Judge Leon Ford III

Archival Collection: Trains



Box 1


1. Fernwood, Columbia, and Gulf Railroad (11 items)

2. J.M. Foley (10 items)

3. Garyville Northern(35 items)

4. Greenlawn Lumber Company(1 item)

5. Crown Zellerbach(4 items)

6. Gaylord Great Southern(14 items)

7. G.M. & O.(3 items)

8. Houlton L.B. & Co.(8 items)

9. B.F. Glover & Son v. C.F. Hyde (1905)(3 items)

10. Harpole & Herring Survey Map(1 item)

11. Hammond Lumber Company(33 items)

12. Hyde, East Union(21 items)

13. I.C. Railroad Wood Caboose(2 items)

14. Keystone Lumber & Improvement Company(1 item)

15. Kentwood, Greensburg, & Southwestern Railroad Co. Right of Way Agreement(8 items)

16. Larry Swofford Railroad Correspondence(20 items)

17. Liberty-White Railroad Company(30 items)



Box 2


1. E.F. “Boy” Lambert(1 item)

2. Louisiana Cypress Railroad(20 items)

3. Louisiana & Arkansas Railroad Company(3 items)

4. Loranger, Louisiana, & Northeastern R.R. Co.(12 items)

5. Loranger Community History(4 items)

6. Lutcher Moore Cypress Lumber Company(2 items)

7. McCarroll Lumber Company Limited(15 items)

8. S.J. McKenzie Lumber Company and Maurepas & Northern Railroad Company(2 items)

9. Miscellaneous Louisiana Short Lines(3 items)

10. Mississippi Railroads and Lumber Companies(7 items)

11. Mississippi Railroad Maps(2 items)

12. Denkmann Mills by J.O. Stamps(1 item)

13. Newsom(7 items)

14. Natalbany(41 items)

15. New Orleans Great Northern(9 items)

16. Owl Bayou Cypress Company(3 items)

17. Opdenweyer(6 items)

18. Pennamich Lumber Company(4 items)

19. New Orleans Jackson Great Northern Railroad and Billy Mitchel, History of Livingston
Parish – 68 Items



Box 3


1. Red River & Gulf Railroad, Claiborne, and Fort Polk( 3 items)

2. Roseland Veneer and Package Co.(9 items)

3. Ruddock(7 items)

4. A.W. Stevens Co.(3 items)

5. Springfield Lumber Company and Blood River Railroad(7 items)

6. G.H.A. Thomas(2 items)

7. The Tremont and Gulf Railway by Allen D. Lindsey and Hulen C. Warren, Jr.(1 item)

8. Texas Electric K.C.S.(1 item)

9. West Feliciana Railroad(2 items)

10. Chesbrough & Graves Lumber Company(3 items)

11. Day Lumber Company(4 items)

12. William Drews, Jr.(10 items)

13. Handlan, Inc., Catalog #100, 100 Years of Service (1856-1956) to the Railroads and Industries(1 item)

14. Midwest Railroader And Roster Journal(14 items)

15. Government documents (3 items)

16. Survey maps, American Railway items, Georgia Railway ticket (10 items)

17. Boiler washing report, telegrams – 2 used/20 blank (23 items)

18. Locomotive Historical Society membership cards (5 items)

19. Assorted train photos and sketches, N.O. & G.N. map of Hammond and Tangipahoa
(17 items)

20. National Railway Historical Society letterhead (31 items)

21. Wells Fargo Stamp Guide, railway general agreement, Illinois Central Report (3

22. Railroad articles, G M & O newsletter, Historical Society Newsletter, and Southern
Rail magazine (7 items)

23. Letter to Clark Forrest re: Railroad survey maps, open letters re: Casey Jones
and Climax locomotive (3 items)



Box 4


1. MOB & COB(26 items)

2. Interstate Commerce Commission Reports(16 items)

3. Lanterns(21 items)

4. Lexington Newsletter March 1979 and Correspondence(2 items)

5. Railroad Gazette Vol. XXX No. 3, 16 and Poor’s Manual of US Railroads 1904, 1909, 1915(4 items)

6. Correspondence with David S. Price(10 items)

7. Lanterns and Bob Richardson(3 items)

8. The Adams and Westlake Co., Adlake Lantern Catalog(1 item)

9. Dietz Railroad Lantern Catalog(1 item)

10. Correspondence with John C. Walczak about Lanterns, dated Nov. 1, 1972(1 item)

11. Illinois Central RR Special Order for N.O. 24th Annual Kentucky Derby Special(10

12. Louisiana Railroad Commission Reports(1 item)

13. Illinois Central Railroad – Bonds, Departures, and Memos (Pt.1) – 8 Items

14. Illinois Central Railroad – Bonds, Departures, and Memos (Pt.2) – 66 Items

15. Illinois Central Railroad – Bonds, Departures, and Memos (Pt.3) – 39 Items

16. Illinois Central and Railroad Documents – 61 Items

17. Illinois Central Railroad Historical Society – 2 Items



Box 5


1. Two Mississippi Railway and Transportation Museum Tickets( 1 item)

2. National Railway Historical Society Sicker(1 item)

3. Owen Davies Bookseller Catalog Nos. 334, 335, 347; Letter from Ford dated December
12, 1967; Letter from Davies dated March 14, 1969(4 items)

4. Seven Letters between Leon Ford III and Harold K. Vollrath dated January 31, 1962
to March 9, 1965(7 items)

5. Four copies of letters from Leon Ford III inquiring about switch keys, 1969-1972(2

6. Brochure from C & V Productions “A Symphony in Steam” about Hi-Fi Recordings(1

7. Locomotive Photograph Company Catalog, Fl(1 item)

8. Railroad Merchandise Catalog from Jim Prakes, Chicago, Il (8 items)

9. The Book Conductor Winter Catalog, 1968-1969(1 item)

10. Catalog Locomotive Photographs(1 item)

11. Railroad Magazine, 1972(1 item)

12. Merchandise Timetable Colorado Railroad Museum(8 items)

13. Reproductions from the Official Guide of the Railways, June 1916(3 items)

14. Panama Limited Third Annual Banquet, February 5, 1976(3 items)

15. Cartoon copied from the Wall Street Journal and sent to Nelson Penton, March 20,
1970(1 item)

16. 4 Christmas cards, 3 postcards (all with trains on them)(7 items)

17. Gazette Pages from 1985, 1987, 1989, 1994, with a handwritten note from Ed, dated
December 6, 1999

(3 items)

18. Alco Historic Photos, Report for 1997(1 item)

19. Letter to Leon Ford III fro U.S. Discount Corp selling a miniature train, dated
October 29, 1963 (B&W photo included)(3 items)

20. Handwritten Introduction for Trains and Trams of Tangipahoa(1 item)

21. Intermodal Transportation Institute Website www.du.edu/transportation (2 pages)(2

22. The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Newsletter, page 11(1 item)

23. Illinois Central Railroad “Dependable for 79 Years” and “Winter Citations Pay”
(11 legal sized pages)(1 item)

24. GM and OHS News (photocopies of pp. 23-26)(1 item)

25. Meridian, Mississippi Railroad Society (clipping from Vol. 12, No. 4, March 1997)(1

26. Southern Railway (NO and NE) Train No. 44, N.O., LA, July 1936 from Southeast
LA chapter N.R.H.S., dated May 1996(1 item)

27. History of the West Feliciana Railroad, 2/24/1917 (photocopy)(1 item)

28. The Model Railroader Cyclopedia: The Book of Plans, Fifth Edition (dust jacket)(2 items)

29. Invitation fro the Louisiana and Delta Railroad Grand Opening Ceremony New Iberia,
dated May 16, 1987

(1 item)

30. Interstate Commerce Commission Decision Docket No. AB-43 (Sub-No. 114x) (decided
on October 30, 1984)

(1 item)

31. Advertisement Illinois Central RR on and after April 17, 1893(1 item)

32. Southern Iron and Equipment Co. (6-3�” x 6″ cards showing what they sell)(1 item)

33. Pad Containing Form 172-Report of Cross Ties Inspected for LA and AR (blank)(1

34. Pamphlet, “The Diesel That Did It” Southern Railway System(1 item)

35. Cover Letter from N.O. and Northeastern Railroad Co. regarding an ice contract,
2 April 1908(1 item)

36. The Baldwin Locomotive Works (pages 5, 6, 13, 14, 19, 20, 57, 58, and 59)(1 item)

37. National Railway Historical Society, 1974 Yearbook and Membership Directory(3

38. Illinois Central, SD-70 Locomotive (1 item)

39. The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin No. 2 – 20 Items



Box 6


1. Kentwood and Eastern Railroad(33 items)

2. Kentwood , Greensburg, and Southwestern Railroad Research and Valuation Reports,
Amos Kent Lumber and Brick Company, Ltd. Research and Valuation Reports. (42 items)

