Antoinette Harrell Collection

Box 1



1. Photographs - Fluker, LA (151 items)

2. The Untold Story - Slavery in the Twentieth Century (6 items)

3. Antoinette Harrell African Ancestry DNA Files (44 items)

4. Richardson Family Files (23 items)

5. Vining, Williams, Richardson, and Butler Family Reunion, 2010 (7 items)

6. Vining Family (5 items)

7. William Family History (3 items)

8. Harrell, Gordon, Richardson, Jackson, and Temple Family Reunion Sign-in-Book, December 1992 (1 item)

9. Gordon Family Files (20 items)

10. Wall Family Files (29 items)

11. Lawson Family History (2 items)

12. The Temple Family (40 items)

13. Church of God in Christ (6 items)

14. Antoinette Harrell Letters (33 items in a blue binder)

15. Original Letters of Antoinette Harrell (21 items)

16. Cards - Personal, Antoinette Harrell (25 items)

17. Children's Genealogy (35 items)

18. Mrs. Fochia Varnado Wilson (15 items)

19. Antoinette Harrell - Community Organizer, New Orleans, LA (60 items)

20. Thomas Tucker (13 items)

21. African American Genealogy Materials (41 items)

22. Obituaries of African Americans (16 items)

23. Obituaries II (4 items)

24. Newspaper Articles - Local People (2 items)

25. Choctaw Indians of Amite, LA (17 items)

26. Westside High School (2 items)

27. Big Zion Elementary School (2 items)

28. People Magazine - Roots Revealed 2004 (1 item)

29. Harrell Family of Tangipahoa Parish (63 items)

30. African Ancestry of Bernard Temple (12 items)

31. Joseph Lacoste (25 items)

32. Moussa Albaka (Tuareg) - Niger, Africa (4 items)

33. African American People of Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes (35 items)


Box 2


1. Reparation Photographs (25 items)

2. Million Woman March Photographs (21 items)

3. Million Woman March Newspaper Clippings (5 items)

4. Laminated Images (3 items)

5. "Sisters in Progress" Photo Album

6. Million Woman March Scrapbook

7. You Are My Shadow: Gone But Not Forgotten by Antoinette Harrell-Miller

8. The New Baptist Hymnal

9. The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Bicentennial Hymnal

10. The African American Methodist Episcopal Zion Church: A Bicentennial Commemorative History


Box 3

1. Poor People's Campaign papers and other meeting agendas (Shelby County Democrats and Southern Christian Leadership Conference) - 4 items

2. Magazines and Pamphlets: Black Contributors to Science and Energy Technology, Institute of the Black World (2008); Amistad Research Center (Fall 2004); National Voting Rights Museum "Remember: Bloody Sunday and The Voting Rights Struggle;"The Western Journal of Black Studies (Spring 1984- Winter 1984, Winter 1985); 9 items

3. Negro History Bulletin - 1968; 1 item

4. Negro History Bulletin - 1970s; 25 items

5. Negro History Bulletin - 1980s; 16 items

6. Miscellaneous: Pamphlets - The Color Purple, Appreciation of Reverend Willard Vernon at Little Bethel Baptist Church, Third District Bogue Chitto Baptist Association; membership card in the National Congress of Parents and Teachers from 1990; Collection of poems written by Antoinette Harrell; 7 items


Box 4

1. African American Obituaries Collection complied by Antoinette Harrell for Tangipahoa, St. Helena, and Orleans parishes; 96 items

2. Sisters in Progress papers: Articles of Incorporation, copy of pledge to organization, meeting agendas, 8 4x6 color photos of the Sisters in Progress meetings and events, News relating to children's events put on by the New Orleans Recreation Department; copy of a certificate of merit conferred on Antionette LaCoste (now Harrell)

3. (Blue Binder) African American Cemeteries in St. Helena Parish, Amite, and Roseland

4. (Grey Binder) Obituaries of the Harrell, Vining, Richardson, and Gordon families in Tangipahoa, St. Helena, and Orleans parishes


Box 5


1. Personal correspondance between Antoinette Harrell and Shelton Harrell, Tyler Harrell, Sheldon Miller, Shelton Myers, and Fabian Harper; 15 items.

