1. Develop good communication, interpersonal and decision making skills.
  2. Gain experience through co-op or internship programs, or volunteer work.
  3. Learn leadership skills and develop them through securing leadership positions in school, community or other organizations.
  4. Focus on a particular area of management and develop competency through course-work or on the job training. Areas to consider: human resource management, operations management, small business management, banking, retailing or hospital administration.
  5. Acquire computer skills.


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