3. Kentwood, Greensburg, and Southwest Railroad Photos (35 PICS), History of the Freiler
Depot Building 1915, Letter from William Carter, KGSW RR Timetable 1908, Engineers
Daily Time and Fuel Report, (40 items)

4. Kentwood & Eastern Railway- Station Map (1 map), Right of Way & Track Map (10 maps)(11

5. Kentwood, Greensburg, and Southwestern + Kentwood and Eastern Railway(2 items)

6. Floyd Clymen’s Album of Historical Steam Traction Engines and threshing Equipment
No. 1, 1949, “Nostalgia Reigns at Threshermen’s Reunion” from the Baton Rouge Advocate
November 12, 1961(2 items)

7. The Enquirer Magazine, 23 March 1969 (The Locomotive Builder)(1 item)

8. Railroads in the Civil War: An Address by John W. Barriger (xerox copy)(1 item)

9. Correspondence sent to Genesee Lumber Company in 1906 concerning locomotives (13

10. Time Return and Delay Report of Engine and Train Employees (1 item)

11. Thomas Brothers, Railroad and Levee Contractors information (52 items)



Box 7


1 . Locomotive and Car Planes For: Irish Bayou Lumber Company 2-6-2, Elevated Railway
Forrey, Westfield Plantation Porter #1, 3 Foot Gauge Brooks 2-8-0, Stillwater Mills
#1( 7 items)

2. Brakenridge Rail yard and Navigation Co., Brakenridge Lumber Co., Trains acquired
from Brent S. Leiper and sold to G.H.A. Thomas. (30 items)

3. Brakenridge Family History(45 items)

4. Photos of Brakenridge Rail yard and Navigation Co.(15 items)

5. Lake Maurepas & Pontchartrain Info., the German Lost Coat by J.B. Borel, Lumber boat photos, Russell Barnes research, Daily Star July 5, 1999
pg. 1(16 items)

6. Railroad Maps of the Florida Parishes, photo of Eldon L. Watson giving award to
Rev. Darrell E. Mount, photo of Birch School 1908-09(3 items)



Box 8


1. Train Work Orders, Interstate Commerce Commission Valuation Reports, Time Tables,
Blackman Rail Car Photograph (15 items)

2. Map of Kisatchie National Forest of 1938, RR Commissionaires Map of MS in 1896,
Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Immigration Map of 1938, Map showing the Railroad
lands for sale in Yazoo Valley of MS in 1909 by the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad
Company, Norfolk and Western RR Map in 1922, Illinois Central Rail Road Map of 1945,
Mississippi Valley Company, Illinois Central Railroad, and Pearl River Lumber Company
1904 agreement. (1 item)

3. Passes and Tickets from Illinois Central Railroad (16 items)

4. Illinois Central Railroad Train Dispatcher’s Register for Monday September 14,
1908(1 item)

5. Railroad Brochures and Timetables (21 items)

6. Thomas Correspondence and old documents concerning his business transactions with
Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Indian River Railway(5 items)



Box 9


1. Newspaper Clippings concerning trains: “Local Lore and Legend” article by Mrs.
Morris, “The Baton Rouge, Hammond & Eastern Railroad” from LA Sun dated 6-15-1900
x 6, From LA Sun the Il Central Time Table 2-1-1900x 4, From LA Sun the charter of
the Baton Rouge, Hammond, and Eastern Railroad x 4, Hattiesburg American 3-6-1971
train photo, Train wreck of 5-18-1930 I.C. 1188 x 5 photos, The General train photo
(7 items)

2. Letters concerning railroads: Ford to National Sugar 12-12-1958 x 2, Ford sounds
bid to National Sugar 12-12-1958, Canadian Locomotive to Saillard 8-9-1965, Ford to
Dorman 5-19-1972, Kahn to Ford 6-12-1971, Ford to Clegg 6-21-1972, Ford to Minnesota
5-23-1975, Ford to Casler 7-30-1975, Ford to Saillard 6-12-1972 x 2(9 items)

3. Map of Freiler, LA x 3, Railroadians of America booklist, letter from Ford to Broadbelt
requesting photos 1-27-1964, letter from Sickler to Ford 3-28-1961, letter from Ford
to Broadbelt 7-29-1963, Thank you letter from Broadbelt, letter from Broadbelt 7-29-1963,
Witbeck Narrow gauge railroad equipment for sale, Colorado Railroad Museum sale list
(11 items)

4. Charter Incorporating the Evansville, Covington, and Tangipahoa River Railroad
Company, Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co locomotive sale to Southshore Railway Company,
Eldridge & Eldridge lease to Chesbrough & Graves, bill sale from J.A. Fay Egan Co.
to Eldridge, note on Georgia Car & Loco Co.(4 items)

5. Kentwood, Greensburg, & southwestern Railroad and Kentwood & Eastern Railway 36
inch gauge locomotives, 1853-1922, biographies of George S. Lacy and Mrs. Minnie Osborn,
and ” Narrow Gauge Locomotives of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe R.R.” by Vernon
Glover.(1 item)

6. MS Great Southern Ch. Annual Banquet form (2 copies), “The Sand House” – Banquet
Edition Jan 8, 2000 (copies), Lumber Trade Journal – January 15, 1911 p. 26.(2 items)

7. Kentwood & Eastern Railway Time tables May 14, 1907 and letter appointing J. Shull
to superintendent on Dec 15, 1906 of K & E.(1 item)

8. Copy of a Map of the abandoned L-W depot at New Holmesville (2 copies), map of
Pike County, MS, close up of McComb, MS from Pike County Map, letter from David Price
to Leon Ford.(1 item)

9. Railroad Research on Florida Parish Railroads(30 items)

10. Locomotive Rosters for various Louisiana railroads(22 items)

11. Various Engine Histories (16 pages), Steam Whistles in the Piney Woods: The Story of Sawmills and Logging Railroads of
Forest and Lamar counties, Mississippi
(Table of Contents only), letter to Leon Ford III from Gilbert Hoffman 6-28-1995.(1

12. Gulf South, Mobile, and Ohio Railway historical documents (8 items)

13. Illinois Central Railroad documents (33 items)

14. Train Brochures (19 Items)

15. Dixie Magazine and Newspaper Clippings about Trains (17 Items)



Box 10


1. Research on Backwoods railroads of the Florida Parishes, Old Hickory Railroad Association
Minutes for October 21, 1991, Judge Leon Ford III Addresses Livingston Parish Historical
Society on the Railroads of the parish.(7 items)

2. Correspondence with Edwin Gebhardt on milk cars and milk car research (36 items)

3. Kentwood and Eastern Railroad (6 items)

4. Railroad Hardware and Related Items Sales Catalogs (15 items)

5. Miscellaneous Correspondence regarding trains., photo of R.L. Dowling’s #58 leaving
Live Oak, FL for LA in 1904, #1 at C.J. Jones mill at Jerome in 1954 (Baldwin 2-6-2
1915), #2 at Slater, FL in 1942.(61 items)

6. Kentwood, Greensburg, and Southwestern Railroad Company Time Table No. 2, June,
1918, Kentwood and Eastern Railway company Time Table No. 28, October 15, 1919. (2

7. Railroads at Work by Association of American Railroads, Illinois Central Time Table
#7, 4-30-1967, Train Blue print for #6508, Victor Ford Retirement Info, “Finest Train
on Earth Makes Inaugural Run, Sunday, May 3rd” letters to Ford from Wilkinson & Owen
Davies Bookseller.(5 items)

8. The Southern Reporter for June 24, 1905 Vol. 38 No. 13 containing the following cases: Amos Kent Lumber & Brick Co. v. Tax Assessor of Parish of St. Helena, Kent Lumber and Brick Co. v. Tax Assessor of the Parish of St. Helena, White v. Illinois
Central Railroad Company,
and Welton v. Genesee Lumber Company.(1 item)



Box 11


1. History of Brooks Scanlon, Inc. by J. Victor Jaeger, Kentwood & Eastern Railway
Co. April 1908 schedule, Equipment Register for Kentwood & Eastern, Durham & Southern,
N.O., Natalbany, & Natchez, Tenn & N.C., Southern Lumbermen articles on Scanlon and
AK, FL, Southern Rails Issue No. 30 Fall 1990.(2items)

2. An Inventory and Guide to the Archives of Brooks-Scanlon, Inc. by Sally A. Maddocks,
Schedule “B” Brooks-Scanlon, Inc. Foley Division Equipment from August 1951, History
of Brooks-Scanlon, Inc. by J. Victor Jaegar, Ownership in Live Oak, Perry, and Gulf
Railroad by Brooks-Scanlon, Inc. Foley, FL in 1951 (2 pages), Ownership in South Georgia
Railroad Company by Brooks-Scanlon, Inc., Foley, FL in 1951 (4 pages), Eastport Florida:
An Industrial Opportunity.(5 items)