2. Personal correspondance regard the Gathering of Hearts; 6 items

3. Miscellanious letters: Mrs. R.S. Blossman, Miss M.D. Thompson, Mrs. Dolores Davis; 10 items

4. Photos: Harrell Family Book Dedication: 26 3x5 color photos of the Harrell Family at the Amite Genealogy Library dedicating the book; 27 items

5. Photos 18 items:

a. 1 3x5 color photo of an unknown man, taken 7/30/2011

b. 1 3x5 color photo of an unknown group, taken 7/30/2011

c. 4 4x6 color photos of Antoinette Harrell from a photo shoot with Kris Davidson, with card and envelope

d. 1 3x5 color photo of a statue called "The Grinning Darkie" on the grounds of the LSU Rural Life Museum

e. 1 3x5 color photo of Audrey Harrell Dumones, Bernard Temple, and Dennis Miller at Palmer's Health Store in Chicago

f. 1 3x5 color photo of Juanita Harrell Stewart and Isabell Harrell Cook

g. 1 3x5 black and white photo of Clarence Harrell 3/6/1968

h. 1 3x5 color photo of the 1992 Harrell Family Reunion in New Orleans

i. 1 5x 8 copy of a sepia photo of the Harrell men of Tangipahoa Parish, including Joseph Harrell

j. 1 3 x4 color photo of a Harrell family Reunion, showing Henry Harrell, Dolores Harrell, Isabell Harrell, and Raymond Harrell, Sr.

k. 1 8x10 photo of Isabell Harrell and her children: Thomas Cook, Antoinette Harrell, and Michael Cook, Sr.

l. autographed picture given to Antoinette Harrell from Andaiye Alimayu, Sula, and Ashun Ed

6. Miscellaneous Photos of New Orleans Activists
        a. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Jay Arena with Brown Bag; Fabiola Clark Taylor (lady in blue); Mike Harrell- Activist
        b. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Activist protest with sign “Disarm Authority Arm Your Desires”
        c. 1 - 4x6 color photo of One man talking into microphone by podium while another man and                lady stand by
        d. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Activist gathered at Loyola St.
        e. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Activist sitting at tables
        f. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Activist gathered together at tables
        g. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Protestors in New Orleans, Louisiana 2000
        h. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Man talking in microphone while woman stands by
        i. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Man holding sign “Mom, the cat’s DEAD!”
        j. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Protestors holding signs. One man holding sign “Sapir is lying No D.C.            meeting”
        k. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Protestors holding signs. One man holding sign “Sapir is lying No D.C.            meeting.” A lady holding sign “No Cut Off’s”
        l. 1 - 4x6 color photo of lady holding sign “human need NOT corporate greed” and two other                  men
        m. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Activist standing at Loyola Street corner
        n. 1- 4x6 color photo of man holding sign “human need NOT corporate greed” with supporters in          background
        o. 1- 4x6 color photo of man standing with arms crossed a little boy with other people in                        background
        p. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Marty Roland with PAC sign, New Orleans, Louisiana
        q. 1 -4x6 color photo of Entergy Protest, New Orleans, Louisiana
        r. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Entergy Protest, New Orleans, City Hall
        s. 1 - 4x6 color photo of Entergy Protest, City Hall, New Orleans, Louisiana
7. Miscellaneous Photos and Cards
        a. 1 - 4x6 black and white photo of Antoinette Harrell, age 7 years old, Amite, Louisiana
        b. Postcard to Antoinette Harrell from Kate
        c. Invitation from Kate Simmons
        d. 1- 3x2 black and white photo of Antoinette Harrell
        e. 1 - 10 ½ x 8 black and white photo of Annie Richardson Veniny (illegible), St. Helena,                          Louisiana
        f. 1 - 9 ½ x 8 photo labeled “Fajoni Lanier 184"
        g. 1 - 9 ½ x 7 ½ photo eight women and one man
         h. 1 - 10 ½ x 7 photo of Antoinette Harrell and granddaughter, Joelle Kennedy Lacoste, in the              cotton fields in the Mississippi Delta
8. Album with 125 photos of Antoinette Harrell Journey to Niger, West Africa and Antoinette Harrell in Paris, France 2003


