Employment Opportunity


Tutors for the Center for Student Excellence Tutoring Lab are undergraduate students who excel academically, have good interpersonal skills, and are motivated by a desire to help other students in the following courses: biological sciences, chemistry, physics, math, English, Foreign Languages, history, accounting, and several other core-courses.


Tutor Qualifications

1. Currently enrolled and a sophomore when beginning to work with at least one semester on campus.  You may apply before you have reached 30 hours.

2.  A minimum cummulative 3.0 GPA

3. In courses in which tutoring will be done, an “A” or "B" grade is required, or, in some cases, commensurate skill or experience in the subject, ie.a native language speaker.

4. Must have a faculty recommendation in certain courses

5. Participation in scheduled pre-semester training sessions is mandatory

6. Good interpersonal oral and non-verbal communication skills and an ease in relating to people from varying educational, cultural, and social backgrounds

7. A demonstrated level of leadership and responsibility

Job Description

The purpose of tutoring is to provide a safe learning environment through a collaborative learning experience for students desiring assistance with content in a specific course.  Tutors encourage and engage students in becomming engaged and successful learners by developing learning strategies related to the course. Tutoring is a deliberate process that emphasises the student's responsibility for his or her own learning process while the tutor functions as a facilitator or guide. Daily paperwork is required to ensure program accountability in tracking services.


Employment Application