3. Brooks-Scanlon Research, “A Railroad you can model: The Eagle River & Northen Ry.”
In Model Railroader, (March 1990), Agreement between Diamond Mill Company and Brooks Scanlon Company
on June 5, 1906, Agreement between Diamond Mill Company, Brooks Scanlon Company, and
Henry H. Smith on January 23, 1908, Brooks-Scanlon Company v. Diamond Mill Company on December 24, 1907, John Eldred v. Brooks-Scanlon Company and Diamond Mill Company, Map of Brooks-Scanlon Railroad, newspaper photo of Lester W. Foley and M.J. Foley,
“Carbur-A Look Back” by Louise Childers in Buckeye Fiberscope vol. 5 no. 1 (March, 1975), letter from Lester W. Foley to Leon Ford dated November
11, 1977, letter from Lester M. Foley to Leon Ford dated March 6, 1978, American Lumbermen
biography of Michael J. Scanlon (8 items)

4. Live, Oak, Perry, & Gulf Railroad maps and history and articles on Brooks-Scanlon
Corporation(7 items)



Box 12


1. Mary Bankston Myland V. ICRR ( Engineer Uncle Charlie Harrell on # 1118 on Panama
Limited-Accident- G July 1922(1 item)

2. Railroad Brochures- Illinois Central, Southern Railway System(4 items)

3. Illinois Central System: Louisiana Division, condensed profile(1 item)

4. Illinois Central Vacation Advertisement(1 item)

5. Illinois Central Timetables, 1939, 1946, 1947, 1971, 1972, 1983(6 items)

6. Illinois Central Railroad- Per Diem, Demurrage, Switching, 1958, 1966(2 items)

7. Illinois Central System- Official List of Directors, et al., 1945, 1946, 1967(3

8. Illinois Central Railroad Valuation Section I-LA-1 Hammond Terminal(88 items)

9. Copies of Articles from Illinois Central Magazine- Louisiana Connector(1 item)

10. Rail Travel Receipt Book ( 1940’s) and Illinois Central Form 166-6(5 items)

11. Illinois Central Predecessor Lines, Railroad Newsletters(4 items)

Box 12 b.

12. Illinois Central Condensed Profile and Time Table(5 items)

13. Illinois Central- #131- “Miss Lou”(17 items)

14. Illinois Central Green Diamond and Paul M. Sommers (9 items)

15. U.S. Railroads Timetables and Army Railroad – 27 Items

16. Illinois Central Railroad – 1972 Timetable, Freight Station Photos and Map through
Louisiana – Official List Number 102-July 1, 1965 (Illinois Central); Illinois Central
Railroad Company- The Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad Company Examination of Levermen;
Illinois Central Railroad- Equipment list Number 17 January 1, 1957; Illinois Central
Railroad Official Directory  –  11 items 

17. Blueprints – Illinois Central System Mechanical Department Whistle Bell – 4 Items



Box 13 A


1. Copy- Illinois Central Railroad Co., Louisiana Division, Condensed Profile ca.
1918 (1 item)

2. Illinois Central Rail Road Society-2oth Annual Railroad Show-October 1999(4 items)

3. Illinois Central Compromise Agreement-Property Quit-Claim Documents (2 items)

4. Gerald Hooks Research regarding Interstate Commerce Commission Financial Dockets
on Hammond Area Railroads (16 items)

5. Interstate Commerce Commission Accident Reports on Local Railways, 1920s-1960s
(27 items)

6. Illinois Central Correspondence regarding Logging Roads, 1901 and 1905 (4 items)

7. Illinois Central Railroad Magazine Articles, 1923-1925 (5 items)

8. Information on Crimson Flyer and Assorted Railway Notes (4 items)

9. Crimson Flyer Article by Judge Ford and Accompanying Photograph (2 items)

10. Crimson Flyer, Volume 2, Issue 1, February 2002, “Death on the Rails,” by Tom
Davidson (1 item)

11. Green Diamond, Illinois Central Historical Society, Issue #23/24, “The Crimson
Flyer,” by Leon Ford; National Railway Bulletin, Volume 67, Number 1, 2002 (2 items)

12. Crimson Flyer, Volume 3, Issue 2, February-March 2003 (1 item)

13. Crimson Flyer, Vol. 3, Issue 3, 4/2003-5/2003, “When Hammond Was the Southern
Terminal of the Illinois Central Railroad,” (1 item)



BOX 13 B


Interstate Commerce Commission Valuation Report of Illinois Central Railroad, 16 May
1917 (1 item)



Box 14


1. Vicksburg, Shreveport, and Pacific Railroad Company – Property Leases, 1890-1918
(21 items)

2. Vicksburg, Shreveport, and Pacific Railroad Company – Property Leases, 1920-1926
(9 items)

3. Index to Blue Prints Alabama and Vicksburg Railroad Company, Road #’s 52; 53-56;
401-402; 421; 442; 449; 3401; 5063-5065 (8 items)

4. Vicksburg, Shreveport, and Pacific Railroad Company- Superintendent’s Annual Report
31 December 1925

(1 item)

5. Index to Negatives for Chicago and Illinois Western R.R. Company, Road #’s 801
and 802 (1 item)

6. Index to Blue Prints for: Fernwood, Columbia, and Gulf R.R., Road # 12 (2 items)

7. Index to Blue Prints Illinois Central System, Road #’s 1302, 1310-1312, 3100-3102,
3960-3963, 3964-3965, 3967-3970 (6 items)

8. Illinois Central Blue Prints 24″ 25″ 27″, Angle Bar, Cinder Pits ; Truck Roller
Seats; Rail Joint Templates

(12 items)

9. Blue Prints- Y and M.V. RR- Charge in Engine Facilities; Trestle Seat on Abatement
North Yard, 19205

(4 items)

10. Kentwood, and Eastern and Kentwood, Greensburg, and Southwestern (12 items)

11. NON and N # 101- Plans by Ed Gebhardt 11/ 7/ 92 (1 items)

12. Baton Rouge, Hammond, and Eastern Railroad (II) (21 items)

13. Baton Rouge, Hammond, and Eastern Railroad (29 items)

14. New Orleans, Jackson, and Great Northern Railroad (16 items)

15. New Orleans Great Northern Railway Stock Certificate- 6 November 1933 (1 item)



Box 15


1. Strawberry Trains (28 items)

2. Strawberry Trains (2 items)

3. Cloverland Dairy Farm Plans (1 item)

4. Claiborne and Polk Military Railway (32 items)

5. Claiborne- Polk Military Railway John Allen Copies (17 items)

6. Gulf and Ship Island Railroad Company (2 items)

7. Mobile Street Railway System (1 item)

8. Minnesota Historical Society documents concerning Minnesota and North Wisconsin
Railroad Company

(12 items)

9. ” Stephanie the steam engine got fired up during holiday” from the Clarion Ledger
dated July 12, 1981

advertisement for the 1871 Giant Locomotive Worlis Catalog, the Reference Book of
the Sugar Industry of the World ( July 1926) page 12 only advertising a Casey Jones
Railway Motor Car ( 2 copies), tickets to Knott’s Berry farm ( 1962) (5 items)

10. Railroads- Various (18 items)

11. Donation of Railroad Mail Crane to Collinswood Museum, 1998 (5 items)

12. Pullman Car Company- Pamphlets, Signs, Paraphernalia (6 items)

13. Several Railway Appliance Catalogs ( 6 items)



Box 16


1. Railroad Company Stock Certificates (8 items)

2. Claiborne- Polk Military Railroad Church Copies (8 items)

3. U.D.C. Speech- 8 May 1980- Local Railroads (6 items)

4. Southeastern Express Service Judge Leon Ford III Collection (4 items)

5. Railroad Time Tables and Paintings (7 items)

6. List of Lima “Shay” Locomotive Pictures (8 items)

7. Trolleys (53 items)

8. Miscellaneous Railroad Material (18 items)

9. Prints of Tony Howe Railway Artwork (5 items)

10. Railway Menus- Louisville and Nashville; Panama Limited, LSU vs. Notre Dame Special,
Southern Crescent

(2 items)

11. Amtrak Railway Brochures (3 items)

12. Directory of Freight Accounting Officers, 1950, 1963 (2 items)

13. Railway Express Agency Tickets (33 items)



Box 17


1. Railway Express Agency- Shipment tags and Miscellaneous Items (18 items)

2. National Perishable Freight Committee- Code of Rules for Handling Perishable Freight
(1 item)

3. Railroad Photograph Catalogs (12 items)

4. Locomotive Pictures for Sale by Harold Vollrath (5 items)

5. Locomotive Glass Negatives at History Center- Schenectady NY (5 items)

6. Miscellaneous Locomotive Rosters- Fernwood Columbia; Liberty- White; Kirby Lumber
Co., Carter- Kelly Lumber Co. (2 items)

