FAQ by Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions by Faculty

Supplemental Instruction

Why was my course

selected for


Instruction (SI)? 

SI targets historically

difficult courses with 

course content that

many students

consider to be

challenging. SI is

designed to support

faculty teaching and is assigned to a

course because of

difficult content, not

because of the

manner in which it is being taught.


What will I be required to do?

SI is not intended to create additional work for faculty.  You can support SI by granting

time for occasional in-class announcements and by being supportive of the program and

encouraging students to take advantage of SI sessions on a regular basis. Faculty

should avoid the suggestion that only those who do poorly will benefit from this learning

assistance program. Faculty will also be required to provide grades for the entire class

after each test/essay/project and at the end of the semester.

What should I expect from the SI Leader?

The SI leader will maintain a professional attitude about matters such as class

standards, grades, and student interactions; discourage students from attending SI as a

substitute for class; share SI materials with the SI faculty member before use; and, if

possible, provide feedback to the cooperating faculty member if requested to do so.

What should I expect from the SI Program?

The SI staff will work with faculty in evaluating candidates for SI leaders and in placing

leaders only with the approval of the cooperating SI faculty member. The SI staff will also

train SI Leaders according to the program's established guidelines and standards, as

well as monitor the learning activities and sessions of SI Leaders. The SI Coordinator will

also supervise study sessions, help plan sessions, and provide supplies to the SI