Vonnie Borden Collection

Donated by Donna Gay Anderson

Box 1

Folder 1:

  1. Typed document, “Remembering Vonnie Borden.” Remarks of C. Howard Nichols, 3/17/1984. (6 pages)
  2. Play program, “John Loves Mary.” Southeastern Dramatics Club, May 1950.
  3. Brochure, “Southeastern Theatre presents the 50th Anniversary Season, 1974-1975.”
  4. Play program, “Papa is All.” Southeastern Dramatics Club, December 1948.
  5. Play program, “Pygmalion.” Southeastern Theatre, April 1974.
  6. News clippings concerning Vonnie Borden. (3 items)
  7. Alpha Omicron Pi initiation certificate, Vonnie Haisty Borden. May 1966.
  8. Large printed photograph, Vonnie Borden. N.d.
  9. Northwestern University Graduate School completion certificate, Vonnie H. Borden. August 1950.
  10. Various correspondences between Vonnie H. Borden and Southeastern faculty members. 1946-1955. (8 items)

Folder 2: Letters

  1. Letter addressed to “Miss Hallie Phillips” of Hannover Arkansas, dated April 10th 1882 and June 11th
  2. Letter to Miss Hallie Phillips of Hannover Arkansas dated May 16th 1889
  3. Letter addressed to Mrs. Winne S Haisty dated October 24th
  4. Letter of acceptance of resignation of Donna Gay Borden Anderson from Southeastern Louisiana University. Dated June 14th 2010 and signed by University President John Crane.
  5. Letter addressed to Miss Vonnie Haisty in Relfs Bluff, Arkansas from “Duffy” – Lionel Borden – dated August 17th Written on Industry Services Inc. of Hammond stationary.
  6. Letter addressed to Miss Hallie Phillpps of Arkansas dated May 13th
  7. Letter to Miss Ada Phillips dated March 1882.

Folder 3: Certificates

  1. Resident Hunting License dated 1947-1948 issued to Lionel Borden
  2. Certificate of completion of Vacation Church School to Lionel Borden dated July 8th-19th
  3. Program for 23rd Commencement week for Southeastern Louisiana College dated May 27th
  4. Invitation to Commencement for Southeastern Louisiana College dated May 27th 1948.
  5. Certified copy Lionel Borden Jr. Certificate of Birth. Copy dated May 12th
  6. Certified copy of Vonnie Allene Haisty’s Birth Certificate. Copy dated December 3rd
  7. Copy of Lionel Borden Jr.’s birth certificate. Copy dated July 19th
  8. Letter from Lawrence A. Sheridan to Mrs. L. Bordon concerning Mrs. Borden’s father’s tenure of service in the Louisiana house of Representatives. Dated January 10th
  9. Original birth certificate for Lionel Borden Jr. dated August 16th
  10. Certificate of completion of Vacation Bible School from Bogalusa Presbyterian Church to Lionel Borden Jr. dated 1931.
  11.  Certificate of Completion of Elementary School issued by the Louisiana State Department of Education to Lionel Borden. Dated January 29th
  12. Certificate issued by the National Shakespeare Conservatory to Donna Gay Borden of Completion of training program.
  13. Certificate of Completion presented to Donna Borden by Southeastern Louisiana University College of Education.
  14. Original Marriage License between V. L. Haisty to Miss Winnie Estelle Scifres by the state of Arkansas on December 9th
  15. World War Military record for Lionel Borden.