7. Official Directory of the Southern Pacific Company and Atlas of Lines, 1897-1898
(1 item)

8. Receivers Certificate Equipment Order, 1912 (2 items)

9. Photocopies, Rand McNally Handy Railroad Maps, Southern States (10 items)

10. Miscellaneous Railroad Information and “Go West on Tweetsie R.R.” Brochure (9

11. Railroad – Blueprints and Notes – 10 Items

12. Newspaper Clippings of Railroads – 5 Items

13. U.S. Railroads – Interstate Commerce Commission for St. Louis – San Francisco
Railway, Official Railway Guide 1868, and Baldwin Locomotive Work Guide – St. Louis-San
Francisco Railway Company-St. Louis, San Francisco and Texas Railway Company Safety
Rules April 1, 1945; St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company,  St. Louis, San Francisco,
and Texas Railway Company, Alabama, Tennessee, and Northern Railway Company Train
Handling Instructions for Enginemen & Trainmen- January 1951- 5 Items

14. Baldwin Order Form and Train specs, Report on material received from Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton
Copr., October 10, 1958, Witbeck’s Personal Expenses in Obtaining the Baldwin Material

15. Transparencies from Baldwin Locomotives (located in Ford Map Case B, Drawer 6)



Box 18


1. Key Lock and Lantern (brown binder) and docs. 1966-70 (39 items)

2. Key Lock and Lantern (yellow binder) and docs. 1970-75 (10 items)

3. Key Lock and Lantern (red binder) and docs. 1980-85 (13 items)



Box 19

Railroad companies’ transactions and locomotives they owned



Box 20

August 1925 Russell’s Official Southwest Railway Guide and Hotel Directory

Watts’ Official Railway Guide of the South, July 1915 and May 1917

The Pocketlist of Railroad Officials,

First Quarter 1939 and April 1917

American Lumberman’s Register of Steam Logging Railroads Electric Light Plants Telephone
Systems Machine Repair Shops Saw Mill and Planning Mill and Auxiliary Equipment for

Dietz “Blizzard” Railroad Lanterns for All Railroad Purposes

Louisiana & Delta Southern Region Timetable 1, 1987

GP28 Operating Manual, June 1964

Illinois Central Railroad Louisiana Division, Time Table No. 3, 1960

Amtrak National Train Timetables, 1981, 1982, 1995

Track Specialties for Light Rail, Industrial and Heavy Duty Track Work

The Argentine Central

Colorado Railroads and the Colorado Railroad Museum

, 1961

Virginia & Truckee: A Story of Virginia City and Comstock Times

, 1963

Menu, Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company

G.M. & O, G.M. & N., N.O.G.N., E.LA M & O.- notes and articles

Illinois Central System Timetables, 1988-1989, 1991, 1995

Illinois Central Transportation Rules, July 1, 1928

National Railway Historical Society Stickers

Colorado Maps and Railroad Information

Folder 1: Quiet sign,

Copy of Report by the State Board of Appraisers Swhoing the Assessments Made of Property
Employed in the Railway Telegraph, Telephone, Sleeping Car and Express Business, 1906,

Sketch of Mikado or 2-8-2 Type Engine with names of parts of the locomotive,

Railroad Commission of Louisiana Orders,

Letter,Marjorie M. Miller to Clark Forrest, Jr, dated June 21, 1982. With copies of
financial statement, stockholders reports, obituatires, and biographical accounts
concerning the Natalbany Lumber Co and the New Orleans, Natalbany, and Natchez Railroad

Illinois Central Memos

Switch Key Collection List

Telegraph Register of Trains Water Valley to Canton, Mississippi, December 22, 1983

Copy of the History of the Illinois Central Railroad Company and Representative Employees

 Folder 2: Colorado Maps and Railroad Information


Box 21

1. Deeds:

From Wm. P. Bond to N.O.N. & N. R. Ry.

From David Preston Et Al to the N.O.N. & N.R.R. CO.

From Wm. B. Fletcher and others to the N.O.N. & N. Railroad Co.

From Solomon Killian and Ann Killian to the N.O.N. & N. Railroad Co.

From Wilford B. Sessions and Mrs. Elizabeth Nesom Sessions to New Orleans, Natalbany
& Natchez Ry. Co.

From Miss Margaret Douglass and Martha Ann McKenzie to N.O., Nat’y & Natchez RR Co.

New Orleans, Natalbany and Natchez Railway Co. Vs C. W. Henry

2. Contract between American Car and Foundry Co. and The Alabama and Vicksburg Railway
Co. to build a

seventy foot steel dining car, 19 January 1924 with attached letter dated February
18, 1924

3. Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific Ry. Co. Contract for four Closets for Tallulah
station, 21 December 1911

4. Letter from Leon Ford III to Paul R. McDonald about obtaining a drumhead from the
original Panama Limited

and a list of Train Names Available, dated August 28, 1972

5. 43 carbons of letters of request for switch keys and other various items, 1969-70

6. The Streetcars of New Orleans 1831-1965 with a receipt from Doubleday Book Shop,
dated 29 June 1965

7. Genesee Lumber Company Railroad Department reports from May -November, 1906

8. National Railway Historical Society Membership cards for Leon Ford, III and Virginia

9. Pages 689 & 690 from The Locomotive up to Date

10. Blueprints: Plan of Sand House, Good Hope, LA

V. S. & P. R. R. Land at Delta Point

V. S. & P. R. R. Land Below Delta, LA in cultivation, Vicksburg, MS, Sept. 19, 1904

Locomotive Coal, Sand and Cinder Plants

Mississippi River Bridge at Vicksburg, MS

Adams Co. Lumber Spur, Aug. 16, 1900 (7)

11. Agreement between Illinois Central Railroad Co. and the Alabama & Vicksburg Railway
Co. for Constructing

Side Track, dated 16 August 1900

12. The Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines of the United States,
Porto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Cuba, July 1943; Travelers Official Railway Guide of
the United States and Canada, June 1868 (Facsimile reprint of the first issue of the
Official Railway Guide, 1968



Box 22

1. Correspondence between Judge Ford and S. R. Tedder, August 23, 1986 and January
26, 1987, (along with 33

xerox pages about Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company from Minnesota Logging Railroads,

Lumberman series, History of Foley, Florida, and copy of a letter to Clark Forrest
from Gloster Southern

Railroad Company)

2. Historic Railways of the Powell River Area, by R. Ken Bradley, The British Columbia
Railway Historical

Association, (Photocopy) with a letter from Russell Tedder, dated January 11, 1987

3. Meridian & Bigbee Railroad and Connections (map, 13″ x 16″)

4. E-mail correspondence between Tom Davidson and Cathy Johnson about ICC Archives
dated 9 November

1999 (3 pages)

5. Letter from Danny Johnson from the Office of The Engineer of Maintenance; Vicksburg,
Mississippi, Dated

January 17, 2000 (thanking Judge Ford for the presentation that he gave at the NRHS

6. Illinois Central Railroad, July 31, 1971 (11″ x 17″ map)

7. Photocopy of Hammond Depot, April 20, 1954 by C. W. Witbeck, appeared in NRHS,
Southeast Louisiana

Chapter, February 1997 (cartoon on back)

8. Handwritten Notes (16 pages about railroads)

9. Illinois Central Locomotive diagrams, 1972 (8 pages)

10. National Exposition of Railway Appliances with an employee’s ticket (1883)

11. The Union Switch and Signal Company catalog of interlocking (1883)

12. Southern Pacific Sunset Limited Coffee Shop and Lounge (plans CR-5)

13. Burlington Pioneer Zephyr (plans CR-2)

14. The Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad Company Time Table No. 62 (2 copies)

15. Illinois Central Railroad Valuation Report photographs stored in JPG format on
a Sony CD-R



Box 23

1. Invoice from Baldwin Locomotive Works, Extra Order #2370�5 May 1905

2. Interstate commerce commission valuation accounts, 1918 and 1919

3. Southern Ry. Diagram, 27″x28″, Pacific Type

4. Profile Natchez, Columbia, and Mobile RR (blueprint that’s falling apart)

5. Illinois Central RR roster, July/August 1972, pp. 19-22 9

6. Photocopied diagrams of trains (4 sheets)

7. Illinois Central RR system map

8. Envelope marked “Judge Leon Ford”

Constitution of the International Brotherhood of Maintenance-of-Way Employees (1907)

Illinois Central RR Annual Inspection Report 1908 Maintenance of way Dept. (2 copies)

Photocopy of Louisiana Products, Resources and Attractions with a sketch of the parishes

“Scene at the Unveiling of the Stewart Monument at Hammond, La.,” The Daily Picayune,
Thursday, 28 January 1909 (p. 12)

Obituary for Charles Brakenridge, The Daily Picayune, Saturday, 28 December 1912 (p.