Box 6:


1. Berry, Mary Frances. My Face is Black is True: Callie House and the Struggle for Ex-Slave Reparations. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2005. 314 pages.
2. Case, Carroll. The Slaughter: An American Atrocity. FBC Inc, 1988. 300 pages.
3. Flower, Raymond and Michael Wynn Jones. Lloyd's of London: An Illustrated History. London: David + Charles, 1974. 192 pages.
4. Freeman, Leon. Unbelievable Experiences of an African American World Traveler. Leon Freeman, 2007. 238 pages.
5. In Black America. Romero, Patricia W., ed. New York: Books, Inc., 1969. 445 pages.
6. Mandela, Nelson. Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela (with abridgment and connecting notes by Richard W. Kelso.) Austin: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1995. 507 pages.
7. Mbah, Sam and I.E. Igariway. African Anarchism: The History of a Movement. Tuscan: See Sharp PRess, 1997. 120 pages.
8. Oakes, James. Slavery and Freedom: An Interpretation of the Old South. New York: Vintage Books, 1990. 246 pages.
9. Olderr, Mark. The City of Hattiesburg, 1884-2009: Challenges and Growth, Historic Past, and Brilliant Future. Hattiesburg: M+M Publishing, 2009. 256 pages.
10. The Civitas Anthology of African American Slave Narratives. Andrews, William L. and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., eds. Washinton D.C.: Civitas Counterpoint, 1999. 642 pages.
11. Unchained Memories: Readings from the Slave Narratives. Home Box Office, 2002. 159 pages.
12. Williams, Juan and Quinton Dixie. This Far by Faith: Stories from the African American Religious Experience. New York: William Morrow, 2003. 326 pages.
13. Williamson, Joel. After Slavery: The Negro in South Carolina During Reconstruction, 1861-1877. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1965. 442 pages.


Box 7:


1. Reparations: Lawsuits and Related Material

a. Affidavit: United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. June 4, 2003. Regards African American Slave Descendants' litigations. Civil Action No. 02cv7764 (CRN). MDL docet no. 1491. Judge Charles R. Norgle, Sr. Four pages. First page lists affidavit from "C.Doe." Last three pages lists affidavit for "Cain Wall, Sr." (First page duplicates information from "C. Doe" page.) Pertains to mistreatment of slaves and desire for reparations.

    Notice of filing and affidavit in reparations case:

a: Notice of filing: in regard to African American slave descendants' litigation. To "attached service list" From Pius A. Obroha. April 30, 2003. Pertains to affidavit of Antoinette Harrell-Miller. 1 page. MDL docket no. 1491, all cases, Judge Charles R. Norgle, Sr.

b. Affidavit: Antoinette Harrell-Miller. April 30, 2003. For use in reparations case. Pertains to Harrell-Miller's expertise as a genealogist/researcher, her findings in relation to slave mistreatment, and her assertions for reparations. 3 pages. 

c. Appeals of Deadria Farmer-Paellman, et al., and Timothy Hurdle, et al. Argued September 27, 2006 and decided December 13, 2006. 2 copies. 17 pages each, 34 pages total.

d. "For Immediate Release." December 14, 2006. Page detailing "slave descendants fraud claims against major banks, insurers." 4 copies.

e. "Slavery reparations federal suit filed." The Times-Picayune, New Orleans. September 4, 2002. 

f. "Black Mississippians join D.C. reparations rally." Sun Herald, August 18, 2002. 

g. "Consumer Protection Strategy and Startling Details about Slavery Revealed at Scholars Meeting on Reparations Lawsuits." July 3, 2003. 2 pages. Printed article from online U.S. Newswire. Press Release.

h. "Appeals court keeps hope alive for reparations suit." Chicago Tribune, online edition. December 13, 2006. Michael Higgins, staff writer. 3 pages. 

i. Email to Antoinette Harrell from Deadria Farmer-Paellman. December 14, 2006. Pertains to reparations case, links to article, and details information on press release. Deals with lawsuits against businesses in regard to reparations. 3 pages.

j. Letter to Mrs. Antoinette Harrell-Miller from Marvalyn C. Stevens. July 3, 2003. Thanks Harrell-Miller for her contribution in the reparations lawsuit/general aid. 


