Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where are the Center for Student Excellence Learning Assistance Programs located?

A. Tutorial sessions are conducted in the Learning Assistance Lab, Student Union Annex, north entrance.


Q. Who coordinates the Learning Assistance Program?

A. The Center is coordinated by an experienced Learning Assistance Coordinator who hires, trains, and supervises tutors, coordinates tutor scheduling and database records, and addresses any concerns or problems.  The Coordinator also works closely with the Sharp Academic Center for Athletes program director, the English Writing Center, the Office of Disability Services, and department heads.


Q. Who can use the Learning Assistance Programs?Group Tutoring

A. Tutoring is a FREE service that is only available to currently enrolled Southeastern students.

Q. Do students receive one-on-one tutoring or group tutoring?

A. Generally, students are placed with a small group of four students who have the same instructor.  The Coordinator may approve individual or exclusive tutoring as needed.


Q. What courses are offered for tutoring?

A. Targeted courses are those that have a large enrollment and have historically proven to be difficult for students. Tutoring is available in a variety of courses in the following general areas:

  • Mathematics

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Biological Sciences

  • English

  • History

  • Foreign Languages

  • Accounting and Finance



Q. Do you offer tutoring in laboratory courses?

A. The primary focus is the lecture portion of the courses previously listed. For questions related to the laboratory sections of a course, students should contact their instructor.


Q. Is tutoring available during the final exam period?

A. No. Scheduled tutoring ends the last week of classes.


Q. Who are the tutors and how are they selected?

A. The Center for Student Excellence Learning Assistance tutors are some of Southeastern's finest students.  They are approved by the academic faculty and department heads in the subject(s) they will be tutoring.  Tutors are graduate and undergraduate students who have excelled in academics with a minimum 3.0 grade point average.  All tutors must be of sophomore standing with at least one semester on campus and have passed the courses to be tutored with an "A" or "B."


tutoringQ. How are the tutors trained?

A. Extensive training begins prior to the beginning of the term and continues through the semester.  Training topics include: student motivation, client evaluation, Socratic questioning, tutorial facilitation, non-verbal communication, learning disabilities, etc.


Q. Do the tutors give out the answers to the homework problems?

A. NO!  Students must attend each tutorial session prepared and ready to participate in learning.  The tutoring services program is based upon students being engaged in their own work and constructing their own knowledge.

Q. If a student has failed a test, should he/she seek tutorial services?

A. YES! Freshmen should also seek the help of Academic Advisors who are trained to determine where the problem lies.  The sooner a student applies and receives services the better!  Tutoring services are not limited to freshmen; they are available to all who seek help in covered courses.


Q.  Why isn't there a published list of covered courses?

A.  Available courses change each semester with the pool of qualified tutors, their available work hours, and the established, historic list of requests courses.