“C.E. Brakenridge Dies at Hammond,” The Daily Picayune, Saturday, 28 December 1912
(p. 14)

9. Illinois Central Railroad Company bill of landing memorandum dated 2 October 1912

10. Reports for stock killed or injured between 1930-31

Approx. November 6, 1930-owner: Arthur Hoover, Albany-heifer yearling

Approx. December 1930-owner: G. W. McGehee, Slaughter-heifer with calf (claim denied)

1931, death of John Wall in train accident

March 1931-owner Fred Stewart, Independence-hog

March 25, 1931-owner: Sam Overton, Slaughter-cow

October 9, 1931-owner: Eugene Stevenson, Lindsay-horse

11. Reports for stock killed or injured, 1932

August 5, 1932-owner: George Anderson, Slaughter-cow

April 1, 1932-owner: Will Spechy, Slaughter-crippled cow

June 4, 1932-owner: Mrs. Sam Turner, Slaughter-cow

August 22, 1932-owner: A. E. Anderson, Slaughter-heifer

September 21, 1932-owner: Quincy Rayborn, Tickfaw-yearling heifer

December 3, 1932-owner Mrs. J. W. Lapeze, Star Hill-yearling heifer

12. Reports for stock killed or injured, 1933

June 15, 1933-owner: Robert Moore, Ethel-calf

June 15, 1933-owner: Jesse Mitchell, Montpelier-calf

July 6, 1933-owner: Charles George, Independence- bull

July 13, 1933-owner: Wallace Martin, Natalbany-calf

September 6, 1933-owner: Zeek Dumer-male calf

September 9, 1933-owner: W. E. Hornsby, Grangeville-cow

September 14, 1933-owner: W. E. Hornsby, Grangeville-cow

September 22, 1933-owner: W. E. Hornsby, Grangeville-calf

October 23, 1933-owner: F.A. Rowell, St. Francisville-horse

October 24, 1933-owner: Wilton Peavy, Pine Grove-yearling

13. Reports for stock killed or injured, 1934

March 26, 1934-owner: J. A. Stott, Slaughtert-cow

April 13, 1934-owner: D. C. Johnston, Lindsay-cow

April 18, 1934-owner: Judge Charles L. Munson, St. Francisville-steer

May 22, 1934-owner: Will Hornsby, Grangeville-heifer

June 14, 1934-owner: Mrs. L. A. Richardson, Tickfaw-calf

July 23, 1934-owner: Katie C. George, daughter of Hillary K. George, Independence-cow

August 17, 1934-owner: Alva Gaynes(?) -calf

August 23, 1934-owner: Frank Vinci, St. Francisville-yearling

August 24, 1934-owner: W. B. Thompson, Grangeville-calf

September 17, 1934-owner: Wilmer, C. Appleby, Slaughter-2 jersey cows

September 20, 1934-owner: Tom Guy, Montpelier-small steer

November 7, 1934-owner: Ellen Thompson, Oaknolia-horse

November 23, 1934-owner: Frank Vinci, St. Francisville-2 heifers

December 20, 1934-owner: H. Dunlap, Baton Rouge-calf

14. Reports for stock killed or injured, 1935

February 13, 1935-owner: J. W. Stockett, Turnbull, MS-yearling

February 15, 1935-owner: Will Hornsby, Grangeville-calf

February 20, 1935-owner: Johnnie Bailey, St. Francilville-cow

March 4, 1935-owner: Lubether Sanders, Reiley-calf

March 18, 1935-owner: W. Y. Barnett, Denham Springs-yearling

March 18, 1935-owner: Carey Addison, Albany-heifer

March 28, 1935-owner: J. C. Ashley, Knoxville, MS-calf

April 9, 1935-owner: Henry Starns, Holden-1 sheep

April 9, 1935-owner: B. Drumwright, Holden-3 sheep

April 10, 1935-owner: S. P. Holden, Holden-calf

May 13, 1935-owner: Ora Lea Hutchinson, Tickfaw-mare colt

May 25, 1935-owner: Robert Moore, Ethel-yearling

June 13, 1935-owner: Jesse Ellis, Corbin-1/2 jersey heifer

July 5, 1935-owner: Ben Harrell, Dennis Mills-calf

August 29, 1935-owner: Will Hornsby, Grangeville-heifer

September 24, 1935-owner: F. P. Powers,Grangeville-cow

October 9, 1935-owner: M. C. Calcote, Hamburg, MS-calf

November 3, 1935-owner: Sam Turner, Slaughter-hog

December 2, 1935-owner: M. H. Kinchen, Albany-yearling

December 11, 1935-owner: Henry Stewart, Star Hill-2 yearlings

15. Reports for stock killed or injured, 1936

January 29, 1936-owner: Euell Jones, Independence-jersey cow

February 24, 1936-owner: Marshal Cotton, St. Francisville-2 heifers

March 5, 1936-owner: R. H. Peairs, Slaughter-2 cows and 1 calf

April 3, 1936-owner: Robert H. Sterling, Wakefield-cow

April 5, 1936-owner: Ben Harrell, Dennis Mills-calf

April 29, 1936-owner: Frank Vinci, St. Francisville-cow

May 1, 1936-owner: John R. Booker, Bluff Creek-cow

May 4, 1936-owner: Cleon Addison, Natalbany-mule

May 23, 1936-owner: Will Donald, Pine Grove (colored)-cow

May 18, 1936-owner: Jesse Mitchell, Montpelier-steer

May 28, 1936-owner: W. C. Appleby, Slaughter-yearling

June 12, 1936-owner: L. A. Milford, Tickfaw-calf

June 18, 1936-owner: E. M. Archer, Lindsey-yearling

June 23, 1936-owner: Aron Russell, Independence-calf

July 3, 1936-owner: G. R. White, Norwood-steer

July 13, 1936-owner: Lula Albin, Independence-heifer calf

August 2, 1936-owner: Gaston Jackson, Jackson-calf

August 8, 1936-owner: Henry Reiley, Reiley-calf

August 15, 1936-owner: Oscar Lard, Doyle-calf

August 24, 1936, owner: Sam Turner, Slaughter-heifer calf

September 1, 1936-owner: Jesse Mitchell, Montpelier-steer

September 9, 1936-owner: Mamie B. Fort, Baton Rouge-heifer

September 25, 1936-owner: George Hughes, Livingston-yearling

October 10, 1936-owner: George Hutchinson, Independence-hog

November 2, 1936-owner: S. H. Morgan, Mt. Pelier-heifer

November 7, 1936-owner: Geo. H. Manning, Slaughter-heifer

November 26, 1936-owner: A. Rogers, Albany-yearling

December 10, 1936-owner: Andrew Jackson, Roxie MS-heifer

December 11, 1936-owner: Ella Brown, Hammond-cow 12

December 21, 1936-owner: D. N. Williams, Rosetta, MS-hog

16. Reports for stock killed or injured, 1937

January 5, 1937-owner: W. C. Appleby, Slaughter-jersey cow

January 5, 1937-owner: Ray Herring, Independence-cow

February 4, 1937-owner: Ben Kinchen, Basile-horse

February 4, 1937-owner: W. E. Hornsby, Grangeville-cow

February 5, 1937-owner: J. W. Stockett, Turnbull, MS-cow

February 7, 1937-owner: T. D. Bickham, Star Hill-cow

March 26, 1937-owner: S. B. McKnight, Bluff Creek-heifer

March 31, or April 1, 1937-owner: Geo. P. Smith, Corbin-hog

April 9, 1937-owner: C. W. Addison, Albany-heifer

April 21, 1937-owner: P. H. Coffman, Pine Grove-heifer yearling

May 16, 1937-owner: C. L. Gray, Hammond-jersey cow

August 26, 1937-owner: Morgan Bailey, Robert-yearling

August 28, 1937-owner: George Hyde, Hammond-small black heifer and Guernsey Heifer

September 1, 1937-owner: Mrs. Lenora Milford, Tickfaw-cow and calf

September 4, 1937-owner: E. J. Ard, Montpelier-calf

November 10, 1937-owner: Neva Herring, Hamburg, MS-yearling

November 28, 1937-owner: J. W. Lapeze, Star Hill-steer and 2 cows

17. Reports for stock killed or injured, 1939

January 21, 1939-owner D. H. Goynes, Pine Grove-dairy cow

18. Railroad Information:

Motive Power of the Louisiana & Arkansas (6 pages)

Illinois Central Systems 35 Report “The following cars were waybilled”