2. Records of African American Veterans During World War I and II In Louisiana 

a. "Records of African American veterans of World War I + II." St. Helena Parish/Tangipahoa Parish. Compiled and indexed by Antoinette Harrell-Miller. 2001. 182 pages.


3. Miscellaneous African American Genealogical Documents (Publications and Event Program Records) 

a. Program for the Second Annual Kwanza Dinner and Award Ceremony of the African American Genealogy Connection, Inc. December 6, 2004.

b. Print-out of program for the National Council for Black Studies. Printed March 29, 2005. Program spanned March 24-26, 2005. Contains 30 out of 45 total pages. 

c. Pamphlet for "Knowing Your Family History." Workshop on African American Genealogical Research. By Antoinette Harrell-Miller, no date.

d. Pamphlet for "Honoring Excellence: An African American Heritage Celebration." Sponsored by the Tangiphoa Parish Library. January 14th-February 25th, 2012.

e. Program for "Healing the Wounds of the Maafa: Reparations." Gathering held August 8, 2003. Antoinette Harrell-Miller gave a presentation on a genealogical perspective on reparations. 

f. Proclamation signed by Mayor R.E. Goldsby, M.D., pertaining to October 2007 being Family History Month. Signed September 17, 2007.

g. Proclamation signed by Mayor Mayson H. Foster claiming "Family...Is Our Most Valuable Resource." Proclamation encourages continued genealogical research, preservation, and education. Signed September 17, 2007. 2 copies.

h. Signed proclamation of Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, September 14, 2007, deeming October 2007 Family History Month. 

i. Signed proclamation by various council members, February 5, 2004, deeming February 8th-14th, 2004 "Genealogy Awareness Week." 2 copies. 

j. Letter to Ms. Antoinette Harrell-Miller from Edna Jordan Smith, Genealogist. June 2, 2001. Pertains to workshop held June 9, 2001 titled "Discovering Your African American Roots" and thanks Harrell-Miller for bringing a research group to Bluebonnet Regional Branch Library.

k. Letter to Reverend Adam Gordon from Gina Paige, President of African Ancestry, Inc. December 28, 2005. Pertains to donation to the Noah's Ark Fund and mentions Harrell-Miller suggested Paige contact the organization. Letter thanks the Reverent of All Nations Church of God in Christ for aiding Katrina victims.

l. Email to Antoinette Harrell dated August 8, 2005, and forwarded August 10, 2005, pertaining to Monica Barthual of the BBC World Service Radio in London interested in speaking with Harrell-Miller about her company African American Genealogy Connection.

m. Two page email correspondence with Harry Lewis and Antoinette Harrell-Miller. September 9, 2005. Pertains to Harrell-Miller appearing as a guest. 

n. Signed permission slips from various individuals giving Antoinette Harrell-Miller permission to use names and information in her books You are My Shadow: Gone But Not Forgotten and Voices From My Slave Ancestors. 1999. 13 pages total. 

o. Pamphlet with registration form for the "Kids Genealogy Camp." Sponsored by the African American Genealogy Connection, Inc. Camp held June 9-July 3, 2003.

p. Two page printout from World News about the Youth Genealogy Camp held in New Orleans in 2003.

q. "Students at genealogy camp trace their roots." CNN Online. Three page printout. Pertains to camp and importance of genealogical records.

r. Two page media advisory, July 26, 2005. Pertains to press conference regarding youth genealogical camp.

s. "Summary: Students Attend Genealogy Camp." From Printed August 8, 2005. Pertains to youth genealogy camp and mentions Antoinette Harrell-Miller. 

t. "Press Conference: Mayor Nagin to Honor Young African-American Genealogy Researchers." 2 pages. New Orleans Public Library.

u. Letter from Bernard Temple to unnamed recipient. July 26, 2005. 2 pages. Pertains to attendance at the Youth Genealogy Camp.