Folder 4: Newspaper Clippings

  1. 1948 graduating class photo from the May 1948 Alumni News of Southeast Louisiana College.
  2. Copy of Newspaper photo of Bogalusa Highschool Orchestra. Undated. Lionel Borden in front row.
  3. Copy of Newspaper article entitled the “Boden’s mystery airs Wednesday” concerning Duffy Borden’s appearance on NBC-TV’s unsolved mysteries.
  4. Article from Daily Star dated Wednesday November 11th Titled “Southeastern presents Donna Gay Anderson’s first Play.”
  5. Article of Lion’s Roar dated Wednesday November 10th 2015 entitled “Alumna’s play to be preformed on Campus” (2 copies).
  6. Undated article untitled “SLU buildings to be renamed for 2 pioneers.” Discussing the naming of D. Vickers and Vonnie Borden.
  7. Daily Star excerpt dated November 17th 2015, entitled “High and Mighty the musical”.
  8. Articles, undated, entitled “Brush up on your Shakespeare.”
  9. Daily Star front page with article entitled “Theater students treat local audience” dated February 14th
  10. Daily Star article dated November 15th 2015, entitled “Anderson writes play; wreaths will honor soldiers.”
  11. Lion's Roar article dated March 11th 2014, entitled “Alumna playwright engages audience during reading.”
  12. Daily Star article (undated) on Donna Gay Anderson achievements (3 copies).
  13. Daily Star article dated February 28th 2014, entitled “Donna Gay Anderson’s play to be read at Vonnie Borden theater.”
  14. Article entitled “New Fanfare director has roots in Hammond.”
  15. Article describing Donna Gay Borden’s 4th Birthday – undated.
  16. Fanfare article entitled “A New Director.” Spring 2000 issue.
  17. Copies of Daily Star articles providing a tribute to Donna Gay Anderson’s career.
  18. Times-Picayune section B title page containing article entitled “Reborn theater is thriving” dated January 23rd
  19. Daily Star article dated June 22, 2010 entitled “Donna Gay Anderson hangs up her gloves.” (3 copies).
  20. Article written by Donna Gay Anderson entitled “Children learn critical life skills.”
  21. Page from Lion's Roar dated November 22nd 2005 with article titled “Donna Gay Anderson taking it step-by-step”.
  22. Article about Donna Gay Borden’s acceptance into the National Shakespeare Company Conservatory in New York City.
  23. Article entitled “Sigma Tau Gamma First National Fraternity on Southeastern Campus: 9 years Old.”
  24. Daily News laminated article dated December 27th 1999, entitled “Circuit riding preacher also served as representative in the Louisiana Legislature.”
  25. Lion's Roar, Spring 2016 issue.

Folder 5: Theater Advertisement Materials

  1. High and Mighty Theatrical Poster
  2. Certificate of Registration from the United States Library of Congress for Copyrights to the work “High and Mighty.” Dated December 3rd
  3. Program for a reading of “High and Mighty” at the Manhattan Presbyterian Church. Dated November 17th-21st 2015, (3 copies).
  4. Tickets for a showing of “High and Mighty” at the Vonnie Borden Theater. Production run dated November 17th and 19th 2015, (3 items).
  5. Advertisement Postcards for “High and Mighty” (3 items).
  6. Pre-Showing of “High and Mighty” invitation dated March 8th
  7. Invitation to Retirement Party of Donna Gay Anderson
  8. Program for a production of “Hansel and Gretel” with the Southeastern Laboratory School dated April 24, 1970.
  9. Program for “Pippin” by the Southeastern Louisiana University Humanities Theater, undated.
  10. Program for Hammond Literary Festival dated March 15th
  11. Program for Southeastern Louisiana University production of “The Three-penny Opera” dated October 1980.

Folder 6: Genealogy

  1. Memorial Obituary Bookmark for Mrs. Mary Savilla Johnson Scifres.
  2. Funeral Scrapbook for V. L. Haisty dated February 4th
  3. Newspaper clipping denoting the death of John Q. Haisty.
  4. Typewritten genealogy of the Haisty family dated November 22nd
  5. Letter to Donna Gay B. Anderson from Margie Owen Hanna concerning family genealogy. Postmarked May 4th
  6. Letter to “Donna” from “Carolyn” concerning Haisty family genealogy, dated April 15th
  7. Copy of Death Certificate of Francis E. Haisty, copy dated April 11th
  8. Family group genealogy sheet – William Preston Haisty and Ecil Christina Wells.
  9. Family group genealogy sheet - Unka Haisty and Sarah (no last name).
  10. Family group genealogy sheet – John Haisty and Permelia Isabel Bartlett.
  11. Family group genealogy sheet – James Haisty and Harriet Elizabeth Peacock.
  12. Family group genealogy sheet – Joseph Shephard and Martha (no last name).
  13. Family group genealogy sheet – Thomas Newton Scifres and Mary Savilla Johnson.
  14. Family group genealogy sheet – Carroll Wesley Haisty and Nora Carpenter.
  15. Borden Family Tree
  16. 9 page-list entitled “Descendants of William Lowell Bordden, Jr.”

Box 2: 3-D Artifacts, Journals, and Photographs

3-D Artifacts:

  1. Plaque to Vonnie H. Borden for “Devoted Service to S.L.U. to 1946-1979” by the Department of Speech and Theater.
  2. Plaque to Donna Gay Borden by Southeastern Louisiana University for “Exemplary Alternate Certification Student.” Dated April 24th
  3. Plaque recognizing Donna Gay Borden as an “Outstanding Teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas High School.” By Knights of Columbus, John F. Kennedy Council 2952.
  4. DVD entitled “High and Mighty 01-13-2016.” (2 copies).
  5. VHS entitled “Duffy Tribute”.