Box 24

1. Miscellaneous Items:

The Denver and Rio Grande R.R. Co. engine 409 login sheets (2) 3 and 5 November 1916

Missouri and Arkansas Railway Company blank boiler washing report (2 blank cards)

Illinois Central Railroad notice to the public (3×5 card)

handwritten note

Memphis, Dallas & Gulf Railroad Company report of stock killed or injured (blank)

Alphabetic list of pastors, “W”, pp. 612-613

Interstate Commerce Comm. Investigation No. 3033 Accident at St. Gabriel, LA, 3 November
1946 (4 pages)

SI&E Negs to Degolyer (2 pages)

Southern Iron & Equipment Co. Engine specifications for #1 built 1906 (2 pages)

Agreement between the Vicksburg and Meridian Railroad and Hunter and Wolfe, 3 November

RE: for construction of wire fencing 13

Agreement between Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific Railway Co., dated 4 April 1918;
RE: a tramway

Blank service log

Missouri & North Arkansas Railway Company Rules- May 1, 1926

Norfolk and Western Railway Company-Rules and Regulations for the Government of the
Heisler Geared Locomotives

2. Miscellaneous Items:

1 stamp (Antarctica-1954 Expedition)

4 envelopes

Twenty dollars from Illinois Central Railroad Company, 1 November 1907

Missouri and Arkansas Railway Company Ad and Ink Blotter (2)

The Prescott and Northwestern Railroad Co. (Blank Trip Pass Stub)

1 green Ozarks North Arkansas Route ticket

24 tickets from Missouri and Arkansas Railway Company

1 National Railway Historical Society sticker

5 business cards from Witbeck Photo Service

Business card from George R. Cockle

Business card from B V L Antiques

Business card from G. Jones, Numismatist

book of matches

3. Miscellaneous Publications:

The National Economist

, 23 November 1889The Crimson Flyer, November 1969 (has a list of Steam Locomotives
of the Kirby Lumber Co.)

The Crimson Flyer, April 1970 (3 pages)

Ties: Southern Railway System, May-June 1972

4. Small Maps:

Index card: on front-East Carolina Ry.; on back-a hand drawn map of Industrial Road,

Dixie RY Alexander to Benson (small map)

Arkansas Lumber Co. Wetumpka to Tallapoosa River (map)

Dixie Route Lockhart to Gallagher (map)

Toinette & Western Entire Line (map)

Alabama Pensacola & Missouri Valley R.R. Entire Line (map)

St. Louis and San Francisco RY Empire to Sipsey (map)

Gulf Ports Terminal Muscogee, Fla., to Mobile, Ala.

Florida Pensacola & Missouri Valley Entire Line (map)

Germain & Boyd Lumber Co. Louisiana Railway and Navigation Co. (Photocopied map)

Map of the Portland Division Southern Pacific Co., January 1921

Map of the Shasta Division Southern Pacific Co., 5 August 1926

5. Roster of Locomotives

Locomotives of the Carter-Kelley Lbr. Co., W. T. Carter & Bro. L. Co., Shreveport
Houston & Gulf, M. C. & S. A. R. R., compiled by C. W. Witbeck, 15 November 1955 (2

Steam Locomotives of The Carter-Kelley Lbr. Co., W. T. Carter & Bros., Shreveport,
Houston & Gulf & The Moscow Camden & San Augustine RR, compiled by C. W. Witbeck 7/1971
(3 copies)

W. T. Carter & Bros., M. C. & S. A. R. R. list (2 copies)

Steam Locomotives of The Louisiana & North West Railroad (3 pages)

Locomotives of The Shreveport, Alexandria & Southwestern Ry. System, October 1969
(4 pages)

Louisiana Rosters Listed in Book

Roster of Texas Railroads (9 pages) 2nd copy missing first page

Texas-Logging Railroads-1912, C. W. Witbeck, 4/45 (2 pages)

Logging and Short-Line Railroads of East Texas (8 pages)

Additions to East Texas List of Logging and Short Line RR’s, 1907 Collection C. W.
Witbeck (2 copies)

Locomotives of The Gulf & Ship Island Railroad (4 pages)

Gulf & Ship Island RR

Rosters of Texas South Eastern R. R., Southern Pine Lumber Company, Diboll, Texas;
Wier-Long Leaf

Lumber Co., Gulf & Northern Railroad, Wiergate, Texas; Sabine Tram Company, Juanita,
La. &

Beaumont, Texas in Supplement to The Crimson Flyer, March 1970 (2 pages)

Roster of Locomotives , C. W. Witbeck

Locomotives of The Kirby Lumber Company 1898-1955, (pp. 1, 3-5)

Locomotives of The Missouri & Arkansas Railroad, 1 October 1948 (2 pages)

W. T. Smith Lumber Co. Chapman, Alabama

St. Louis-Southwestern Railway Locomotive Roster (8 pages)

Louisville N. O. & Texas Ry Co. (Sold to Y&MV 24 October 1892) Locomotive Roster 1881-1892
(3 pages)

Colorado Midland Railway Locomotive Dispositions, from files of C. W. Witbeck

List of K. C. S. Locomotives (6 pages)

Crowell & Spencer Lbr. Co., Crowell Long Leaf Lbr. Co., Meridian Lbr. Co., Red River
& Gulf R.R. Roster by C. W. Witbeck, 6 March 1965

Illinois Central System List of locomotives from Equipment List No. 1, 1 March 1932
(7 pages)

ICRR Engines sold to NdeM in 1921

Locomotives of the Louisiana Railway & Navigation Company, 1 January 1925, List compiled

1942 by C. W. Witbeck (1 original & 5 copies)

Louisiana & Arkansas Engines 1933 (4 copies)


Box 24

5. Roster of Locomotives ( Cont’d)

Illinois Central and Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroads Assignment of Locomotives,
Southern Lines (2)

Tex 1926 (handwritten list of engines)

I. C. Railroad Steam Locomotives, 1 January 1946

Louisiana Roster of Locomotives, 1 February 1960

Sheet three of a list of locomotives

Illinois Central Railroad Company list of engines (pp. 69-70)

Rapides Gravel Co.-Woodworth, LA. On back: Godchaux Sugar Co.-Reserve, 11/47 (handwritten)

Southern Iron & Equipment Co. Engine specifications for #1427

Switch Key Collection

Clement & Bra Swell Gravel Co., Clement Gravel Co. Chinkle, Minden

Roy O. Morten (Martin) Lumber Co., Castor

Louisiana & Pacific Ry., Bonami, La.

List of sales by SI&E and N&W (2 pages)

Photocopied handwritten lists 3 pages (2 copies of 2nd and 3rd pages)

Handwritten note “Random Muttering”

Handwritten note “G&SI”

General Dimensions of Locomotives, 15 February 1945

Data on Illinois Central Office Cars

GM&O Steam Roster, Circa 1950, From information compiled by R. E. Prince

6. Baldwin Locomotive Works, Extra Order (Purchase Orders)

No. 7415, 28 September 1910

No. 3516, 18 April 1912

No. 8832, 25 November 1914

No. 8883, 28 November 1914

No. 8514, 31 May 1921

No. 8535, 2 June 1921 (2 pages)

No. 8541, 2 June 1921 (2 pages)

No. 11416, 8 July 1926 (2 pages)

7. History of “The St. Louis, Alton and Three Haute Railroad Company” and Leased Lines
(Commonly known as

the Cairo Short Line), August 12, 1898

8. The Minneapolis & St. Louis Ry. Co. Condensed Passenger Train Schedules In a large
envelope to Mrs. Ruby

Witbeck with a small envelope from Frank Donovan, Jr to Mr. C.W. Witbeck

9. Index to Blue Prints for Illinois Central System

Road #3340-3341 for Extra Order #14447, 1926

Road #1300-1301 for Extra Order #16548, 1926

Road #3966 for Extra Order #16548, 1926

10. Newspaper Clippings

“Logging As It Used To Be,” Kentwood News, Thursday, 3 August 1967

“A Farewell Salute To Steam,” Dixie Magazine, 15 September 1957, pp. 22 & 23

“Railroad Faces 163 Suits After Train Incident,” Morning Advocate, Friday, 15 December

“The Felling of the Last of the Giants,” Advocate Sunday Magazine, 6 January 1963
(pp. 1-2E)

“‘Mississippi’ Once His Engine,” Illinois Central Magazine, p. 37

Newspaper clipping of a train wreck at Tarsus, near Anniston, Ala.