v. Press Conference paper announcing the Youth Genealogy Camp's support of Mary Landrieu's Senate Bill 1248.

w. Letter to Mayor Nagin from  Antoinette Harrell-Miller, July 20, 2005, inviting him to attend a press conference and presentation by attendees of the Youth Genealogy Camp.

x. "Records are a link to the past." Unknown newspaper, no date. Pertains to the Plaquemines Parish Courthouse fire and destruction of records. Includes photo of courthouse and fire trucks. Article by Antoinette Harrell.

y. Program for “Family Christmas Gathering, 1992"

z. Certificate for Antoinette Harrell, recognized as a nominee for the Living Legacy Award


4. African American Activist Material 

a. Southern Christian Leadership Conference booklet. 49th annual convention, August 3-8, 2007.

b. Program for the Institute of the Black World 21st Century Conference II. November 19-23, 2008.

c. "Make Some Noise." Handout/fan advertising the exhibit celebrating the student movement for Civil Rights. Newseum, Washington, D.C. 


5. St. Helena Parish School Records and Information 

a. "Mass School Reunion: Crossroad, St. Helena Parish Training, Helena High, St. Helena High." June 30-July 2, 2000. Held in Greensburg, Louisiana. Details statistics and history from 1934-1988. Looks at unequal pay for black teachers in 1941 and lists names of graduates from various years between 1934-1952. Photocopy. 13 pages.


6. Letters to Elected Officials/Disaster Relief Documents 

a.  Fax from Erin Mosely, Director of Scheduling for Governor Kathleen Blanco, to Ms. Harrell-Miller, February 2, 2006. Pertains to Blanco declining invite to speak the the Amite Town Hall Meeting due to a prior commitment. 2 pages.

b. Blank form letter to elected officials pushing for support of S. 659 to eliminate reckless lawsuits against the firearm industry. Lawmakers sample letter NRA-ILA. Printout from, January 20, 2006.

c. Flyer for town hall meeting discussing relief from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Held February 6, 2006. All Nations Disaster Center.

d. Flyer with detailed information about Town Hall meeting to be held February 6, 2006. Lists guest speakers.

e. Edited flyer for Town Hall meeting.

f. Photocopy of newspaper article, unknown source, no date. Pertains to tenuous living situation post Katrina and Rita and includes a map of "location of mobile homes and travel trailers for evacuees."

g. Completed coupon from All Nation Disaster Center. January 3, 2005.


7. Library, Church, School, and Outreach Documents 

a. All Nations Ministries: Operation Blessing, New Beginnings. Vol 1, no. 1. January 1, 2006. 6 page newsletter. 

b. "Dedicatory Service to the Missionary Alma Richardson-Gordon. Memorial Library/Media Center." Program. Theme: "Continuing the Legacy of a Godly, Noble, Woman of Character + Samuel 1:10-11, 27-28, Proverbs 31: 10-31. 

c. To churches from Rm Jackson, Grants January 6, 2006. Discusses Pastors Roundtable held January 24, 2006.

d. List of African American pastors in Louisiana. January 6, 2006. 2 pages.

e. "The History of Rocky Hill A.M.E Church of Amite, Louisiana." 1 page photocopy. Brief description of 1874 origins and list of ministers.

f. "Pilgrim Temple Baptist Church. 88th Year Church Anniversary." Program for celebration held June 24, 2012. Includes program of events, brief history of the church, and a memorial for deceased church members.

g. "Pilgrim Temple Baptist Church. Dedicatory service and 69th Year Church Anniversary." Program for June 27, 1993 service/celebration. Includes brief history of church and congratulation statements from members. Also includes memorial for deceased members. 

h. "China Grove United Methodist Church." Homecoming. April 25, 2010. Program and brief history of the church.

i. "Tangipahoa Parish Library, Off the Page." June-August 2010. 1st edition Vol 1. Partial newsletter. Includes information on celebration of Women's History Month in March, facilitated by Antoinette Harrell.

j. "Tangipahoa Parish Library, Off the Page." January-March 2013. 1st edition Vol 5. Newsletter contains information on "African American Heritage Celebration: Honoring Excellence." Featured article.

