Henry Bender

Archival Book Collection


American Battle Movements or Operations in the
. 78th Division Summary. USGPO, 1944

2. Bent, Christine, ed.
New York Times Book of World War I. New York: 1980. (Oversized)

3. Connolly, John B.
Underway: Tales of a Tin Can Sailor. Connolly, Baton Rouge, 1990. Soft cover,

4. Culver, Henry B..
40 Famous Ships. New York: Garden City, 1938

5. Downing, David.
Devil’s Virtuosos: German Generals at War 1940-1945. St. Martins, New York, 1977

6. Eisner, WIll.
A Pictorial of America’s Combat Weapons. New York: Sterling, 1960

7. Freuchen, Peter, with David Loth.
Book of the Seven Seas. NY: Julian Messner, Inc., 1958. Hardcover, 512 pp.

8. Hart, B. H. Liddell.
German Generals Talk, Startling Revelations from
Hitler’s High Command
, NY: Quill, 1979. Soft cover, 308 pp.

9. La Gorce, John O. ed.
Book of Fishes. Washington, National Geographical Society, 1939

10. Machiavelli, Nicolo.
Prince and the Discoveries. New York: Modern Library, 1940

11. Mrazek, James.
Art of Winning Wars. New York: Walker, 1968