Box 24

10. Newspaper Clippings (Cont’d)

Advertisement for “The Improved Johnson Railway Heater”

Advertisement for the National Exposition of Railway Appliances, to be held at Chicago
from 24 May-23 June 1883, with 3 tickets attached

Log train on way to mill of Hillyer, Deutsch & Edwards, Oakdate, La. (From a magazine)

“Old Engine Reconditioned for Use at Opryland USA, Vulcan Hauled Sugar Outside Thibodaux,


, New Orleans, LA, Sunday Morning, November 7, 1971″Strewn Wreckage of a 33-car freight
train wreck along IC Railroad, The Sun, Hammond, September 2, 1960

“In Dust And Indignity [Razing of the Rock Island Lines passenger depot],” Times-Democrat,

November 7, 1973

11. Photograph copies from Railroad Magazine, “Raifan Personalities [C. William Witbeck],”
pp. 147-149

12. Train Order Forms

Boston & Albany Railroad (5)

Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railway Company (1)

Illinois Central Railroad (38)

Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Company (20)

Missouri-Illinois Railroad Company (1)

Missouri Pacific Lines (5)

The Pennsylvania Railroad (1)

The Texas and Pacific Railway Company (1)

The Union Pacific, Dever & Gulf Railway Co. (2)

Washington and Old Dominion Railroad (6) 16

Western Maryland Railway Co. (1)

13. Application as a car repairer for the New Orleans Great Northern Railroad Co., for
John R. Reeves, 1 Nov 1915

14. Register of Engines Made By the Baldwin Locomotive Works (1927 pp. 1-2, 1929 pp.
19-20, 1929 pp. 23-24,

1930 pp. 27-28, 1939 p. 55, 1940 p. 56-58)

15. Illinois Central Railroad Company and The Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad Agent’s
Daily Telegraphic

Car Report (blank forms)

16. Southeastern Railroad Museum, Inc. letterhead (52 blank sheets) and 11 blank dividers

17. Correspondence:

Postcards; 3 to John B. Allen, dated 16 June, 18 June, 27 June 1936 and 4 to C. W.
Witbeck, Jackson,

Mississippi, dated 26 November, 30 November, 2 December, and 3 December 1940

Memo from H. T. Evans to C. M. Carter, dated 19 August 1898

Memo from Natchez, Columbia & Mobile Railroad Company to Rand McNally & Co., dated
22 July 1899;

RE: diagram of road laid and proposed

Memo from Alabama Northern Railway Company, dated 21 May 1915

Memo; RE: Toledo, Ohio train schedule, dated 2 May 1934

Wire dated 27 April 1934 (2 copies); RE: observe schedule and special instructions

Line wire dated 14 October 1935; RE: round-trip train fare

Letter to A.W. Sullivan from ICRR, dated 6 January 1893 (3 pages and an attachment);
RE: unsatisfactory

work rendered by 6 engines



Box 24

cont’d17. Correspondence: (Cont’d)

Letter from Illinois Central’s chief engineer to Rand McNally & Co. dated 24 February
1905; RE: the line of road from Brookhaven to Monticello owned by this company

Wire from Brookhaven & Pearl River Railway Company to Rand McNally & Co., dated 7
March 1905;

RE: plat showing location of stations on their line (attached to above letter)

Letter from Hicks Locomotive & Car Works to J. T. Harahan, dated 13 May 1909; RE:
private cars

Louisiana & Arkansas Railway Company Circular No. 119, 12 August 1910; RE: half tickets

Letter from Natchez, Columbia & Mobile Railroad to Rand McNally & Co., dated 28 October

Letter from Rand McNally & Co. to Natchez, Columbia & Mobile Railroad, dated 6 November

Letter from Natchez, Columbia & Mobile Railroad to Rand McNally & Co., dated 9 November

Letter to M.P. Blauvelt from ICRR, dated 10 July 1916, RE: dismantling of 52 IC and
6 Y&MV

locomotives (2 pages)

Letter to Newell Lumber Co., dated 12 July 1924, RE: machinery for Morton, Miss.

Letter to Mr. E.F. Feeney from Newell Lumber Co., dated 14 January 1924; RE: answering
above letter

Letter from The Alabama and Vicksburg Railway Company, dated 1 August 1925; RE: Announcing

appointment of Mr. W.R. Adams, Agent

Letter from A. B. Cook Company to E. G. Kizzia, dated 20 April 1931; RE: purchase
of Shay Locomotive #11

Letter from the Alabama, Tennessee and Northern Railroad Company to C. W. Witbeck,
dated 19 August

1946; RE: photographing locomotives

Letter from Stanley H. Frost to C. W. Witbeck dated 4 December 1967 with attachments:

List of Lima Order Numbers for “Shay” Locomotives

“Shay” Geared Locomotive Drawing Available (3 pages)

Miscellaneous Old Plan (Erecting) Drawings Available for “Shay” Geared Locomotives
(2 pages)

Letter from Leon Ford, III to C. W. Witbeck, dated 15 March 1968; RE: resigning as
director of the

Southeast Louisiana Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society,

Letter from Frank L. Brown, Jr. to Wayne Johnston, dated 25 October 1968; RE: centennial
week in

Tangipahoa Parish (2 pages-xeroxed)

18. Letters

Letter to Keeling from Bill dated 21 January 1964, RE: research on the 1028

Letter to Clark Forest from A. L. Sams of Illinois Central Railroad dated 30 November
1971, RE: the

construction of the Baton Rouge Hammond and Eastern Railroad Company



Box 25

1. Esso Standard Oil Company Blueprints

Right of Way for one 16″ Naphtha Pipe Line Crossing, April 2, 1954 (Letter to Paul
Sippel attached)

Right of Way for 30″ Sewer Crossing Property of L & A Railroad Company, March 19,
1948 (with letters

and other information about project)

Pipe Lines to Maryland Tank Farm Replacement Lines Across Plancor 152, November 29,

Right of Way for a New Pipe Bridge & A New 4″, 6″& Two 16″ Lines Crossing the L &
A Railroad, July

29, 1953 (Letter to Paul Sippel attached)

Ethylene Purification Unit Off Site Facilities Area “K” Plot Plan-Piping, November
15, 1956

Ethylene Purification Unit Off Site Facilities Area “K” Detail E, December 14, 1956

Ethylene Purification Unit Off Site Facilities Area “K” Piping Elevations, December
14, 1956

Ethylene Purification Unit Off Site Facilities Area “K” Piping Elevations & Schedule,
December 14, 1956

Ethylene Purification Unit Off Site Facilities Area “K” Piping Plan & Elevation, January
14, 1957

Ethylene Purification Unit Off Site Facilities Area “K” Piping Elevations, January
14, 1957

L & A Railroad Crossing New Guardhouse & Gate Arm Location, Appropriation 4605, 1955

2. Guard Rail Blueprints

Illinois Central System Standard No. 1 Eleven Foot Guard Rail, 15 March 1936

Illinois Central System Standard Straight Guard Rails, 1 May 1941

ICRR Standard No. 1 eleven foot guard rail, 1 December 1908

L. & A. RY. Standard Guard Rail & Fixtures for 85th No. 10 Turnout, December 20, 1924

3. West Wye Yard:

Louisiana & Arkansas RY. Co. Mechanical Yard and Facilities at West Wye Yard New Orleans,
April 13,


Louisiana and Arkansas RY Co West Wye Yard New Orleans, Rev. Feb. 24, 1953

4. Turntable Blueprints:

ICRR 85’0″ Turntable�1912 Standard Details of End Carriage. Loading Beam & and Cross

August 6, 1912

Alabama & Vicksburg RY Jackson Plan of Pit for 85 Ft. Turntable, December 16, 1923

Virginia Bridge and Iron Co. erection plan for girder turntable

Virginia Bridge and Iron Co. standard turntables

Virginia Bridge and Iron Co. Girders and Bracing for turntable

American Bridge Company 85′-0 Deck Turntable (2 copies)

American Bridge Company 85′-0 Deck Turntable revised September 1909 (2 copies)

American Bridge Company 85′-0 Deck Turntable I. C. Ry., Gary #3

5. Station Map Blueprints:

Station Map, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Railway and Navigation Company, June 30, 1917

LA & AR Railway Co., Station Map North Baton Rouge Yards, Louisiana Railway and Navigation

Company, September 7, 1956

Y&MVRR Station Map-Tracks and Structures Delta Point, LA, Rev. August 20, 1932

6. Y&MVRR Blueprints

Y&MVRR Bossier City Plan of proposed engine facilities, 30 March 1931 (2 copies)

Y&MVRR Bossier City proposed additional engine facilities, revised 26 April 1932

Y&MVRR Shreveport Track Connection with H&S RR (Southern Pacific), July 24, 1929

Y&MVRR Shreveport Proposed Relay Yard & Shreveport Fertilizer Factory, March 3, 1928

Y&MVRR Shreveport, retire track connections with H&S RR (Office Copy)

Y&MVRR Greenville, Mississippi, North Yard, Track Location, Piling Plan Profile, Sept.
30, 1925