k. Photocopies of selected test answers pertaining to African American history/genealogy. 2002. 7 pages.

l. “Women For Change” Sign In Sheet- October 3, 2007

m. Certificate of Appreciation and Thanksgiving for Alice Curtis- November 8,1992

8. Newspaper Articles Pertaining to Antoinette Harrell

a. "Amite native cooks with exotic flair." The Daily Star, May 24, 2006. Article contains photo of Antoinette Harrell-Miller posing with her cooking. Pertains to popular dishes of the Tuareg people of Niger and includes a recipe for Idejui. 

b. "Slavery in the 20th Century presented as part of BHM." The Lion's Roar, February 15, 2011. Pertains to Antoinette Harrell's film The Untold Story: Slavery in the Twentieth Century." Includes photo of Harrell. 2 copies. 

9. African American Genealogy Connection Inc. Documents and Miscellaneous Emails Pertaining to African American History 

a. Calendar of events of the African American Genealogy Connection Inc. for December 2004-December 2005. 2 pages.

b. List of member benefits of the African American Genealogy Connection Inc. 2 pages.

c. Pamphlet/registration for the African American Genealogy Connection Inc. 2 copies.

d. Email from Rocky Boone to Antoinette Harrell. February 3, 2005. 2 pages total.

e. Email from Deadria C. Farmer-Paellman regarding press release: "Black History Month Supports Young Doctor for Nobel Prize." February 2, 2006. 2 pages. 2 pages and 2 copies.

10. Succession of Thomas Richardson Documents 

a. Miscellaneous legal documents pertaining to the succession of Thomas Richardson. 21st Judicial District Court. Parish of St. Helena. 1974-1975. 18 pages. 


11. Miscellaneous Newspaper Documents 

a. Amite Tangi Digest, October 3, 2012. Pictures with descriptions from the opening of "Nurturing Our Roots" Gallery. 2 photos. 

b. Florida Sentinel Bulletin. August 20, 2013. Vol. 68 no 105.

c. The Final Call. December 7, 2013. Vol. 30 no 9. 

d. Newspaper clipping on Edgar Harrell honored Father of the Year, 1958

12. Genealogical Documents 

a. Program for funeral services of Robert C. Gordon.

b. "A Rising Nation: The Male Descendants of the late Joseph Harrell, Sr." Lists 5 generations. 3 copies.

c. Invitation from Antoinette Harrell-Miller and family for book dedication in memory of ancestors. July 21, 2000.



13. Miscellaneous Documents Pertaining to Politics and Society

a. "Senator wants expert to probe utility profit." Photocopy. The Times-Picayune, no date. Pertains to high gas and electricity costs. 

b. Pamphlet for the Louisiana Democratic Party official ballot. 2008 election. 

c. Pamphlet for the Broadway Production of The Color Purple: The Musical about Love. 

14. Registration List

a. Ward 7- Prec. 8 Alphabetical list: Blackwell - Kreamer

b. Ward 7- Prec. 10 Jaycee Building- Hammond, Alphabetical List: Adams - Yuhasz

c. Ward 7- Prec 8 School House- Ponchatoula, Alphabetical List: Adams - Bingham


Box 8


Gilmore Family History

Birthday Card for James Gilmore (2 Copies)

Charles Gilmore 1940 Census Report

Registration Card of Charlie Gilmore 1942


Southern University 1950

Freshman Activities Week (9/10-14/1950)


Lee-Bennett Family History

The Life - Bennett Family Reunion (5/25-26/1991) *** Bound with Metallic Staples***

Helena Parish, LA. Marriage Index - L Submitted by: Margie Throckmorton (9 pgs)

List of Names of the Lee Brothers & Sisters


Robert Zanders 1

Letters, Receipts, Bills, Magazine Clippings (36 Documents, 3 Pictures)


Robert Zanders 2

50 Documents, 5 Negative Strips, 1 Photo


Robert Zanders 3

20 Documents, 4 Photos


Robert Zanders 4

40 Documnets, 1 Timex Watch Band


Vining Family History (2)

20 Documents, 4 Images


Big Zion

Flyer for “Inspiration Rally Day” (2/28/1972) ***Bound with Metallic Staples***


Black & White Photographs of African American People (Fulker, LA)

39 Photos


The Government Never Solved His Murder 1941 Washington Post

One article from Washington Post about WWII era lynching at Ft. Benning, LA (9/4/1016)                        

Jake & Martha Boykin Family History

6 Documents, 5 Photos


Shirly Cross Temple

Handout for the Election of State Representative 1971


Roosevelt Harrell, Sr.