Journals and Books:

  1. Journal recording the “Honeymoon of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas Anderson” dated Fall 1998.
  2. Travel Journal of Donna Gay Anderson recording trips to Carmel (06-25-2002), New York City ( 07-04-2002), Italy (June 24th -July 3rd 2006), Capri (06-15-2007).
  3. Travel Journal of Donna Gay Anderson recording trip to San Miguel de Allendo, Mexico (July 2010).
  4. White, gold embossed travel diary dated October 5th 1963-October 26th
  5. “Irish Eyes: A Fanfare Proposal” presented by Donna Gay Borden Anderson dated October 25th
  6. Scrapbook by Donna Gay Borden – recording Donna Gay’s Highschool career and graduating class of 1978 from Southwood Academy.
  7. Book entitled “Our Baby’s book.” Possibly recording Vonnie Borden’s childhood with records that state the baby’s birth at 12:40pm on August 25th
  8. Scrapbook entitled “My Bridal Days” belonging to Vonnie Haisty Borden.
  9. Bachelor Degree of Arts presented to Donna Gay Borden by Southeastern Louisiana University in 1981.
  10. Diploma for a Masters in Arts presented to Vonnie H. Borden from Northwestern University in 1950.
  11. Highschool diploma for Donna Gay Borden from the State of Louisiana on May 1978.
  12. “Our Baby’s Record” for Donna Gay Borden by her mother Vonnie H. Borden.
  13. Green faux leather bound book entitled “Five Year Diary” belonging to Vonnie Allene Haisty (later Borden) beginning in 1936-1940.
  14. Diary of Vonnie Allene Haisty beginning in 1931.
  15. The Round Up. Baylor University Yearbook, 1946.
  16. The Round Up. Baylor University Yearbook, 1945.
  17. The Shield. 1976 yearbook for Southwood Academy, embossed with Donna Gay Borden’s name.
  18. The Shield. 1978 yearbook for Southwood Academy.

Photograph Folder:

  1. Photo of young child aged “11 months, 7 days”
  2. Untitled photo of young child in tin washtub.
  3. Untitled photo of man and young child posing in front of a house.
  4. Untitled phot of woman bathing young baby in tin washtub.
  5. Photo of man with three-piece suit and fedora.
  6. Photo of young toddler in large dish outside, playing in water.
  7. Untitled photo of man with child and dog outside of a house.
  8. Young man posing in school sweater.
  9. Photo of elderly woman holding 2month old baby, dated August 28th
  10. Group of six men posing in front of sign reading “Mossback Hunting Club.”
  11. Photo of a group of unidentified individuals, one man and three women.
  12. Faded photo of four men posing outside.
  13. Photo of baby in a wicker bassinet
  14. Photo of Vonnie Borden as a baby, aged two months and ten days.
  15. Photo of young woman in gingham dress inscribed on back “To Mama”.
  16. Photo enclosed in paper case, inscribed “Miss James” Monticello, Arkansas.
  17. Photo of middle-age woman in Vonnie Borden’s wedding party.
  18. Photo of middle-age couple in Vonnie Bordon’s wedding party.
  19. Reception line after Vonnie Borden’s wedding.
  20. Close up of Reception line after Vonnie Borden’s wedding. (2 copies).
  21. Copy of photo #20
  22. Vonnie and unidentified woman during wedding reception
  23. Photo of Vonnie and unidentified man walking down aisle.
  24. Photo of Vonnie and Lionel “Duffy” Borden in reception line.
  25. Vonnie and Lionel “Duffy” Borden posing after wedding.
  26. Large group photo, undated.
  27. Man posing in front of fish caught.
  28. Photo of older couple.
  29. Photo of group of men in boat showing off what they caught.
  30. Group photo of ment getting into a boat.
  31. Photo of the boat Maverick II.
  32. Close up photo of fish caught on fishing trip.
  33. Donna Gay Anderson with dog in hotel.
  34. Tom and Donna Gay Anderson during holiday season.
  35. Photo of Duffy Borden.
  36. Photo of Vonnie H. Borden.
  37. Photo of two actors on a stage.
  38. Photo of two young adults attending a wedding.
  39. Duet photoset of “Eldora” and “Lionel”.
  40. Photo of John Westly Haisty and Martha Mahala Phillips. Dated November 26t, 1932.
  41. Close up of the boat Griffin.
  42. College of photos with 4 photos- unidentified.
  43. College of photos with 5 photos- unidentified.