Y&MVRR Greenville, Mississippi, North Yards, Plan & Section of Scale Pit, Sept. 12,

Y&MVRR Greenville, Mississippi, North Yard, Sections, Sept. 14, 1925

Y&MVRR Vicksburg proposed locker in trainmen’s room, February 23, 1927

7. ICRR Blueprints (Miscellaneous)

ICRR Standard Detail of Planning and Grinding of Switch Points, Rev. May 13, 1926

ICRR Standard Cinder Pit Operated with Clamshell Derrick, March 6, 1906

ICRR Body Side Bearing Barber Type #2, February 25, 1925

ICRR Std. Governor & Bypass Connection To Vacuum Pumps, February 4, 1918

ICRR Concrete Ice Box for use with Sanitary Drinking Fountain (attached is memo from
Frank R. Judd to

E W Brown, June 5, 1924)

Illinois Central System Mechanical Department Heating Diagram, 3 May 1938

ICRR 31 copies of Trestle Diagrams

8. Miscellaneous Blueprints

L&A engine specs for various engines (17 pages)

Louisiana & North West Railroad engine specs

Fairmont Railway Motors, Inc. Side Curtain, February 13, 1940

Kansas City Southern and Louisiana & Arkansas lines

Texas and Pacific Railway Company gas line in New Roads

K. C. S. Ry. Co. Standard Track Car Set-Off, June 1948

Track at Ethyl Plant at North Baton Rouge (Letters and blueprint)

Unit Stresses in Standard Timber Trestle Bents

Parallel Sidings, L & A Standard Turnouts

YS&PRR Mile 145-Spur Track for M.M. Morgan, March 7, 1899

Railway map showing Etowah and Cherokee (small and brittle)

LA and ARK RY Co Condensed Characteristics original LA RY & NAV CO Shreveport to New

March 21, 1935

L. & A. Ry. Co. Smoke Jack for Quarter Pitch, Shreveport, February 17, 1942

Louisiana & Arkansas Ry. Co., Standard Clearances, July 1, 1940

Louisiana & Arkansas Ry. Co., Bridge Clearance Diagram, July 7, 1942

9. National Perishable Freight Committee, Circular 5-K Showing Icing Stations in the
United States and Canada:

a) Cancels Circular 5-J, issued November 8, 1960; b) Supplement 44 (Cancels Supplement
40), issued

January 19, 1968; c) Supplement 46 (Cancels Supplement 45), issued June 11, 1968

10. Court Case, State of Louisiana vs. Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Co., et al, No. 4687,

11. FRA Track Safety Standards, March 1975; Track Safety Standards, Federal Railroad
Adm., November 1980; Illinois Central Railroad Company Schedule and of Rules & Regulations
& Rates of Pay for
Telegraphers 1924/1925; Illinois Central System Safety Rules- January 1, 1946

Rules & Instructions to Govern the Use & Operation of Tracks Cars- Illinois Central-
February 1,
1956- 5 items



Box 26

1. “Wild Catting” On the Mountain, by Benjamin F. G. Kline, Jr., the History of the
Whitmer and Steele Lumber

Companies, Book No. 2in the series Logging Railroad Era of Lumbering in Pennsylvania

2. Ghost Lumber Towns of Central Pennsylvania, Laquin, Masten, Ricketts, Grays Run,
by Thomas T. Taber, III,

Book No. 3 in the series Logging Railroad Era of Lumbering in Pennsylvania

3. The Goodyears, An Empire in the Hemlocks, by Thomas T. Taber, III, Book No. 5 in
the series Logging

Railroad Era of Lumbering in Pennsylvania

4. Report of the Director of the Bureau of Safety in Re Investigation of an Accident
Which Occurred on The

Illinois Central Railroad at Hammond, LA., on April 18, 1923

5. Steam Locomotive, A Continuing Portrayal of the Steam Tradition, Number 3, April

Steam Locomotive & Railroad Tradition, Number 6, December 1960

Steam Locomotive & Railroad Tradition, Number 15-16, May 1965

Two Subscription Order forms for Steam Locomotive & Railroad Tradition

6. Bulletin, Railroad Station Historical Society, Vol. 1, No. 1, January-February,
1968 through Vol. 5, No. 1,

January-February 1972; “Stations of the New Jersey Short Line Railroads,” by Edward
H. Weber and

William F. Rapp, Railroad Station Monograph, Number 2, Railroad Station Historical
Society, Crete,

Nebraska, 1971 (Supplement to Volume 4)

7. Items filed with Bulletin, Railroad Station Historical Society Newsletters:


Membership Lists, 1970 and 1971

Membership Card, Leon Ford III, December 31, 1971

Postcards (3), Terminal Station, Atlanta, GA; Michigan Central Depot, Detroit; Martisco
Station, NY

8. The Bulletin, National Railway Historical Society

Vol. 31, No. 6, 1966

Vol. 35, No. 5, 1970; Vol. 37, No. 1, 1972

National Railway Bulletin, Vol. 47, No. 1, 1982

9. Railroad Magazine, March 1968; June 1968

10. The Ripley Railroad, Mississippi’s Only Narrow-Gauge Common Carrier, by Herbert
C. Murdaugh, 1968

11. Kansas City Southern Lines Newsfolder, April 1953

12. Rand McNally Handy Railroad Atlas of the United States, 1955

13. The Story of Casey Jones, the Brave Engineer, by B. W. Overall, 1956

14. Lima Locomotives, 1911 Catalog reproduced by Pacific Railway Journal, Vol. 2,
No. 10, May 1960

15. Repair Parts for Shay Geared Locomotives, The Lima Locomotive & Machine Company,
Lima, Ohio, USA,

Catalog reprinted 1969

16. Locomotive Advertising in America, 1850-1900, 1960 (2 copies)

17. Brief on Behalf of Arkansas Southeastern Railroad Company, Docket No. 11, I. &
S., n. d.

18. Train Time Tables:

Illinois Central, The Road of Travel Luxury, Electric Suburban Schedules, Between
all stations

Randolph St. Matteson South Chicago and Blue Island, No. 351-In Effect July 2, 1933

No. 21, New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal, Effective 12:01 A. M. April 30, 1962;July,
September 1945 Timetables; Timetable Number 1, Sunday, April 27, 1947 Timetable Number
27, Sunday September 28, 1947;; Illinois Central Gulf Timetable Number 1, Sunday October
29, 1972; Erie Lackawanna timetable; Illinois Central Condensed Time Table-September
29,30, October, November, December, 1946-7 items

19. Correspondence about Turntable at Jackson:

Letter to Mr. E. Ford from J. P. O’Leary, Jefferson Construction Co., October 27,

Letter to Jefferson Construction Company from E. Ford, November 6, 1923

Letter to Mr. H. H. LeRoy from E. Ford, November 7, 1923

Letter to Mr. E. Ford, Assistant to President, November 18, 1923

Correspondence about a Pullman Car for Hammond Exchange Club Meetings:

Letter to C. W. Witbeck from The Pullman Company, March 19, 1959

Letter to C. W. Witbeck from The Pullman Company, March 24, 1959

Letter to General Manager of the Pullman Company from Leon Ford III, April 20, 1961

Correspondence about Genesee to Loranger Railroad:

Letter to Raoul F. Loranger from Leon Ford III, April 5, 1963

Letter to Leon Ford III from Leon Ford III, April 6, 1963

Correspondence about Cane Car:

Note to Leon Ford from W. E. Butler about bill for cane car and hauling

Bid for Cane Car from The National Sugar Refining Co., December 12, 1958

Bill from Elray Kocke Service Inc. for hauling cane car, January 24, 1959

20. Mallory Hope Ferrell:

Handwritten address for Mallory Hope Ferrell

Letter from Mallory Hope Ferrell about a harp switchstnad, March 11, 1973

Advertisement for an 1871 Grant Locomotive Works Catalog

21. Gene Pat Price: Catalogs, correspondence and invoices for antique railroad equipment,
37 items



Box 27

1. Livingston Parish Railroads, Talk to Livingston Parish Historical Society, Sunday,
November 13, 1977, 3 p.m.

2. Tokens, 9 items

3. Illinois Central X-2405 Camp Car, 26 items

4. National Railway Historical Society, Southeast Louisiana Chapter, Hammond, Louisiana,
105 items

5. John C. LaRue, Jr. (Letter about negatives of cabooses)

6. Railroad Articles, 37 items

7. Baton Rouge Model Railway Club, 23 items

8. Southeast Louisiana Chapter, NRHS, 24 items

9. National Railway Historical Society Information, 11 items

10. Texas Electric Railroaders’ Association, 41 items

11. Illinois Central Railroad Historical Society Correspondence, 1980s-1990s, 10 items

12. At the end of the folder: Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years-A Guide to diesels built before 1972 by Louis A. Marre