3 Documents, 9 Photos


Dr. Willard Vernon & Mrs. Alma Harrison Vernon

4 Photos, Bound Program from Vernon Family Reunion 2016


Ben Galmon & Josephine Matthew Galmon Family History

4 Photos, 8 Documents


Walter Wren, Sr. (Businessman Owned His Own Cotton Gin)

An African American Farmer and Buisnessman Owned His Own Cotton Gin in Amite, LA by Antoinette Harrell


Mandie Jones Wheat (Midwife)

Mandie Jones Wheat a Midwife in Amite, La. by Antoinette Harrell

Diploma from Beauty School


Karran Harper Royal

5 Documents


Bernice Alexander Bennet

2 Photos


Antoinette Harrell Awards

3 Documents


Mrs. Antoinette Harrell

35 Documents, 5 Photos


Box 9


Honorary Service Award Ceremony 2017 (Meah Sims)

Program detailing the Presentation of an Award to Meah Sims


African American People Tangipahoa Photos: Unknown Early 1900s-1950s

27 Photos


West Side High School

14 Photos, 3 Reunion Flyers


M.C. Moore

1 Program from Remembrance Ceremony, 1 Copy of Article entitled Reckoning from The Daily Star


Bellarmine College

Thank You letter from Principal Kristina Luscher to Mrs. Harrell, 1 Copy of Article entitled Teens learn by serving in north parish by Lauren Langlois of The Daily Star, 7 Photos


Black Cowboys

2 Photos, Black Cowboys of Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parish, Louisiana by Antoinette Harrell


Prince Estella Melson Lee Civil Rights Activist

1 Photo, Lincoln Memorial Program from August 28, 1963, Condolence letter from Muriel Tillinghast, Program from Memorial Service


Burgher High School 1969

2 Photos


O.W. Dillon School

2 Photos, Local Lore & Legend by Irene Morris, 1 History of O.W. Dillon Memorial School


Rocky Hill Cemetery

Record of Gravestones from Montpelier, St. Helena Parish, LA


Gordon Chapel Church

Record of Gravestones from 10390 Hwy 1045, Amite, LA


Vera Buckhalter Womack

2 Photos, A Life Celebration of Nezzy “Knotrocker” Womack by Antoinette Harrell, Biography of Vera Womack


Hart Family

1 Photo


Niger West Africa

1 Letter From Administration of O.N.G. Cyclo Espoir Niger


Dunn Family History

10 Photos, Dunn Family Reunion Program from Sept. 26, 2015, Dunn Family Reunion Booklet


Kentwood High School & East St. John High School

2 Programs for Graduating Class of 2011



4 Photos, 1 Program for the Inauguration of Gov. John Bel Edwards


Children Volunteers Tangipahoa Parish

6 Photos


Funeral Programs

14 Documents


Funeral Programs Cont.

50 Documents


Misc. Items

10 Documents, 6 Newspapers


Box 10


Miscellaneous Progams

7 Documents, 1 Photo


Miscellaneous Magazines & Letters

10 Magazines, 1 Letter


Attached Inventory

1 List of Donations Representing Boxes 8,9,10 of this collection


Loose Items

Georgetown University Report of The Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation to the President of Georgetown University Summer 2016

Decorations and Citations of African American Veterans of World War I & II (St. Helena & Tangipahoa Parishes) by Antoinette Harrell-Miller & Ilona Lyttle

The Slaughter (Investigative Report: Response to the Army Summary of Story and Current Evidence by Ron Ridenhour

You Are My Shadow (Gone But Not Forgotten) by Antoinette Harrell-Miller